Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dark Zen: Receiving

In traditional Okinawan Karate UKE means: To defend...
UKE is to block / to receive [absorb] an opponents attack rather than oppose it with equal force. The force put into receiving is key to the true culture of Okinawan Karate. In Okinawan Karate one never initiates the attack .. the art of UKE bends the force of attack and effortlessly disentangles it.

In training you do not master UKE .. UKE masters you.
- Dark Zen
This is a 49 minute YouTube video attempting to present the spirit of Okinawan Karate: True Spirit of Okinawa Karate. You do not have to watch the video to understand what I am about to write.

I watched the whole video because when I was 14/15 years old .. around that time .. I took the little money I had and I bought a book that totally changed my life. I bought: Ginchin Funakoshi's Karate-Do Kyohan and I began to teach myself the Katas [Summer and Winter - outside in the garden].

The strangest thing is I did not want to defend myself and I did not want to fight or do sport .. but I wanted to practice the Katas and become a true Karate Master. My self-taught practice was to build my inner strength.

After practicing for some time I encountered spiritual beings who told me that it was more important for me to learn the inner art of Karate Do Kyohan and not so important for me to learn the physical Katas because I already knew this. Implying that I had trained before !!

For some reason I then began an inner journey through the Katas that was non-physical and hidden. By hidden .. I mean that when applying the inner Katas no one outside knew or was aware of what I was doing. Only I was aware .. because I was applying the Katas against myself!

In other words: I am my own worst enemy!

Learning the physical Katas was easier than learning Inner Karate Do .. Inner Aikido. I also read the works of Morihei Ueshiba the creator of AIKIDO. As I discovered: Inner art of Karate or AIKIDO lies in The Art of Receiving!

Psychologically and emotionally we humans counter mental / psychic attacks with some form of violence = we usually go on the offensive. An unrecognised offensive is to act as a victim. Either we feel [act] as a victim or we feel [act] using counter attacks. We imagine we attack to defend!

I am glad the Invisible Guides advised me to learn [from an early age] the inner act of psychic Martial Arts .. otherwise I would probably have thrown people across the room when they attacked me or tried to put me down psychologically.

Dark Zen: Receiving
In earlier incarnations I was probably part of dominant Cultures who set out to violently dominate other Nations through force. This means that we not only attacked others to dominate them .. but we then took the advantage by making them weaker.

In earlier incarnations I recall situations where my dominant Culture was not STRONG! What we did was we dominated other Nations by making them weaker. I am saying that we were not strong .. but that dominance was designed to make everyone else weak and dependent.

I hope that makes sense!

I am deeply grateful to the generations of Masters who taught me all I know today. These Masters [over the ages] took a complete idiot and with my co-operation turned this idiot into a future worth living.

I have no idea how long it took them to teach me the Art of Receiving?

Someone attacks .. you bend. Someone hits out .. you avoid. Someone hits out psychologically and inwardly you deflect. Someone hurts you .. you receive [without resistance]. Now we are back to electrical current [flow] and the deeper nature of life!

When the spirit is willing to learn [deeper truth] they incarnate into a man's body .. a woman's body .. a man's body .. a woman's body [balancing the two polarities inside]. I personally would say the true art of receiving is balance of yin/yang male/female electrical polarity [forces].

In earlier past lives I have to admit that the world power I worked for was not a true power in itself .. in terms that they were strong. Their supposed strength and Cultural dominance was built on the foundation of destroying and weakening every other Culture [so that no one opposed them].

They were not strong .. they were weak!

I do not know how many thousands of years the Masters taught me the Art of Peace [Art of Receiving]! I am still learning this ART! There is a simple rule that teaches us a BIG lesson: When you destroy something you become responsible for that which you destroy .. lifetime after lifetime.

What is the Art of Receiving?

Japanese UKE in English translation means: To block or prevent an opponents attack. In Japanese UKE [receiving] also means to catch or to accept where the force of the opponents attack can be blocked and then redirected in a counter-attack. However .. in my teachings the counter-attack is simply the silent return [re-direction] of the attacking force.

In my mind the one who inwardly receives himself [understands] is beyond attack.

I may be wrong! It seems the attacking forces in the 3D World are attacking themselves. Even when an external victim may be apparent .. when we attack another we attack ourselves [lifetime after lifetime]. When we learn to block or redirect the attacking force we redirect ourselves +_*