Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Dark Zen: Love

非古夾今 Koraikon ni arazu.
It is not within past, future, or present.
The last few days I have been working on Dark Zen: Blood .. but something said to me: No! First comes love! Then I wanted to call this post Love Intelligence or the The Energy of Love .. and something said to me only LOVE. Dark Zen: Love.

I guess they know what they are talking about #_#

I did some research and people write things like: Love does not last forever .. it is a micro-resonance [whatever that is] .. and basically no one has a clue what they are talking about.

Before we go any further! I am saying that love is a real electrical frequency that underscores all physical dynamics. My theory observations are that love is the energy that powers Dark Intelligence through the Dark Meridians.

I hope you are still with me...

I am putting this out there raw [seed] because that is the way nature works. Those who understand [they understand] .. and those who do not understand [do not understand]. Right from the beginning we are talking about a real [very real] energy that affects the physical body .. that affects the psyche .. that affects the blood .. organs and glands.

As I was shown and as I have experienced it .. I am saying love is not some woozy emotion out-of-there psychic state. I am talking about something very real and something [an energy] that is part of everything we experience in physical life. The real life 3D reality of the love frequency is hidden in the background operating through the Dark Meridians.

I am saying that we only have glimpses into the electrical energy field of love because we live primarily [mentally] in the male yang Solar [light] Intelligence. When I say DARK .. I mean unseen or hidden from the one-sided Solar Mind. It is like yang without the yin. You only see one side.

What I want to change with this post is how people understand and experience love. We have all been programmed to imagine that love is some impractical [emotional] almost mind altering psychedelic psilocybin [magic mushroom] experience. You either get high on the experience or you hit the lows...

I do not really like to use the word love because the word has so many way-out-there disambiguous meanings and connotations. It is like getting drunk and you do not know where you are or there are the religious traditions of CONTROLLING LOVE #_* [for enlightenment].

I wanted to begin with blood cells because I am doing inner energy field experiments. Enlightened Blood Cells .. Ha! Ha! That is part way close to the truth.

Dark Zen: Love
All I want to say is this: Many times in my life I have experienced mysterious contacts of the abnormal kind where love [energy/frequency] is the key transformative force within the encounter experience. I know it is real. I know that this is a real energy. The energy has the same effect on the body [heart] as "love" and that religions later called this divine experience.

Here I have the problem! It is not a DIVINE experience.

This experience is not like that you go to the most expensive gourmet restaurant and you have a superior [expensive] dining experience. I am not sure where we went off the tracks with this one. Love is not a superior [expensive] dining experience. Love is a real [electrical] energy.

The word electrical? We humans on Earth use electrical current in its most base form. Sending electrical current through wires is similar to the yang Solar Meridians in the human body. Love energy fields [that can also be electrical] is related to yin Dark Meridians. Of course yin and the yang are ONE.

I have to describe it technically this way but the two are related and interact. Solar Meridians and Dark Meridians seamlessly interact and we humans are currently unaware of these interactions. Perhaps this is why we perceive love as a mystery. We do not understand the physical applications.

What Nature does is love .. the design .. and the love are real [practical].

First I want to focus on the effect of love within the human mind and body as a natural extension of the psyche. We humans can build towns and cities based on the real harmonic of love and these structures would support us and transform our lives. That is a long way away.

Why do I talk about the real energy of love if we are not going to realise this in our current lifetime? We can realise the actual applied electrical energy of love within us in one lifetime. The most important of all is that we are the future. Our minds and our existence create the future NOW.

You do the inner work now and you build the future.

All these crappy buildings you see around you are not the future. These concrete buildings are the past. The way we build and the way we live is the past .. it is not the future. Love taught me this fact.

For example .. love is not a nano-second of experience! Love is with you every gentle moment. It is just that we inwardly do not realise this simple truth. We are always looking for The Big Bang!

What happens in your home when electricity has a big bang? Either is an out-of-control-fire or the house explodes and burns down. This is not love. Too much Magic Mushroom is not love. Burning your emotional fuses is not love. Being hit with the massive Solar X Flare!

All I am trying to convey is that love is a real applied energy in terms of physical environment and in terms of superior refined electrical power. That we currently power our world using [relying on] excessive male yang Solar energy built using out-of-balance Solar Intelligence.

We are missing a BIG part of the UNIVERSAL puzzle!

The whole balance of love energy can be applied to the physical human .. the psyche .. how we power our World and how we build places to live in our World. Regardless of within the human body .. or as a power source .. or as a harmonic of building: Real practical love is the same force.

First I had to experience it [the mysterious contact energy field] and then I had to observe and understand what this is. The love surrounds you every day regardless of whether you are aware or not. Perhaps Solar Intelligence only loves itself?

The deeper levels are actual applications of this energy!

The first breakthrough is to understand that love is an energy. Love is a refined electrical current more real and more powerful than the base electrical current we use to power our World today. Love is not an emotion. Love is a practical universal applied energy [of the unknown kind].

In a way we have become so selfish about love. We imagine love to be a personal experience [only for us]. We do not expand our minds to allow love to be an energy source that benefits plants and animals. We do not accept that love can be transmitted throughout a building. That love energy frequency can be transmitted throughout a town.

On other dimensions when you encounter love you cannot act outside of that frequency. Your nature is overpowered by love. When you experience this energy it is real and not imagined.

After gathering together this information I fell asleep and woke up later having very strange experiences seeing energy with my eyes closed. It is as though when the human wakens up to the real application and existence of love [as an energy field] .. the mind opens a door into those higher realms.

With my eyes closed .. but with expanded mind .. I saw in real terms this refined energy. There was a large soft ball of light expanding that gently folded into the dark center of a doughnut [with a black hole at the center]. Out of the dark center comes the light and it seamlessly folds back into the dark formation of a doughnut shape torus.

This opening and closing process goes endlessly on and on with no beginning and no end like a heart beat. The light .. the dark .. the light .. the dark. And they are ONE. The yin and yang come from the same source. The duality is simply the creation of physical matter. That energy makes the mind very peaceful. It is not an illusion .. it is very real process.