Friday, December 12, 2014

Strange Time Travel Dream

Leaving The Future To Starve ...
I am not making this up .. the Time Travel dream really took place. The dream is so bizarre and so relevant to our World - I could never sit down and imagine what happened in the dream that so perfectly and elegantly conveyed a deeper meaning.

In 2005 when starting to write this blog I defined "Earth Changes" blog as:
Dreams weave Reality as Reality weaves into our Dreams...

This one sentence pretty much sums up my life [experience] .. because that is how things happen to me. For me .. dreams are not separate from reality and reality is not separate from dreams. The two Worlds orbit each other like strands [coils] of DNA and something in the middle connects those two Worlds allowing them to communicate.

The Dream World is not only that you fall asleep and you experience dreams and then you waken up and come back here. The Dream World is also the possibility to Dream Awake. By this I mean not so much imagination. I mean to be totally aware of the Dream State Awareness moving through physical reality. Imagination is more like a tool. Imagination is like the scribes pen where you can manifest or realise dreams within each dimension.

This dream was so real [powerful] I almost cannot call it a dream.

Leaving The Future To Starve ...
I found myself in some open wild vast sloping grassy mountain valley. I was both in the dream and at the same time was experiencing the whole meaning of the dream through some kind of mind expansion guided by mysterious beings. Maybe they were Time Travelers?

The sloping highlands area was rich in water and wet .. but I am not sure this was in Europe? The farmer wore some kind of strange hat and he had maybe a shawl type jacket... There were grey overcast skies and the Sun seemed to be setting. It was evening and the light was fading from the vast sloping grasslands.

A large herd of sheep had appeared as if from nowhere. The farmer was overjoyed about this windfall. The unexpected appearance of these new sheep doubled his flock. To the farmer he had suddenly become very rich. I was also there and I was interacting with the sheep .. but at the same time no one appeared to see me.

Unusualy for sheep they had a lot of energy and some of them were running around as though they were hyper-active or charged with an unusual vitality. Sheep were running towards me [I guess the sheep could see me] .. and they were jumping back and forward across a shallow stream.

I ran around with some of the sheep as though playing with a dog.

It turned out that in this area of the mountains there existed a natural space-time vortex or energy field. Almost like a hole in time. Different time zones interacted at this energy chakra point. It is as though the time zones cross each other naturally.

It seemed during key cycles a micro space-time vortex in those mountains would become unstable and strange things would happen. Things could disappear or things could appear. One example is the farmers sheep could have disappeared and he would have been left with nothing.

Also in the dream were humanoid men who were dressed differently than Earth humans. These beings were warning the farmer he had to make sure the sheep return to their original time. These beings could see me but the farmer and his helpers could not see me. This was the feeling I had.

In the dream it was natural for the farmer and these mountain people to have contact with the other humanoids. The tall men were seen as ancient wise beings [and advisers]. There was an approaching moment in time where the portal energy would open again and the farmer was advised to herd the sheep into that portal.

I don't know? Let us say the point was just beyond sunset when the stars begin to appear between patches in the clouds! The humanoids knew the exact point and they were there to kind of make sure the farmer herded all the sheep back to their own time.

The farmer obviously wanted to keep the sheep. They were a sign of some special magic .. a gift from the deities of the mountains. He agreed to work with the humanoids and herd the mysterious flock of sheep back into the portal when they were shown it had opened. I woke up!
At first I thought: What a totally weird dream! I fell asleep again as it was the early hours of the morning. Much later the whole dream came alive for me during the next day. I was not even thinking about the dream or trying to understand its meaning. I guess the same mysterious force was active in my mind and I was simply understanding stuff.

It seems the windfall flock of sheep was the entire herd belonging to the same farmer at some point in the future. For him to have kept the sheep would have been to steal from himself! Without those sheep in the future he and his family starves. The whole flock is gone and does not return. Today's windfall is tomorrows sorrows.

The fact is he did not need the extra sheep .. he had his flocks.

As the extra sheep came through a time warp on the same land .. it is obvious these were sheep belonging to his future self or future family living at the same location. To keep the sheep would be to destroy the family at some point in the future. This was clearly implicit in the dream.

The other implication is clear and that is stealing from future generations .. leaving many to starve in numerous ways. Starvation is not only lack of physical food. Starvation ca also be lost opportunities for a whole generation. The worst starvation is to limit and restrict the incarnating spirit.

Strong and experienced incarnations can overcome limitations and restrictions. But .. what about weaker incarnations who simply need to get themselves together and grow stronger themselves. What about a World where the strong protect the weak? The I Ching suggests it is not advantageous to have an inferior [weak] man in a strong position. One should cure the cause instead of dealing with the symptom.

With regard to this Casino World: What would you do if you were suddenly aware you are stealing from yourself? People do not steal their own money .. or that when institutions mess up they go into their own accounts and pay back what they lost. Many people in this World believe they will never have to repay the debt. They are happy to pass their failures to the next generations.

People think they are always taking or stealing from others and not from themselves. This is misguided and wrong. One way or another people who cheat and deceive others are cheating and deceiving themselves. One way this can happen is that the future backfires and catches up with us. Another way this can backfire is we carry the bill into other lives until it is repaid.

When given a life we receive a gift: An opportunity to do good and at the same time change the World we live in. Enhance the World we inhabit. Inner wealth is a shared resource. Inner wealth contributes to society. Inner wealth transforms the lives of others.

What was the key they left me with when I woke up?
What did the farmer have that allowed them to save the future?

He had inner wealth!