Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lenormand Tarot Reading For Cloud's Herd

I am so upset about the removal of the wild mustangs from public lands across the USA that I decided to lay a Lenormand Tarot spread for these beautiful creatures.

Using the German "Das Lenormand Orakel" cards, from IRIS Verlag, I laid out my own "crystal spread", because a crystal grows reflecting all facets in a clear light, in a perfect way from all sides. This is my own personal understanding of how these cards speak to me using this spread:

Stage One: The present situation now, September 9, 2009. The Lenormand cards 6. The Clouds defined by 13. The Child - shows that there is an as yet unclear new beginning. The advancing (defining) card is "new beginning", although this is a difficult time, there are obstacles to overcome. I find it interesting that the first card was "Cloud(s)".

Stage Two: 26. The Book (of Secrets) defined by 2 Clover. There is a hidden power, and ancient knowledge (probably in / is part of the land the mustangs "protect"), and this brings "good luck". Horses and the people protecting them have passed through the valley (initiation) and it has made them stronger. The truth will be revealed and give them power. Sign of "good fortune".

Stage Three: 9. The Flowers defined by 14. The Fox. There will come a point where it seems as though peace has formed between the opposing parties, but behind the peace is some kind of deception or trick. People have to be careful and pay attention to the finer details. There may be a sly move to try and offer some kind of "deal". The cards also indicate the need for cunning (like the fox). Pay attention to detail, be careful. What is being offered may hide some kind of deception.

Stage Four: The final stage of the reading, "the future". 3. The Ship defined by 25. The Ring. The final outcome of all these factors together is 22 The Way. Someone is going to finance the protection of these horses. This is a partnership for "good" and it seems to arise out of the move to protect the herds against deceptive and manipulative interests. It may be a "foundation". This is a journey of many people, it includes the world. It indicates a greater cooperation.

This is a journey for the "international community". This card may also indicate the need for worldwide cooperation to regulate the "rogue behaviour" of "European descendants" abusing the American continent. These cards speak of correcting a disorder much greater than the destruction of the wild horse herds. The abuse of these horses is a symptom of a greater illness.

22. The Way - is the defining card for the whole reading. Everyone, including the wild horses, have reached a "crossroads", and all parties have to decide which road to take, to create the future. The last defining card is not really an end, it is a beginning...

The Way represents "destiny", but also that our choices manifest destiny. Choose wisely and the future is created by those decisions and actions. Choose wrongly and that future manifests as "reality" for people and horses alike. The Way is about "choices", about decisions and direction.

This reading is empowering. It is not overshadowed by any ruling power, and shows that people can still effect the outcome. The advantage favours those seeking to protect the wild mustang herds. They do have the power to carry this off, and they can succeed. There is some hidden mystery buried in the land supporting all their efforts and all their work. This power, a new beginning, is hidden. That may also be its protection.