Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Earthquakes Tsunamis Flooding and Drought

The people living in Indonesia must feel the end of the world is engulfing them. The islands of Sumatra and Samoa sit on very vulnerable cross points of planet earth. In the years ahead some of those islands could sink completely. It is not only physical-material. The whole energy of the earth is changing, and if you are sensitive you can feel it.

29-SEP-2009 Samoa Islands Region 8.0
30-SEP-2009 Southern Sumatera, Indonesia 7.6

Something has not been right since the July, 2009 Solar Eclipse. I saw the earthquake connection from other solar eclipse years, one that is impossible to 'predict' as not all solar eclipses are this destructive. The only way I can describe it energetically is that the effect just ripples (long term) around the magnetic field of the planet like a 'standing wave' serpent.
It is like a very powerful tubular wormhole. From an energetic perspective our planet is in entering a cycle of chaos. We humans and animals have experienced this cycle before. It is in our genetic memory, but few people today can access that inner knowledge.

If people pay attention to the body, it can be felt. Those who have read the many accounts of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda (and I know he is a controversial figure), but a lot of what he wrote about the energetic body is accurate. One of the factors relevant to us feeling what is happening to the earth is the Toltek knowledge that humans are attached to the fibers of the earth through light fibers emanating from the diaphragm or navel.

A few days before the really big 8.0 earthquake hit the Samoa Islands region, I could feel an uncomfortable tugging feeling (around the diaphragm) directly from the energy fibers connecting to the fibers of the planet. It is almost like being seasick, the magnetic wave oscillations can be felt in the bones, in the connective tissues, in the heart and right in the solar plexus.

I have been consciously aware of the invisible planes since I was born, and what is happening right now is new to me. I have never felt this before. If I Remote view the actual feeling, I can sense the planet wobbling - as though it is sailing through an ocean of choppy, stormy seas (cosmic aethric waves). As crazy as this may sound I can feel the unusual movement.

There are two basic levels to this movement. One is magnetic flux. When the water just falls suddenly from the skies and these massive floodings take place, you have to think about what holds water in the atmosphere and gradually allows it to fall on the earth. It is the strength of the earth's magnetic field that holds the water, as water is magnetic. When the magnetic field suddenly weakens and the clouds are full of water, it all falls on one location within minutes. Reports over the last few days have been saying that some flood regions are getting one months rain in a few hours.

The second level we are experiencing is physical material. Regions are flooding, earthquakes are being felt, there are mudslides. On a planetary level the earth frequency is shaking all the way from the core, right up into the atmosphere. The earthquake that has just hit Sumatra has not eased off the pressure. The energy is building up, increasing, intensifying. This internal pulling could continue for months. It is bouncing around the planet.

I am sure our ancient ancestors understood more about nature than the people on this planet now. Animals can sense that an earthquake is building up, and I am sure we humans merely lost that same ability. The planetary effect is so strong now one can hardly miss it.

The people in Indonesia are being hit by massive earthquakes, typhoons, floods and tsunamis. This is because of their location. Those islands are sitting right on an energy cross-point that is like a vertical wall of fire. Only, we cannot see it with our eyes. This is not the only point activating. The standing wave is oscillating like a giant out of control serpent. There must be a geometric pattern to its movement, but one that we humans really do not understand.

1 October Update:
Second powerful earthquake devastates the Indonesian Island of Sumatra, killing thousands.

The first earthquake struck at 1716 local time (1016 GMT) on Wednesday, some 85km (55 miles) under the sea, north-west of Padang, the US Geological Survey said.

The second quake was on land and struck at 0852 local time (0152 GMT) on Thursday, about 225km south-east of Padang at a depth of about 25km.

This is what I tried to say about the tension one can feel in the air, if one is sensitive and pays attention. Whatever forces are triggering these quakes, it is being felt over the whole earth. That is my own unique perception of events. Human beings on Earth are not a hive mentality species. Each human is born with their own unique perceptions, and together this uniqueness creates all the colours and petals of the flower of humanity. When in harmony with your own uniqueness, you are in harmony with the whole.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Killing of Crow Tribe Wild Mustangs

The Pryor Wild Horse roundup was quite alarming and troublesome. It was horrible to see old wild horses and their complete bands taken from their home, like Conquistador, Grumpy, Trigger, Shane and others vital to this historic and unique Spanish herd’s blood line.

It was heart wrenching to see Floyd, an exceptionally rare blue roan, who was beaten in the face, and who should be returned to the Pryor Mountains to live forever.

Then, there was Cloud, the stallion made famous by a PBS series, so courageously snaking his mares backwards into the corrals trying to rescue his family, so sadly torn from him.

