Friday, December 19, 2014

Dark Zen: Electric Reproduction

No one can see their reflection in running water. - Taoist Proverb
This is related to - Dark Zen: Sperm. I am going to have to write this in more detail because it is both simple and complex. I will have to show people the pathway and connections behind these insights. In notebook form .. this information is the basic groundwork.

I am also trying to show people the inner pathway to bring or find a balance of Dark Intelligence and Solar Intelligence .. because the two work together as one like yin and yang. Rather than write theories on a board .. I prefer to go hands on with people understanding for themselves.

The first key is: Understanding is application. Applied understanding!

Let us say that spermatozoa cells together in a cloud of semen are connected cells of one fluid body. Let us say they communicate using a subtle form of electrical biological WIFI. That means no one sperm swims alone!

Don't laugh #_# .. I am serious!

Dark Intelligence / Dark Zen part is that the electrical [energy] aspect is the most important part of the existence and functions of any sperm cell. We miss that entirely. Within each sperm is an essential life force [energy] packet.

Imagine the physical biological process is simply a carrier for an unknown hidden [unseen] energy package. You cannot have the cell without the energy. The subtle electrical magnetic energy [Qi] holds all biological processes together. If the cell has no energy it is going to die .. and it is that simple!

Solar Intelligence [male/yang] out of balance with Dark Intelligence [feminine/yin] creates ideologies based on: Survival of the fittest. For some reason Solar Intelligence focuses on the biological and chemical processes while ignoring [actively suppressing] the key electrical charge and electrical processes of life at the heart of all biological activity.

Dark Zen: Electric Reproduction
I am not saying that spermatozoa are electric eels .. but you could use this analogy to begin to imagine the possible processes and how they function within electrical field environments. In a sense the ENERGY aspect is more important and more revealing when you understand what is happening electrically. This fundamental also applies to how cells in the human body function.

Solar Intelligence denies the essence of electrical biological cellular processes as key to the existence and functions of the human body .. and yet we rely on electrical current to power our external World and empower society!

Imagine the electric sperm cell and that each cell carries an as yet undefined form of life energy central to all biological function and creation of cells. Semen is simply a highly charge electrical fluid field that allows high speed electrical communication [internal WIFI] between the millions of sperm cells. It is an electrically charged communication system.

A lot of what goes on during this process is kind of tricky! There is a trick to reproduction that I will not go into as it gets kind of complex. Basically a spermatozoa most importantly delivers a high energy package into the female egg. It is this energy package that commands and makes possible life-force splitting of the cells during reproduction.

All this .. according to Dark Zen Intelligence .. is a highly charged electrical process that creates and builds matter through the process of dividing cells. The physical cells are responding to electrical charge. You could say it is similar to the way the life-cycle of mushrooms respond to Nature's electrical charge .. including lightning strikes.

Mature mushrooms can produce millions or billions of spores in a single day .. that are ejected [at high force] into the surrounding environment. Sound familiar? Ejected spores contain half the genetic information for successful reproduction that need to join with another spore to create a fruiting body.

What happens to all the millions of spores that do not join with another spore cell? This is what I am trying to say about the importance of the unified electrical field of reproduction. The entire mass of ejected spores all form one interconnected electrical field that takes command of their surrounding local environment.

This process is similar to the female body that [to the spermatozoa] is an external environment they have to [electrically] take command of. I am saying that mushroom spores and spermatozoa take command of their external environment electrically and the chemical processes they use are simply a way for them to spread their electrical fields into the external environment.

The millions or billions of ejected mushroom spores form a local Intranet forming a powerful spore to spore communication systems network. Out of this spore to spore electrical network the next generations of fruiting bodies develop and grow. This newly created electrical spore network merges with the deeper established mycelium layers. Mushroom spore networks are created from and become part of the parent mycelium network.

The unseen undetected hidden part of reproduction is the electrical activity behind the movement of the cells and behind the functions of the cells. It is my theory that the physical material body that grows from successful reproduction act in the same way as the original cell. All cells use deep electrical fields to function and communicate with each other.

Perhaps most important of all is that the original [primordial] cell is hidden within [is at the heart of] every cell and physical processes of the human body. I think the key is electrical rather than biological = primordial life force: Qi.

Genetics .. DNA .. chemistry and all cell functions exist to allow electrical flow stimulating the growth [existence] of physical matter. Matter [cells] and all biological processes are designed to conduct electrical charge. It is the electrical magnetic field that holds matter together. One could call it a form of internal gravity .. but its source is electrical in nature.

The key point is the beginning process of reproduction and cell division within the female egg at conception. Whether the process is healthy or is disrupted in some way .. science looks at this only in terms of biology and chemistry. The health or disruption of dividing cells is also electrical. Now we have the chicken or the egg .. which existed first? That may be wrong thinking as they both exist and work seamlessly together [duality].

Can you correct cellular disruption without creating electrical field integrity?