Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dark Zen: Body Electric

Deep cellular electrical heartbeats ...
After my: Dark Zen: Electric Blood post I have researched deeper into the nature of the physical body and cellular electrical polarity. There is an out of print book called "The Amazing Secrets of the Masters of the Far East" by Charles F. Haanel und Victor Simon Perara .. that I read many years ago [but at the time it did not make total sense to me].

I am a hands on person who has to experience for themselves what is real and what is not real. I suspect that our physical reality is designed to allow for many realities [experiences] at any point in space-time.

In other words: Reality is plastic.

Dark Zen: Body Electric
In my own space time experience tissue cells and blood cells have electrical polarity fields + - .. electromagnetic fields that are the polar core energies of the cells deeper and beyond base physical matter. For example .. when the energy pulse dissolves the physical organism dies.

I cannot prove that this is real in terms of physical science. All I can do is share my own experiences. This is real for me .. it may not be real for you. I tried a recent experiment of observation / awareness of my own body. Lying down relaxed with eyes closed is better because when we are active and moving the heartbeat resonance changes.

For this I have to be in a deep relaxed body-mind state.

Meditating I can feel / be aware of the electrical pulse in the heart .. in the blood flow .. in the cells of the physical body. The electrical flow is one current. Then I was aware of an unseen undetected primordial cell that is the origin of all cells in the body.

The primordial cell built [created] and is hidden within the bones .. the bone marrow .. the tissues .. the organs .. muscles .. tendons .. brain .. blood .. glands .. and everything within the physical body that allows it to exist. To make this clear .. all physical cells originate from the first cell separation within the womb at conception!

Hidden within us out of sight is the original creator cell. It is my theory that this undetected creator cell is at the hear of all living processes within the physical body. I suspect that it is an energy .. but it is a sustained energy = it does not dissipate because it is a creator cell.

You may ask: Where does it go at the point of death? The physical cells die but this primordial creator energy does not die and right now I do not know where it goes .. but I will ask it tonight #_#

This process can be called: Cell reproduction and conception .. cell division .. human fertilization or fusion .. or the first cell division. I am saying that every living cell in the body contains the original blueprint of the original cell [fusion].

Going deeper into this process of questioning the origins of energy in the cells .. the biological life force in the cell is electrical in nature. In other words the cells cannot exist without electrical currents / magnetic electro-pulse.

The body electric does not use the base electrical currents we use to power our World today. The body electric uses a very refined subtle living electrical current unknown to modern man. It is a self-organising life-energy current that has mysterious origins. Take blood as an example...

Blood cells have unseen mysterious nano companion cells undetected by physical sciences today. I see these blood cell companions as blue cells. I do not understand why modern science excludes these unusual [dark] cells from public view!

But .. I am diverging from the electrical nature of the blood and the electrical cells of the human body! Is the heartbeat physical or electrical? In the same vein .. is the blood flow electrical or physical in nature?

I can only go on my own experiences of electric cellular currents within the body. How do blood cells know what to do and where to go? How do blood cells communicate with the organs and the glandular system? How do blood cells relate to the bones and tissues? There is one common universal communication system: Electrical in nature.

I am saying that all living cellular systems use electrical communication.

The first impulse of life is electrical [in nature] and out of this primordial impulse matter manifests [is created]. Not only created .. biological matter is created and re-created in every electrical pulse. The dark pulse behind matter is a creation transformer [field]. Every cell in the body is being maintained by this mysterious electrical process.

The dark pulse is best seen within the glandular system. What pumps life essential glandular fluids around the body? Similar to blood cells glandular fluids are on an electrical arc! The sciences are too obsessed with visible physical chemical biological processes.

The glandular system operates through subtle rotational cycles of electrical currents running throughout the entire body. What we call "miracles" are not really miracles at all. It is simply a deeper hidden process of activity unknown to science. There are no miracles! The Universe knows what it is doing!

In terms of electrical charge the difference with the human body is that the pulse is alive. The electrical field in each cell is alive. It is not like the way we produce electrical energy to power our world. Building a coal or wood fire is an energy source. We rely on physical resources to create energy [power].

The electrical fields of the body and the electrical pulse within cells have a different origin. I know science tries to claim that we need physical resources [food] to maintain and power the electrical charge within matter .. but that is not even half the truth!

The processes behind health and well being are essentially electrical!