Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Sacral Qi

Some may want to say things many people want to hear ..
The Masters say what few people want to hear.

Body Inhabitants: Sacral Qi
The Masters said to me: The human male pelvic bones are shaped like a heart .. the human female pelvic bones are shaped like a circle. Heart has the desire and the circle surrounds and amplifies the heart.

The nature of the man is to balance internally his excessive heart [fire] Qi and the nature of the woman is to balance her excessive water Qi.

When fire enters water it burns out and creates steam .. in this way the male loses his energy if the Qi is not internally balanced and is in excess.

All excess and loss of internal balance will manifest in physical 3D reality as struggle between those two forces.

When man fights the woman and woman fights the man there can be no harmony.

You can see from the drawing the same Chi Portal Balance I shared in the last blog posts .. only this manifestation takes place within the Sacral pelvis. Yin yang life force in front of the kidneys manifests within the pelvic bone area in accordance with the nature of the Earth human incarnate spirit body inhabitant.

The Sacrum and The Skull
Everyone ignores the most important bones [skeletal structure] in the body: The human pelvic bones and the sacrum. So .. what I was shown is that whoever created / designed the physical human form began with the structure of the pelvis.

Modern western science claim that what makes humans distinctly human is the skull .. and inside the skull is the superior human brain. If the human brain is so smart and so advanced .. why are Earth humans so stupid ?? You have to have a sense of humor #_#

All excesses or disciplines within a human being is expressed within the bone structure [resonance] area of the pelvic bones. It is a highly sophisticated specially designed resonant field structure with many applications.

The pelvic bones and the skull are one and the same taking different forms.

In terms of the human skull and the pelvic bones you have the most important essential manifestation of yin / yang balance and communication within the human body. If the intelligence resonance of the skull and the intelligence resonance of the pelvic structure are not in harmony .. all kinds of mischief and disharmony can expand out into the world.

The ancient Tibetan cross in the drawing represents manifestation of kidney life force Qi within the pelvic structure was originally from Atlantis .. but is much older from Lemuria and Mu. This is an inter-dimension recognized signature beyond and outside of Earth dimensions.

The Masters told me pelvic bone Qi is altered and distributed throughout the body.

The heart is fire [not because of the blood] .. because it is life giving electric current energetic resonance. Water is Universe .. containing .. life giving = birth .. receptive. Yang is male fire heat life. Yin is female water cold death. The concept of death is that water swallows fire.

Yin / yang together in balance create physical life.

Within the human being there also has to be internal balance of yin / yang [sacrum]. If you watch this video you can see Shaolin Martial Monk - Shi De Jian whole balance and movement and philosophy is from the pelvic center. It is the same principles for you and for everyone.

I am trying to share with you the principle of internal balance that needs no physical movement or physical exercise. In this world now it is possible to apply and master internal balance more powerful than all physical movement.

To understand you cannot walk around .. as usual .. in your head worshiping brain intellect superior human skull. To understand you have to be aware of the internal function of the pelvic bones and sacrum. The pelvis manifests the key definition of the Temple of Man [Ancient Egypt] and the perfect balance of relationship between higher and lower worlds.

You can walk around and be aware of walking .. how the pelvic bones make it possible to walk upright and maintain balance and how the structure of the pelvic bones support the legs [lower world / Earth]. Then you get the mind blowing experience of how the same pelvic bones structure supports the spine / ribs and skull [upper world / Heavens].

You are nothing without the dual yin / yang support of the pelvic bones.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Sacrum Sexual Balance

Experience of the outer world
is internal experience ...

I return from this Portal Intelligence experience [journey] .. and it is the most difficult to explain principles or foundation for yin yang balance of sexual life force [internal] Qi. You can maybe see in the edited drawing below that it is the most subtle form of energy.

If you look at the last two posts you see the difference in the drawings all giving different perspective on the same theme. Sexual Qi accounts for all life force in the body including healing [immune system] and physical .. emotional and mental movement.

Sacrum Sexual Balance
I cannot explain this in any other way than the way it was shown to me .. which is also related to the levels of my own understanding.

I guess all understanding is internally related to ourselves across space and time.

In essence you do not have to understand what I am saying .. all you have to do is understand yourself. People say: Understand FOR yourself .. but I am saying understand YOURSELF [entirely different realisation].

You do not have to understand the outer world or the external experiences .. all you need to understand are the deeper essential inner communications = who you are and why you are who you are [self-responsibility].

I shared with you the Yin Yang Portal experience with The Master .. something I have to go into in more detail .. more complex ways ?? The most important signature to understand is: UNDERSTAND YOURSELF ...

I am a Tech Geek and I can explain this to you more easily in electric current technical levels where each human [Body Inhabitant] has their own inner [incarnate] electrical signature more than THE SELF = beyond self. In terms of Sacrum Sexual Balance this signature is always in YIN YANG relationship to themselves.

It sounds complex .. but it is not as COMPLEX as it sounds #_#

Do you see this drawing compared to the earlier posts ?? This drawing so subtle compared to the current world imagined view of sexual energy .. because that is the force behind all our actions. It is so powerful because it is so subtle.

Through the Portal I was shown: Everything we are is powered by sexual life force! Now we get technical .. where the original force at birth sits in front of the kidneys .. where the electric current to the entire body manifests through the Sacrum.

The entire sacrum / pelvic bone area including connective tissue .. tendons and muscles is THE MOST UNDERRATED part of the human body in terms of health and well being. The power of the SACRUM is too SUBTLE for people to be aware of and understand.

