Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Sacral Qi

Some may want to say things many people want to hear ..
The Masters say what few people want to hear.

Body Inhabitants: Sacral Qi
The Masters said to me: The human male pelvic bones are shaped like a heart .. the human female pelvic bones are shaped like a circle. Heart has the desire and the circle surrounds and amplifies the heart.

The nature of the man is to balance internally his excessive heart [fire] Qi and the nature of the woman is to balance her excessive water Qi.

When fire enters water it burns out and creates steam .. in this way the male loses his energy if the Qi is not internally balanced and is in excess.

All excess and loss of internal balance will manifest in physical 3D reality as struggle between those two forces.

When man fights the woman and woman fights the man there can be no harmony.

You can see from the drawing the same Chi Portal Balance I shared in the last blog posts .. only this manifestation takes place within the Sacral pelvis. Yin yang life force in front of the kidneys manifests within the pelvic bone area in accordance with the nature of the Earth human incarnate spirit body inhabitant.

The Sacrum and The Skull
Everyone ignores the most important bones [skeletal structure] in the body: The human pelvic bones and the sacrum. So .. what I was shown is that whoever created / designed the physical human form began with the structure of the pelvis.

Modern western science claim that what makes humans distinctly human is the skull .. and inside the skull is the superior human brain. If the human brain is so smart and so advanced .. why are Earth humans so stupid ?? You have to have a sense of humor #_#

All excesses or disciplines within a human being is expressed within the bone structure [resonance] area of the pelvic bones. It is a highly sophisticated specially designed resonant field structure with many applications.

The pelvic bones and the skull are one and the same taking different forms.

In terms of the human skull and the pelvic bones you have the most important essential manifestation of yin / yang balance and communication within the human body. If the intelligence resonance of the skull and the intelligence resonance of the pelvic structure are not in harmony .. all kinds of mischief and disharmony can expand out into the world.

The ancient Tibetan cross in the drawing represents manifestation of kidney life force Qi within the pelvic structure was originally from Atlantis .. but is much older from Lemuria and Mu. This is an inter-dimension recognized signature beyond and outside of Earth dimensions.

The Masters told me pelvic bone Qi is altered and distributed throughout the body.

The heart is fire [not because of the blood] .. because it is life giving electric current energetic resonance. Water is Universe .. containing .. life giving = birth .. receptive. Yang is male fire heat life. Yin is female water cold death. The concept of death is that water swallows fire.

Yin / yang together in balance create physical life.

Within the human being there also has to be internal balance of yin / yang [sacrum]. If you watch this video you can see Shaolin Martial Monk - Shi De Jian whole balance and movement and philosophy is from the pelvic center. It is the same principles for you and for everyone.

I am trying to share with you the principle of internal balance that needs no physical movement or physical exercise. In this world now it is possible to apply and master internal balance more powerful than all physical movement.

To understand you cannot walk around .. as usual .. in your head worshiping brain intellect superior human skull. To understand you have to be aware of the internal function of the pelvic bones and sacrum. The pelvis manifests the key definition of the Temple of Man [Ancient Egypt] and the perfect balance of relationship between higher and lower worlds.

You can walk around and be aware of walking .. how the pelvic bones make it possible to walk upright and maintain balance and how the structure of the pelvic bones support the legs [lower world / Earth]. Then you get the mind blowing experience of how the same pelvic bones structure supports the spine / ribs and skull [upper world / Heavens].

You are nothing without the dual yin / yang support of the pelvic bones.