Friday, September 18, 2009

Killing of Crow Tribe Wild Mustangs

The Pryor Wild Horse roundup was quite alarming and troublesome. It was horrible to see old wild horses and their complete bands taken from their home, like Conquistador, Grumpy, Trigger, Shane and others vital to this historic and unique Spanish herd’s blood line.

It was heart wrenching to see Floyd, an exceptionally rare blue roan, who was beaten in the face, and who should be returned to the Pryor Mountains to live forever.

Then, there was Cloud, the stallion made famous by a PBS series, so courageously snaking his mares backwards into the corrals trying to rescue his family, so sadly torn from him.

But, who are these wild horses really? A little fact not well known is that the Pryor Wild Mustangs truly belong to the Crow Tribe. They are their “Crow Ponies”. They always have been. They always will be, and the Crows deserve to be heard with regard to these majestic famous wild horses that are a stunning part of their cultural heritage.

In truth, the BLM should listen to the Crows, for there is no one more deserving than they, who courageously fought to save their own lands, and who rode these spectacular Crow Ponies into many hunting quests and many battles. Truly, it can be said that the ancestry of the Apsáalooke Nation lives on, deep in the hearts of their very own “Crow Ponies”. Let These Horses Live