Who pays attention to the Hard Drive in their computer *_*

Sexual balance is related to every aspect of our physical body incarnations .. the electrical operation current for mental emotional as well as physical activity. Sexual Qi is the foundation of the immune system as well as blood organ and cellular activity.

The human body is a highly sophisticated self-integrated electrical system.

The BALANCE comes from: How do YOU use that system? What is your RELATIONSHIP to the unique bio-system you inherited? Do you even know the nature of the system you inhabit? Probably not #_#

If you are a trained pilot .. you know that you are trained to fly a plane. Born on Planet Earth [in general] you have no idea who you are .. why you are here .. what your purpose is .. the nature of the inner experience you are experiencing. Even worse .. you have not understanding about the inner fuel / power source of your life.

In Shaolin terms this means you have no relationship to your own inner power !!

Tech Geek explanation: The next time you go to the toilet to pee .. just be aware this is electrical current activity. When the bodies electrical current [meridians] do not work you cannot pass urine from the body.

What does this have to do with Sacrum and Sexual Balance ??

It is exactly the same process requiring electrical current or meridian electrical fields activity .. which is the same for all functions of the body. If you want to understand SEX then you have to understand ALL FUNCTIONS of the body [you inhabit].

I may have to do this in a different way .. because if I write the key fundamentals personal disruptions may occur. When a person goes to a higher level a lot of friends and family can get "upset". I personally have experienced this .. being attacked [even recently by intelligence agencies running a covert program].

I do not suggest anyone shifts to higher awareness unless they know no fear.
Inner Sacrum Sexual Balance is a very harmonious and dangerous electrical resonant frequency! This is the FUTURE of this Planet in this current timeline [as was shown to me].

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Inner Sexual Qi [Life Force]

Inner energy is most important of all ...
Essentially there is no "outer energy" !!

Body Inhabitants: Yin Yang Portal

YinYang principle is an advanced "technology" .. or ..
Is Spiritual High Technology of the most advanced kind!

So .. Changes happens !!
I have this dream [September 1st 2016] where I am aware of a Qi Master who has tremendous "spiritual pressure". This idea comes form Tite Kubo's BLEACH Series where the Shinigami characters in the Manga BLEACH Series have various levels of Spiritual Pressure.

Since I was a child my Spiritual Pressure when interacting with normal humans is pretty high. But .. on other various dimensions when interacting with The Masters my Spiritual Pressure is ???
I have this dream where I see the Spirit Master and it is not a normal dream. What does this mean for mankind in general? It means we are not in control of our own evolution. Thank goodness that we are not in control of our own evolution !! Because currently the human species on Earth is f#cked ..

Humans are attacking each other .. killing each other .. killing natural species of the Planet. Struggle for POWER among the so-called "elite" groups and all the way down to the lowest levels of struggles for power.

Master Jiddu Krisnamurti said: There is no difference between the higher elite struggles and the lower person to person struggles = it is one and the same petty struggle!

I am both very shy and I am also a character #_# Although .. maybe "shy" is the wrong word ?? Perhaps I am camouflaged and cautious ?? I also like to be "out of character" wearing simple clothing but adding an artistic visual contrast such as a men's Summer hat. I wear my hat Billy The Kid style .. because I have one of those unusual artistic incarnations +_+
I know my different Earth Human incarnations and I use them artistically to express who I am and not to be afraid of who I am .. lifetime after lifetime. I express who I am because I am not afraid [even when I am cautious].

Inner / outer chi balance has nothing to do with outer environment!

I like to talk with a very small amount of friends .. because we can discuss things in ways that are natural to the ecology of the Earth environment pathways [unknown to most people inhabiting this Planet]. There are so many layers to life on Earth. To understand this all you have to do is live your daily life and be AWARE !!

Be aware of the birds and the insects .. look at the moss and the weeds at the side of the roads! To be aware of yourself watching the weeds and the birds and the insects and yourself all at the same moment *_*

Body Inhabitants: Yin Yang Portal
In the dream I was okay as long as the Qi Master was focused on the people around that he was working with and teaching.

When he changed his focus the Yin Yang Portal in the drawing opened. Unusually for dreams we went into the portal and the dream did not end.

In dreams .. when really beyond Earth stuff happens .. the Earth awareness ends. The human brain does not experience beyond Earth. The Body Inhabitant's brain enters "sleep" mode or is shut down until the Inhabitant returns.

To become the portal and see it take place is very rare [in my experience / in this life]. I was both in the portal disappearing and I was watching the process from another awareness. I can tell you this signals an amazing future for this Planet. We have shifted a level higher and have not fallen lower.

Some people may think: Well .. that is just you #_#

The problem with human duality is that we are both a collective as well as being unique individuals. There has to always be a balance between the two. The balance sets itself automatically .. we have no influence over that process.

I show in the drawing how the rotating cross and the enfolding yin yang are one and the same. It is the same principle with the Irish / Celtic rotating trinity symbol. All of them rotate [enfold] to the left or right = it makes no difference. These are higher scientific principles.

On more complex levels these background forces spiral or rotate on their own axis in all directions at the same moment [within the same time-space] .. essentially creating time-space as they move and emit electric current = energy.

In the dream there was a hidden large underground complex .. and when the ground was opened for me I saw ancient ceramic figures but most of them in fragments broken up. There were large heads and upper bodies intact. The level of art work was totally amazing. In that area was a Yin Yang Portal.

The energy to interact with the Portals is sexual chi life force. I will explain this in a new post .. why that is and what it means for mankind moving from the past into the present creating the future now >_<