Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Earthquakes Tsunamis Flooding and Drought

The people living in Indonesia must feel the end of the world is engulfing them. The islands of Sumatra and Samoa sit on very vulnerable cross points of planet earth. In the years ahead some of those islands could sink completely. It is not only physical-material. The whole energy of the earth is changing, and if you are sensitive you can feel it.

29-SEP-2009 Samoa Islands Region 8.0
30-SEP-2009 Southern Sumatera, Indonesia 7.6

Something has not been right since the July, 2009 Solar Eclipse. I saw the earthquake connection from other solar eclipse years, one that is impossible to 'predict' as not all solar eclipses are this destructive. The only way I can describe it energetically is that the effect just ripples (long term) around the magnetic field of the planet like a 'standing wave' serpent.
It is like a very powerful tubular wormhole. From an energetic perspective our planet is in entering a cycle of chaos. We humans and animals have experienced this cycle before. It is in our genetic memory, but few people today can access that inner knowledge.

If people pay attention to the body, it can be felt. Those who have read the many accounts of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda (and I know he is a controversial figure), but a lot of what he wrote about the energetic body is accurate. One of the factors relevant to us feeling what is happening to the earth is the Toltek knowledge that humans are attached to the fibers of the earth through light fibers emanating from the diaphragm or navel.

A few days before the really big 8.0 earthquake hit the Samoa Islands region, I could feel an uncomfortable tugging feeling (around the diaphragm) directly from the energy fibers connecting to the fibers of the planet. It is almost like being seasick, the magnetic wave oscillations can be felt in the bones, in the connective tissues, in the heart and right in the solar plexus.

I have been consciously aware of the invisible planes since I was born, and what is happening right now is new to me. I have never felt this before. If I Remote view the actual feeling, I can sense the planet wobbling - as though it is sailing through an ocean of choppy, stormy seas (cosmic aethric waves). As crazy as this may sound I can feel the unusual movement.

There are two basic levels to this movement. One is magnetic flux. When the water just falls suddenly from the skies and these massive floodings take place, you have to think about what holds water in the atmosphere and gradually allows it to fall on the earth. It is the strength of the earth's magnetic field that holds the water, as water is magnetic. When the magnetic field suddenly weakens and the clouds are full of water, it all falls on one location within minutes. Reports over the last few days have been saying that some flood regions are getting one months rain in a few hours.

The second level we are experiencing is physical material. Regions are flooding, earthquakes are being felt, there are mudslides. On a planetary level the earth frequency is shaking all the way from the core, right up into the atmosphere. The earthquake that has just hit Sumatra has not eased off the pressure. The energy is building up, increasing, intensifying. This internal pulling could continue for months. It is bouncing around the planet.

I am sure our ancient ancestors understood more about nature than the people on this planet now. Animals can sense that an earthquake is building up, and I am sure we humans merely lost that same ability. The planetary effect is so strong now one can hardly miss it.

The people in Indonesia are being hit by massive earthquakes, typhoons, floods and tsunamis. This is because of their location. Those islands are sitting right on an energy cross-point that is like a vertical wall of fire. Only, we cannot see it with our eyes. This is not the only point activating. The standing wave is oscillating like a giant out of control serpent. There must be a geometric pattern to its movement, but one that we humans really do not understand.

1 October Update:
Second powerful earthquake devastates the Indonesian Island of Sumatra, killing thousands.

The first earthquake struck at 1716 local time (1016 GMT) on Wednesday, some 85km (55 miles) under the sea, north-west of Padang, the US Geological Survey said.

The second quake was on land and struck at 0852 local time (0152 GMT) on Thursday, about 225km south-east of Padang at a depth of about 25km.

This is what I tried to say about the tension one can feel in the air, if one is sensitive and pays attention. Whatever forces are triggering these quakes, it is being felt over the whole earth. That is my own unique perception of events. Human beings on Earth are not a hive mentality species. Each human is born with their own unique perceptions, and together this uniqueness creates all the colours and petals of the flower of humanity. When in harmony with your own uniqueness, you are in harmony with the whole.