Saturday, September 03, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Yin Yang Portal

YinYang principle is an advanced "technology" .. or ..
Is Spiritual High Technology of the most advanced kind!

So .. Changes happens !!
I have this dream [September 1st 2016] where I am aware of a Qi Master who has tremendous "spiritual pressure". This idea comes form Tite Kubo's BLEACH Series where the Shinigami characters in the Manga BLEACH Series have various levels of Spiritual Pressure.

Since I was a child my Spiritual Pressure when interacting with normal humans is pretty high. But .. on other various dimensions when interacting with The Masters my Spiritual Pressure is ???
I have this dream where I see the Spirit Master and it is not a normal dream. What does this mean for mankind in general? It means we are not in control of our own evolution. Thank goodness that we are not in control of our own evolution !! Because currently the human species on Earth is f#cked ..

Humans are attacking each other .. killing each other .. killing natural species of the Planet. Struggle for POWER among the so-called "elite" groups and all the way down to the lowest levels of struggles for power.

Master Jiddu Krisnamurti said: There is no difference between the higher elite struggles and the lower person to person struggles = it is one and the same petty struggle!

I am both very shy and I am also a character #_# Although .. maybe "shy" is the wrong word ?? Perhaps I am camouflaged and cautious ?? I also like to be "out of character" wearing simple clothing but adding an artistic visual contrast such as a men's Summer hat. I wear my hat Billy The Kid style .. because I have one of those unusual artistic incarnations +_+
I know my different Earth Human incarnations and I use them artistically to express who I am and not to be afraid of who I am .. lifetime after lifetime. I express who I am because I am not afraid [even when I am cautious].

Inner / outer chi balance has nothing to do with outer environment!

I like to talk with a very small amount of friends .. because we can discuss things in ways that are natural to the ecology of the Earth environment pathways [unknown to most people inhabiting this Planet]. There are so many layers to life on Earth. To understand this all you have to do is live your daily life and be AWARE !!

Be aware of the birds and the insects .. look at the moss and the weeds at the side of the roads! To be aware of yourself watching the weeds and the birds and the insects and yourself all at the same moment *_*

Body Inhabitants: Yin Yang Portal
In the dream I was okay as long as the Qi Master was focused on the people around that he was working with and teaching.

When he changed his focus the Yin Yang Portal in the drawing opened. Unusually for dreams we went into the portal and the dream did not end.

In dreams .. when really beyond Earth stuff happens .. the Earth awareness ends. The human brain does not experience beyond Earth. The Body Inhabitant's brain enters "sleep" mode or is shut down until the Inhabitant returns.

To become the portal and see it take place is very rare [in my experience / in this life]. I was both in the portal disappearing and I was watching the process from another awareness. I can tell you this signals an amazing future for this Planet. We have shifted a level higher and have not fallen lower.

Some people may think: Well .. that is just you #_#

The problem with human duality is that we are both a collective as well as being unique individuals. There has to always be a balance between the two. The balance sets itself automatically .. we have no influence over that process.

I show in the drawing how the rotating cross and the enfolding yin yang are one and the same. It is the same principle with the Irish / Celtic rotating trinity symbol. All of them rotate [enfold] to the left or right = it makes no difference. These are higher scientific principles.

On more complex levels these background forces spiral or rotate on their own axis in all directions at the same moment [within the same time-space] .. essentially creating time-space as they move and emit electric current = energy.

In the dream there was a hidden large underground complex .. and when the ground was opened for me I saw ancient ceramic figures but most of them in fragments broken up. There were large heads and upper bodies intact. The level of art work was totally amazing. In that area was a Yin Yang Portal.

The energy to interact with the Portals is sexual chi life force. I will explain this in a new post .. why that is and what it means for mankind moving from the past into the present creating the future now >_<