Friday, January 19, 2018

Two Mystery Waves Cross X

Harmonic Waves Crossing X
When we begin to have relationship with own brain [challenge ourselves]
The path this interaction takes is not your Questions & Answers
There is not this I ask a question & brain answers [logic]
What happens is you start to develop & start to change
YOU actually BECOME the ANSWER

No one can explain to another how the brain works ...
The earliest part of my life I wanted so many answers to mysteries known unknown and beyond. For years I was a bobble head of endless questions to which I never received a single answer. It did not stop me asking more questions.

Throughout my childhood my desire to know so many things was powered by an endless supply of Free Energy .. and it was not going to stop any time soon_# The Timeless Beings were teaching me to have silent mind and my response was: How am I going to get answers with a SILENT MIND ??

The most annoying thing it that the Timeless Beings would laugh at things I did not find funny .. like me not being able to apply SILENT MIND [and why am I doing this ANYWAY] .. after all .. who can ask important questions with silent mind_°

The Answer Is #_?
No one can tell another human being how to use their own brain .. what to think .. how to think .. how to meditate or find silent mind. The human brain is designed to interact on unique person to person basis. Hive minds have their place and function in the Universe .. but it happens to be that human brain is not based on a hive mind [although it is connected].

Since I learned to walk until today this has been a life journey.

No reading of books! No discoveries of ancient hidden secrets! NOTHING! Only me [myself] my body and my brain. ALONE! With no backup! No one to tell me I was wrong! No one to confirm that I was right! No teacher [other than myself].

Other than myself is the hardest path to take_°
The love manifest upon mankind [on Earth] is a VERY SPECIAL GIFT = you cannot take this for granted or assume it makes you the most powerful creature on the Planet: The ability to be UNIQUE. The skill to create. To see in new ways. To come upon compassion. To understand love ...

The most special gift is also the most dangerous [let's not put that in CAPITALS]

Things can go badly wrong! The ability to be unique [free will] can and does result in devastating behavior. The ability to build and use nuclear & atomic bombs. The freedom to hate. The ability to build systems that allow kill all fishing of the oceans and seas.

No one is going to discipline you_# You are going to have to discipline yourself ...

You are free to destroy your own species and no one is going to interfere or stop you! There is most dangerous freedom of all gifted to mankind? C O M P A S S I O N [very dangerous]. Human beings are free to wander upon and to discover the source of love and compassion. Very powerful force behind the Universe.

Compassion without discipline can itself be a danger to unique incarnations on Earth. In times past there have been humans who have been filled with compassion and they became consumed with and obsessed to SAVE THE WORLD [from itself].

Discovering depths of compassion can be a CHALLENGE to humans on Earth.