Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dark Zen: Sperm

Next 500 years: Our future is very different from the present.
This theory is perhaps one of the most difficult to describe and make sense .. because the science does not exist to understand what I am about to write. As I am writing back from the future [or back from the past] the science does not really matter.

The Ancient World knew this before our minds fell into darkness. The Chinese knew this .. the Egyptians knew this .. The Kelts and the Indonesian Nations knew this. I am not trying to convince you of anything. I am simply writing what I know and what I have been shown.

This post alone is the result of at least three years trying to understand a phenomenon I gained a personal insight into .. much of which was shown to me simply because I doubted and questioned current scientific explanations that I have to admit seem idiotic to me.

Going deeper into the energy [electrical] nature of cells and the primordial energy of all cells .. I want to present a completely new observation of sperm [theories] and reproduction. Today's science claim that 230 millions sperm cells are released during sex [in a healthy male]. I can tell you now I am not good at maths #_#

Apparently a healthy male can release between 40 million to 1.2 billion sperm cells [whose counting?] in a single ejaculation .. but it only takes one sperm cell to create a child. The obvious question is: Why not release a single sperm? A dynamic "super sperm". What is this 40 million to 1.2 billion?

The Yang Solar Mind
We live in a World defined by the survival of the fittest .. a World of the superior Alpha [excessive yang] Solar Male. We live in a World of imagined dominance .. where gentleness and unseen deeper flows are totally disregarded. Our World is like the imagined big strong Viking warriors .. a World of SUPER MEN and the one dominant Lord of The Rings [to rule them all].

There is a lot of imagined violence in our World.

What I am saying is that the current violent and competitive Alpha Mind projects its bias and limited understanding onto the surrounding biological World within us and surrounding us. Our science is born from this mindset.

Dark Zen: Sperm [Intelligence]
Always have a sense of humor no matter what! A sense of lightheartedness and a sense of humor can offer completely different insights into the nature of the World and our own inner nature. Being completely of an independent mind I had to challenge this one-sided theory on sperm and the nature of sperm.

The way science explains it makes NO SENSE!

I formed my own theory as to what could be behind the phenomenon of reproduction. Dark Intelligence observation ties into electrical current and Nature's elusive WIFI communications system. I was thinking that something just does not add up. Then I was shown that these millions of spermatozoa are one. I mean they all work together. This is where things get difficult to explain.

The excessive yang / male Solar Intelligence describes the World in his own light. He is the ONE Alpha Male .. the dominant male .. and he does not share that dominance with any other creature. One sperm = one dominant ego: I AM !!

I began to look at this in a different light: What if millions of sperm cells are all part of one single organism / process? The cells in your body co-operate and work together. The cells in your body talk to each other and communicate. Different cells communicate and work their #sses off to keep you alive!

What if this inner body co-operation and communication [working effortlessly together] originates in the nature of the millions of spermatozoa? I am talking about: Beyond The Internet! A communication so profound that it makes the ego superior Alpha Male look like a jerk!

I questioned the sperm theories and it took months / years for me to understand what I was being shown. That all the spermatozoa are ONE. It was shown to me like a spirit cloud or a deeply connected life cloud within which the millions of sperm are connected life-cells.

I cannot write all the implications in one post because the dynamics are so out-of-this-world .. in terms that we understand. At the same time I think some people will understand what I am saying. This is like the Magic Mushroom of reproduction and biology. The implications are mind blowing. As a small clue: This is how we are made.

We are talking about Deep Cell Technology. I am not talking about current perverted sciences. Deep Cell Technology cannot be accessed by perverted scientists and this is why they are making so many mistakes that will have to be corrected in the future.

Perverted science = out of balance / non-harmonic.

All I can say is that it does not take only one sperm .. it takes all sperm together!

Unified awareness is missing from our World today as the ego-self continues to chip away at the dynamic balance and deep co-operation of all forms of life on this Planet. Cells co-operate .. fungi co-operate .. soil atmosphere and rain co-operate .. species co-operate .. it is all happening on this Planet. It's called LIFE!