Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dark Zen: Tetrahedron Triangle

What do I know? I know nothing.
- Dark Zen
I did not sleep most of the night. After a short period I woke up around 04:00 AM [when the first planes take off]. You may think I live very close to the airport. No! I always notice or hear or feel the movement of the first morning flights.

I must have fallen into a deep sleep on Sunday 21 December [Winter Solstice] .. which is the shortest day of the year. I suddenly opened my eyes somewhere between 1:00 and 1:11 PM with everything in my mind that I am about to write. I opened my eyes as The Trinity flooded into my consciousness before I even knew who I am or where I was.

Continuing from Dark Zen: Sperm and Dark Zen: Electric Conception .. three forces are involved in conception of life / living matter. This post is a combination of three worlds: The computer [External World] .. Myself [Inner World] and a Mysterious Force [Unknown].

Three dimensional life forms are conceived of three primary forces merging into ONE Body [existence]: Sperm .. Egg .. Unknown Mysterious [Primary] Force. Let us take my own conception! Male and female cells combined as one cell [Zygote] through the intervention of an unknown mysterious force [we call life or spirit].

This tetrahedral aspect of conception is the part we always miss [in terms of modern science]. In my theory of conception all sperm cells are connected or are cells within an unseen mycelium body or network. At conception spermatozoa and egg combine on the surface of the egg with a third unifying mystery force.

It is the third or first primary mysterious force that united sperm and egg as one. The mysterious force the sperm and the egg cells unite as one living reproduced 3D form. This is also where one and three come in! The primary force is the sperm the egg and itself dividing and combining [#_#].
Christian Trinity / Celtic Trinity [Knot]: Triquetra / Buddha Trinity: Buddha Dharma Sangha / Vedic Trinity: Sat (existence) Chit (awareness) Ananda (bliss) / Triangular Pyramid: Tetrahedron / Tetrahedron: Three Dimensional Strucure / Tetaherdral: Molecular Geometry / Liquid Water Structure: Tetrahedral / CERN: Quantum Tetahedron / Tetahedra: Quantum Objects.
Human embryogenesis is the process of cell division within the embryo that occurs during the early stages of development. During the second [cleavage] stage of embryo cell growth the primordial cell [zygote] splits into four cells forming a tetrahedron inside a sphere.

A 4-cell embryo will exhibit a pyramidal or tetrahedral structure although non-tetrahedral [clover] shaped 4-cell stage embryos can sometimes occur during the cleavage stage of human reproduction.
Tetrahedral 4-cell [cleavage] stage of the human embryo
After two cleavages, the zygote becomes a 4-cell embryo. The four cells of the embryo are normally arranged in a tetrahedron in the spherical space provided by the ZP. - Edwards & Hansis: Initial differentiation of blastomeres in 4-cell human embryos and its significance for early embryogenesis and implantation.
The cell reproduction research [information] is an example of The Trinity or triangular 3D Tetrahedral aspect of life and the conception of life. On waking up this morning the symbolic image I saw .. appearing within Dark Intelligence .. was a square within a circle and inside the square was an X creating four triangles.

You can also draw a circle within a perfect square and an X creates four perfect triangles. The way this was explained to me is that the square represents the Earth .. matter .. physical existence. The circle represents energy [Qi] and the triangle represents the unification of the three principles that allow matter and energy to interact.

Take a pyramid: A three-Dimensional pyramid is four triangles meeting at the top whose base is a square. Tetrahedron means: With four planes. However .. triangle based pyramids are often called a tetrahedron. Tetrahedral pyramids have four bases that are all identical.

In terms of 3D geometry you can take balls [circles] and stack them to form a 3D tetrahedron base pyramid. You can take balls [circles] and stack them to form a 3D square base pyramid. To add another dimension the four triangles meeting at the center of a square is the same: A circle is a ball .. a triangle is a tetrahedron and a square is a cube.

Dark Zen: Tetrahedron Triangle
My theory of the unseen [unrecognised] fluid mycelium like body unifying all sperm cells is too complex for one post. This also relates to chemistry and electrical fields. It also relates to the seed merging and unifying with external environments.

There is one misconception!

Male [yang] Solar Intelligence assumes the [penetrating] male yang sperm is battling to overcome a self-protective female yin environment. The issue is that the spermatozoa are also protecting themselves! Let us take any seed... An acorn is the seed of an oak tree. What does the acorn do? The acorn is designed to protect itself.

The acorn seed has its own protective shell. All plant and tree seeds are designed to protect themselves. Apart from the fact that seeds are protect with a hard shell or seed coat .. they also protect themselves chemically [enzymes].

When male sperm reaches the female egg how does the sperm know to stop protecting itself and merge with the surface of the egg? One obvious answer is that both male sperm and female eggs communicate through chemical enzymes.

My own theory is that chemical and enzymes are simply a connector circuit for electric current and electric fields. I am saying the sperm enters the egg electrically charged .. or that sperm egg interactions are electrically charged.

Spiritual religions say divine spirit creates life and material sciences say physical chemistry / molecular biology creates life. Buddhists say: Divine spirit interacts directly with the Universe of physical matter.

My question is: Where does spirit [mystery] meet [interact with] matter?

It is my theory that electrical fields seamlessly and effortlessly interact with spirit [the unknown] and matter [the known]. Electrical fields allow psyche [mind] to directly interact with physical matter. Electrical fields allow molecules [matter] to interact with mind [psyche].

The electrical nature of sperm and egg allows interaction and communication.

On one level you have chemical .. biological and molecular interactions on a cellular level. The key to these complex interactions are made possible by electrical fields. At every level communications are electrical sometimes often described as nuclear [nucleus].

The nucleus is probably the point where mystery of spirit directly interacts with [inhabits] the physical-material 3D World. This theory is neither spiritual religion nor material science. One could call this Spiritual Technology.

Sperm and the egg are electrical in nature as are all reproductive cycles. You have a spirit-electrical-matter triangle of perfectly interacting forces. When spirit leaves the physical body the life-force electrical charge [unified electrical field] dissipates and the body dies.

The process from conception [birth] to death is the same!

All cells in the body are born [created] from one primordial cell. All cells in the body follow the original electrical charged field interaction code(s) throughout the life span of the individual. All forms of biological life share the same basic reliance on the primary electrical field.

Electrical fields form matter. Let us say: matter forms around electrical fields.