Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dark Zen: Harmony

Earth Dimensions: There are three associated dimensions each dimension connected to and part of the other two dimensions. Thee is the lower associated dimension. There is the middle associated dimension. There is the higher associated dimension. All three are connected and growing together like cells inside a womb.
I recently had dreams of a world very similar to this world apparently existing on Earth. These dreams are like parallel dimensions and they are different but at the same time similar to our current world. The slight differences in these parallel worlds are variations in everything they build. One dimension appears to be bigger and more detailed .. more powerful.

Actual experience of these parallel worlds changes our here and now view of our world and our existence. Why is this the case? Incarnations who have a cross dimensional awareness show signs of inner development. These beings have a duty to create balance in the world they inhabit as part of their own inner transitions.

There is not only one Earth dimension .. but there are many dimensions. Seeing allows the mind to think and act differently. The experience also challenges the whole illusion of elites and a higher order. When you experience other dimensions the illusion of a higher ruling order in this dimension is not what it may seem at first glance!

In these dreams I am who I am .. living in a similar but radically different Earth dimension [experience]. From the buildings it is clear the higher dimension is way more advanced than we are in some respects. They build many of their cities around an old world type stone architecture that is massive compared to anything we build in our dimension today.

The key signature of their architecture can be felt. The body and mind experiences the effect of these structures almost like a spiritual experience. The way the structures are build elevates the mind. It is almost as though the buildings are aware .. almost as though they are alive. Our primitive architecture seems to have been designed as a reflection of this other world dimension.

Dreams of other parallel world experiences are like an inter-world training experience. Recently I discovered that it is possible to go back and return there if [when] you can recall the frequency of the dream experience. If I am correct .. then it is possible that each incarnation is associated with multiple world experiences beyond space and time.

How does this relate to Dark Intelligence and Dark Zen?

Parallel worlds exist but are hidden. They are dark worlds or dark dimensions. Our experience of parallel worlds is the mystery that cannot be accessed by the isolated Solar Mind. At the same time some mysterious unknown affects us to become aware of other worlds that we inhabit. We may often dream of experiences in these other worlds.

Below us are lower dimensions and above us are higher dimensions. When we connect to lower dimensions we can feel their gravity and they can feel ours. When we connect to higher dimensions the effect is the same. When our dimension creates higher peaceful awareness then we also affect the lower and higher dimensions. Everything is related.

Clearly it is not in the interests of higher dimensions related to our dimension to be feeling a pull to be dragged lower. If associated lower dimensions are not transformed they will destroy themselves. It is in everyone's interests to achieve balance and harmony between the worlds.

Worlds associated with our world are like other continents even though they are parallel dimensions. We all effect each other and we can travel back and forth between the dimensions carrying core experience.

Lower dimension experience teaches us not to make certain mistakes in our behaviour that ultimately destroys our world. Higher dimension experience teaches us a new awareness that ultimately elevates our world. Who among us would not seek to be elevated?

Because hurt .. greed .. selfishness .. suffering .. sorrow .. fear .. jealousy and anger are all electrical frequencies! Each personal signature of these emotions adds up to create the whole world experience. This personal emotional indulgence creates cross-currents and cross-currents in which all of us are caught or drown.

Dark Zen: Harmony
I wrote the above information two days ago and this morning [December 28th] much more detail came into my mind = things that I personally have no clue about! Maybe when I write it this will start to make sense. This morning I was show more details about these inter-dimensional triangles.

Although there appears to be a lower and middle and a higher dimension connection in each associated triangle of three dimensions .. the three are one. The way it was shown to me is that the lower dimension may seem to be at odds with the higher associated dimension. There is yes and no to this appearance that the lower and the higher are at odds with each other.

Let us imagine that we exist simultaneously in all three dimensions in similar but different forms. If you go to either of the other associated dimensions you are yourself but you are slightly different. You recognise yourself .. but there is a clear difference even though it is yourself you are experiencing.

It is possible that on the lower associated dimension where it seems our world is the middle world .. there is no Russia Europe India and China. There is no Russia but something like Ru-stan. There is no Europe .. but something ?-Reich. There is no India but .. Industan or Hindustan. Maybe Indonesia is Industan and India is Hindustan. There is no China .. but Qin. From Sweden through Britain down to Greece and Portugal .. all this is something ?-Reich.

If you experienced the lower dimension and you wake up back here then you might have an attitude and think what a terrible experience to have .. because it is so different than what we know today [in our world]. I was shown that each world is not better or worse it is simply a part of us.

The higher dimension simply exists in the way they exist and we exist in the way we exist and the lower dimension exists in the way it exists .. where we are all interconnected and in some way work together [given our differences].

On the lower associated dimension Hindustan may have overcome wars we have not experienced in our world. In our world dimension we may have overcome wars the higher dimension have not experienced. Simply take all our shared experiences and at some point the three become one and the whole associated cycle begins again with other merged dimensions similar to our new combined world.

Most important of all is what I am about to write next...

I have shared with you a three dimensions [geometric form] association of worlds into which I am now going to place the players. Our manifest incarnations are the players in these three similar but different worlds. The background dimension is the scene in which the players interact.

Let me take one example of associated player interaction.

On the lower dimension we have our problems .. ones that do not exist in the middle dimension. We also have a non-intellectual genuine closeness vulnerability and love that does not exist in the middle and higher dimension experience.

In the middle dimension state we are already becoming intellectual and removed from our deeper emotions. In the higher dimension state we are highly intellectual [superior] and way removed from our deeper [lower] emotional state.

On the lower dimensional level the love and the passion have their own problems to balance out and overcome. Similarly on the middle and higher dimensions the increasing intellect also have their own problems to balance out and overcome.

To show you what I mean about the illusion of lower - middle - higher dimension theories of who is better and who is worse. The lower dimension would view our world as cold and devoid of passion. The middle dimension [our world] would view the lower dimension as primitive and lacking in intellectual reason. We would see ourselves as higher and better off.

I would not go in there if I were you! Right?

If the higher dimension realises that harmony of all three dimensions equals balance and they find compassion for all three associated worlds .. this inner view changes everything. Because .. already the lower dimension and the middle dimensions are facing each other off. If the higher dimension views us in the same way we view the lower dimension then we have three antagonistic polarities.

In that view none-of-us are going to learn from the others.

Doris Lessing .. bless her soul .. wrote a book in the Canopus In Argos series called: Marriage Between Zones Three Four and Five. I read this book in my early twenties and I did not understand it. Well .. maybe we have to experience something for ourselves before we understand?

Symbolically [artistically] Buddha is also related to the geometry of the triangle! In essence Buddha was [is] the harmony or balance between associated dimensions .. between associated worlds. Here you have Buddha as a inter-dimensional traveller. What is at the core of these teachings for all three dimensions? Compassion is the key to unlock the mystery of the associated dimensions.

Here you have compassion as the three angles connecting the triangle. A triangle is made of three connecting lines forming one triangle. Three lines form one geometric symbol. When experiencing each of the three associated dimensions what allows this experience to take place? The energy of compassion!