Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dark Zen: Success

I am going to share with you something that may transform your lives .. and that may also save your lives in uncertain times of chaos. Most important of all the application of what I am about to share will certainly make you a calm Island sanctuary that can affect and heal people around you.

This event just happened to me with a total stranger .. and it took me many hours to understand just how amazing we humans can be in very mysterious ways.

I did not want to call this post: Dark Zen: Success. I see things visually when I write and I kind of understand what this is about and why success is the key. This is so complex I can only do the Notebook version .. but that should be enough to get started.

The key to this post is: Happiness & Success. The origins of the word happy is - good fortune [success]. The origins of the word success is - happy outcome. You have to be aware that happiness can be a shared synergy that benefits anyone [even people you do not know] .. and success can mean health or making positive change that benefits others.

I was out in the public sphere early today and caught in a crowd where a young woman was pushing aggressively at my back. I stayed calm and let her push. Next this woman began to shout at me wanting to push ahead. At first I put her in her place .. but when I stopped to look at her in more detail I felt compassion and said to her: Go forward .. it is not a problem.

Next the woman refused to go forward and I said: Go ahead .. I am not in a hurry. She would not go ahead and she became very quiet. Maybe because a stranger had shown her compassion and respect on a basic human level rather than get into a fight. I can also say that I had to work hard for many years of my life to embody the kind of energy that passed through me in those unexpected moments. This is the foundation I am going to now try to share with you.

Dark Zen: Success
Usually I receive guidance for the next year ahead in the early hours of January 1st of each year. In Europe this is when a window opens [almost like a mirror] and the signature energy of the year becomes clear to me.

Early this morning I began to feel nervous about this coming process as it is always an unpredictable manifestation that has to be read and understood with crystal clarity and not subjective intellectual analysis. I know it when I see it .. but I never know when it is coming into view!

This year [end of 2014] the process began to present itself at around 11:00 Am to 12: AM on December 31st. At first I thought this is not possible .. because it always happens in the early hours of the morning on the first day of January of each year.

I could not ignore the signature seeing a number of related events in a very short time span that made it clear to me what will be needed in 2015 due to the nature of the energies present. Rather than think that we are walking into TIME .. try to imagine that we are walking into a flow of energy. Maybe more accurate we are entering an energy landscape that will manifest as physical events.

As we walk through the energy signature physical events will appear in the same way mountains .. rivers .. towns and fields appear when you are travelling somewhere and you pass through many changes in scenery on the journey to your destination.

We think of success as wealth and physical rewards and that is wrong. Success is actually an energy and not a physical 3D resource. More accurate real success is an inner resource. For example .. the angry woman today was an unforeseen test / Initiation for me after many years of being taught how to act from a certain inner foundation.

What I want to share with you is about our base negative mind that seems to run our lives on automatic setting. We sit back in the pilot seat [incarnation] and we allow this negative mind set to rule our lives. Emotions can be: self-pity .. sadness .. depression .. hurt .. fear .. sorrow .. loneliness .. jealousy .. anger .. hatred.

When the emotions come out .. our thoughts immediately say: I FEEL...

We jump into the feelings like jumping into a swimming pool on a hot Summer day. Once ego-self [thought] identifies itself with those emotions [as they arise] we are DOOMED. Then the emotional roller-coaster begins and at the end of the session we are exhausted and unhappy.

What do you have to lose on these rides? ENERGY !!

The angry young woman was probably 25 or more years younger than me and she was a complete wreck in terms of loss of energy and life force depletion. Her surrounding energy field was that of an 80 year old physically worn out human being. We reap what we sow!

What do you have to do to switch off the ego-self [thought] auto-pilot and take control of the inner journey as yourself: the incarnate spirit? You have to develop your own positive psychic ways that creates space between the emotional reaction and the automatic ego self-identification with each emotion.

I feel .. I am .. I want #_*

I am not talking about self-denial. I am talking about actively disengaging the automatic emotional self-ego that results in you [in less than an instant] saying: I feel X Y Z... The moment you mentally plug into the emotional reactions you are caught. You are already in the water before you know you have jumped in. It happens faster than your physical awareness.

When you observe yourself and you question yourself .. creating space [stepping back] before your mental state becomes the emotional reaction .. you question: Wait a minute! What is this?

You do not accept the emotional upheaval. You are too intelligent for that. Through self-awareness you are one step ahead. Now you have created space between the emotional response / reaction and "I AM".

Just for fun try a little experiment. Do not immediately think: I AM .. FEELING! Step back and question what is going on? What is taking place? Put your foot on the brake and stop to observe the inner turmoil without associating the emotions with YOURSELF.

The moment you can successfully do this your whole world changes.

The inner world is like Martial Arts. Once you start training it is for the rest of your life. As you train and begin to feel lighter and more balanced you also begin to learn on new levels. Life becomes so interesting [out of the emotional matrix] that you are interested to find out the next levels and the next levels.

Once you switch off the emotional auto-pilot reaction you begin to find all kinds of flight-controls on the inner dashboard of the psyche. There are buttons that counter negative thoughts by using simple words... Simple words like SUCCESS .. HAPPINESS and THANK YOU.

You have to test it out for yourself and discover the words that disconnect the inner auto emotions and place a profound inner command of life on the path you are taking. That is all I want to share as we enter the energy landscape of 2015. An inner command of life!

When the woman was physically pushing at my back and later shouting because she did not get resistance [a reaction from me] .. I was not dealing with the woman [external world] .. I was dealing with myself [the internal world]. This is true SUCCESS and true HAPPINESS. Inner psychic command of the inner art of being. The inner response changes the outer world without effort = you do nothing! It happens on its own [intelligence].