But, who are these wild horses really? A little fact not well known is that the Pryor Wild Mustangs truly belong to the Crow Tribe. They are their “Crow Ponies”. They always have been. They always will be, and the Crows deserve to be heard with regard to these majestic famous wild horses that are a stunning part of their cultural heritage.

In truth, the BLM should listen to the Crows, for there is no one more deserving than they, who courageously fought to save their own lands, and who rode these spectacular Crow Ponies into many hunting quests and many battles. Truly, it can be said that the ancestry of the Aps√°alooke Nation lives on, deep in the hearts of their very own “Crow Ponies”. Let These Horses Live

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A New American Genocide: Horses for Uranium

The Cloud foundation described the helicopter muster of the most famous horse in the herd, a stallion named Cloud, whose life has been recorded by documentary maker Ginger Kathrens.

"Cloud came in reluctantly and then turned and FACED the helicopter," the foundation wrote, "even taking steps back towards the range. Demonstrating his unbelievable courage and clear understanding of the trap he was about to lead his family into."

This wild mustang has more courage and intelligence than the current short term tenants who (unfortunately for the planet) inherited the wild and beautiful lands of America.

All levels of the U.S. "Government" continue to ignore the pleas of those seeking to save these wild herds. The foundation says calls to the government and bureau have not been working, with no concessions made. HorseTalk

A convicted "horse killer" is being paid taxpayers money, by the BLM, to round up Cloud's herd... Real men - who love horses - would not sell their souls to the devil to carry out this environmental crime.

The BLM is attacking this one herd for reasons not fully explained. There has been no public mention of the extreme interest in this area by the Skyline Uranium Corporation, which has direct ties to the United Arab Emirates.

Once removed from public lands the wild mustangs are being secretly killed... Bush, Oil and Wild Horses

The colonisers of America have a history of slaughtering these beautiful animals: "From the journals of the missionaries came these reports: In 1807, two herds of 7,000 mustangs each were driven into the ocean at Mission Santa Barbara to drown: at the San Diego Mission, Mustangs by the hundreds were shut in corals to starve." Save The Mustangs

Another heroic woman: "Wild Horse Annie", alongside hundred of thousands of schoolchildren and wild horse supporters lobbied the government for 18 long, hard years against the unspeakable cruel destiny of the Mustangs.

It was public outcry that ended the open-faced carnage—and it came from the nation’s schoolchildren and their mothers: in 1971, more letters poured into Congress over the plight of wild horses than any other non-war issue in U.S. history; there wasn’t a single dissenting vote, and one congressman alone reported receiving 14,000 letters. Mustang Foundation

Lenormand Tarot Reading For Cloud's Herd

I am so upset about the removal of the wild mustangs from public lands across the USA that I decided to lay a Lenormand Tarot spread for these beautiful creatures.

Using the German "Das Lenormand Orakel" cards, from IRIS Verlag, I laid out my own "crystal spread", because a crystal grows reflecting all facets in a clear light, in a perfect way from all sides. This is my own personal understanding of how these cards speak to me using this spread:

Stage One: The present situation now, September 9, 2009. The Lenormand cards 6. The Clouds defined by 13. The Child - shows that there is an as yet unclear new beginning. The advancing (defining) card is "new beginning", although this is a difficult time, there are obstacles to overcome. I find it interesting that the first card was "Cloud(s)".

Stage Two: 26. The Book (of Secrets) defined by 2 Clover. There is a hidden power, and ancient knowledge (probably in / is part of the land the mustangs "protect"), and this brings "good luck". Horses and the people protecting them have passed through the valley (initiation) and it has made them stronger. The truth will be revealed and give them power. Sign of "good fortune".

Stage Three: 9. The Flowers defined by 14. The Fox. There will come a point where it seems as though peace has formed between the opposing parties, but behind the peace is some kind of deception or trick. People have to be careful and pay attention to the finer details. There may be a sly move to try and offer some kind of "deal". The cards also indicate the need for cunning (like the fox). Pay attention to detail, be careful. What is being offered may hide some kind of deception.

Stage Four: The final stage of the reading, "the future". 3. The Ship defined by 25. The Ring. The final outcome of all these factors together is 22 The Way. Someone is going to finance the protection of these horses. This is a partnership for "good" and it seems to arise out of the move to protect the herds against deceptive and manipulative interests. It may be a "foundation". This is a journey of many people, it includes the world. It indicates a greater cooperation.

This is a journey for the "international community". This card may also indicate the need for worldwide cooperation to regulate the "rogue behaviour" of "European descendants" abusing the American continent. These cards speak of correcting a disorder much greater than the destruction of the wild horse herds. The abuse of these horses is a symptom of a greater illness.

22. The Way - is the defining card for the whole reading. Everyone, including the wild horses, have reached a "crossroads", and all parties have to decide which road to take, to create the future. The last defining card is not really an end, it is a beginning...

The Way represents "destiny", but also that our choices manifest destiny. Choose wisely and the future is created by those decisions and actions. Choose wrongly and that future manifests as "reality" for people and horses alike. The Way is about "choices", about decisions and direction.

This reading is empowering. It is not overshadowed by any ruling power, and shows that people can still effect the outcome. The advantage favours those seeking to protect the wild mustang herds. They do have the power to carry this off, and they can succeed. There is some hidden mystery buried in the land supporting all their efforts and all their work. This power, a new beginning, is hidden. That may also be its protection.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Famous Mustangs Torn From Their Home

More Legends of the West Being Lost to A Rogue Government Agency

"Bureau of Land Management "Overkill"
In the searing 90-plus degree heat the first five mustangs, of less than 200 remaining in Montana’s only wild horse herd, are driven into corrals by a helicopter, forcibly removed from the rangeland they have occupied for hundreds of years. The Pryor wild horses and one palomino stallion in particular, Cloud, have been made world famous by the PBS Nature documentaries, the third of which will air this fall.

Despite public outcry over their reasons for this action, and clear failures in NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) compliance, BLM is moving forward with the controversial helicopter roundup expected to last 4-10 days. "This unique little herd is being destroyed starting now," says Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation. "70 horses and some foals are to be removed from their spectacular home in the wild and this will leave us with a non-viable herd.”

Dr. Gus Cothran, Ph.D. of Texas A&M University said today that this roundup "is overkill.” Critics of the removal say that it is clear that the BLM is refusing to listen to science and the wishes of the American public.

Legal efforts are continuing, but have so far not stopped this action.

Wild horse advocates and biologists say that by going against their own environmental assessment for this removal, BLM is ignoring the unique genetics of this herd. The agency plans to take off all the wild horses who live permanently in the Custer National Forest – from the 21-year-old mare known as Grumpy Grulla, to Conquistador, the 19- year-old band stallion as well as young foals. According to local residents and historians, the wild horses are simply living the way they lived before the BLM or Forest Service were even established.

"Removing an entire subpopulation is not the way to manage a small, precious and unique population of animals," continues Kathrens. "People enjoy seeing the horses in the Custer National Forest and extensive evidence exists that these horses have been in this area for centuries. It is vitally important that this range be legally expanded to allow this herd to grow to safe, genetically viable numbers.”

“Why are they removing nearly half the horses after the drought is over?” asks Howard Boggess, Crow Elder and Historian. “Everything that is against the law for me they are planning to do to these horses. Full Article TransWorldNews

- BLM's Secret Illegal Plans To Destroy America's Wild Horses
- Help Stop the Massive Removal of Cloud's Wild Horse Herd!

Crow Elder - Save Our Horses

Battle of Pryor Mountain

PRYOR MOUNTAIN RANGE, Montana – In the aftermath of an Honoring Ceremony for wild horses led by Douglas Spotted Eagle of the Northern Cheyenne and Mel Lonehill of the Lakota Nation on Saturday, Aug. 29, and a plea from U.S. Congressman Raul M. Grijalva (Ariz.), chairman of the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands to “suspend all roundups until the agency has adequately demonstrated to the American people and to Congress that it has addressed the outstanding problems and updated its program to reflect 21st century values,” a temporary hold has been placed on Bureau of Land Management plans to destroy 75 animals in the Pryor Mountain wild horse herd this month.

Grijalva, in his letter, cited the BLM’s “use of outdated methodology;” its “aggressive, poorly managed removals” of wild horses in Montana and elsewhere (including the western reaches of San Miguel and Montrose counties); and charged that “the BLM has not formally considered other possible solutions, such as contraception, sanctuaries, or aggressive adoptions programs to deal with the current number of wild horses in long-term holding other than one pilot project in Wyoming.”

Telluride filmmaker James Kleinert, a participant in the Honoring Ceremony, is working on a film about the systematic removal of entire horses from public lands where, as Grijalva charged in his letter, “they belong by law in order to benefit private livestock interests at a cost to taxpayers of more than $21 million in 2007. “Making matter worse, over 19 million acres, on which wild horses and burros roamed at the time of the passage of the 1971 Act” protecting wild free-roaming horses and burros. Wild Horse Removal From Pryor Mountains

The Cloud Foundation