Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Strange Dreams of Tibetan Lama

This dream really took place .. only it was not a normal dream .. it was a dream within a dream.

There is state of human mind where "the dream" comes into our physical reality. Usually, we fall asleep and dream while we are sleeping. Uninvited, the dream can visit us as we wake up. We often ask: Why did I waken up just at that moment?

You waken up and you discover something extraordinary, and you wonder: Why did I waken up in that moment ?

When the dreams visits you inside this reality, it would be very rude to lie there sleeping! The fact is there is no choice! You waken up!

Uninvited Tibetan Lama
I am not a Tibetan Buddhist, I don't chant and I don't meditate. I have done those things in other lives; but I don't do them here. I came here in this life to see if it can be done without chanting and meditation. To see if a totally ordinary human, living an ordinary life can come in contact with the unknown.

No! It's actually the other way round! Can the unknown come into contact with an ordinary human living an ordinary life?

Some of you looking at this Blog may say that, I am not exactly your everyday human living an ordinary life '-)

But, oh yes I am...

Look at the flowers, look at the grass, look at the branches of the trees. It's the same thing! Our lives are no more than a blade of grass in a field, or growing at the side of the road. Inside that truth, is great power. What we think we are (thought/ego), is not what we actually are. Here on Earth one comes to the great through the small.

Who is the uninvited Tibetan Lama?

Tibetan Lama OM
The late hours of the darkest point of night was unusually silent. Perhaps the silence woke me up? There had been no dreams. As though dreaming would only clutter up the perfect silence. The night was unusually dark. Why did the Celts say they came out of the darkness?

The sound of OM is so totally natural that we do not hear it... The sound coming out of the Earth, coming out of Cosmos. This OM is reverberating again and again like the beating of a heart. OM never ceases. It seems to repeat, and yet it is one sound. So, filling the darkness of the night was OM.

Perhaps, if you go into the deepest mountains of Tibet, you may be overcome hearing the sound of sounds: OM .. which the Tibetans chant because they were able to hear that sound. Many of them probably can still hear the sound that creates matter.

As I sit here now I cannot hear the sound of OM .. I can imagine how it sounds .. but I cannot hear it as I heard it coming out of the silence. At this moment, I cannot hear my own heart beating - but it is beating. Our existence as sentient beings on Earth is based on the principle of OM. The beating of our heart is that principle.

The Tibetan Lama was not OM.

Try and imagine the sound of OM, inside every molecule, is the heartbeat of Earth .. filling the Galaxy and filling Cosmos. The Lama was not OM .. but the Lama emerged from this sound. I could then hear - and I don't take anything nor do anything to make this happen - I could hear strange harmonic Tibetan singing tones.

The molecules that form physical matter sing in tones of frequency and light. That sound had its own modulation and scale. The Tibetan Lama emerged as the tonal modulations - which were pretty advanced. I surmise this is the Lama out of which all Lamas emerge.

The individual Tibetan Lamas are like the seeds of the Bodhi tree. They emerge from and their essence returns to the tree lifetime after lifetime. The tree is the tree of life and we are its seeds.

In the next moment a car passed on the road below...

The movement and the sound of the car was the sound or tones chanted by Tibetan monks. Tibetan monks taught themselves to chant using tonal frequencies similar to the background sounds that fill the air. They were always considered sacred, because these sounds create matter.

All the sounds of the car were these background tones that we humans either ignore or at a base level do not hear. There was OM and there were molecular chanting harmonic tones singing together on different frequencies perfectly audible to the human ear. Well, not exactly!

Why do we say the human ear? Why don't we say, the human ears?

OM and the Tibetan molecular chants are heard from a center point = it's one ear. The harmonic is balanced right and left from the sensors on either side of the head - but it is one ear right in the center of the head/brain.

The key is: It is not what you hear - but the way that you hear it.

In the same light you could say that out of OM came Buddha or the Lamas. Out of OM emerged the Bodhi tree and from the tree of life came the seeds who fall to Earth. All the individual Lamas are part of the tree. This all goes back before the current history of man.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Internet: Cosmic Mind of Man

My heart cries that Google are destroying the brilliant photo editing online Flash application: Picnik.com

Google Shutting Down Picnik PC World - Google's campaign to drive up usage of its growing social networking service could be the reason for the demise of Picnik, a fun and powerful photo editing website that will be closing shop on April 19.

I rarely get upset .. because I have taught myself an internal Karate Do.

Master Gichin Funakoshi: He who would study Karate-Do must always strive to be inwardly humble and outwardly gentle. However, once he has decided to stand up for the cause of justice, then he must have the courage expressed in the saying, "Even if it must be ten million foes, I go!" Thus, he is like the green bamboo stalk: hollow (kara) inside, straight, and with knots, that is, unselfish, gentle, and moderate.

A strange Karate-Do dream...
The strange dream came to me out-of-the-blue .. and I have to admit to you, there are mysterious forces around the Earth, close to humankind, who respond to our psyche and to our consciousness-of-heart. Those unseen forces are our "earthly back-up team". This other-level, this other-frequency sends us Cosmic information as we grow together, in spirit.

First: The dream world does not only belong to humans. Life is a dream and we humans are simple one small part of that dream. What makes us "enlightened", is when we humans see and understand our place in the Cosmic dream. Therefore, Karate-Do would teach you that your opponent is yourself. When you overcome and step beyond yourself, you overcome your opponent.

The Internet dream was a typical "2012 Mayan Transmutation" dream .. in which the Internet was a living part of the human mind, part of the human consciousness. I saw magic and Lord of The Rings type other-world energies, alchemy, Gandalf type magi and various energy frequencies all overlaid one on the next.

The beauty of the dream was that creative brilliance like "Picnik" survive.

You see, we spirits are born on Earth as forces of creation. Seeds of creation are like the seeds from the Bodhi tree. We receive those seeds and it is up to us what we do with them.

It is a struggle on Earth, as streams of consciousness also use this creativity to destroy. We may not like it; but weapons of destruction are a "creation". Therefore, Google destroying an Internet form they perceive as a "threat", is part of how one fragment of humanity uses and applies its "power".

In the dream I was shown one aspect of the problem - a very old aspect that has haunted mankind for thousands of years. We keep playing this over and over again. The artist creation and the destruction creation.

In the dream I was shown that the world-wide-web (the Internet) is alive !!! We humans give the Internet life. It is a part of us. It is an extension of our mind(s). However, we humans are fragmented. At present we are not united as one mind .. one mind does not mean that we all think the same. One mind is an internal orbit within the Galaxy of spirit beings. Just as a Galaxy rotates around a central source - so do spirits orbit the source...

I am not making this up .. I saw higher and lower frequencies interacting around the Earth, in which the consciousness of the Earth allowed human consciousness to interact with Cosmic consciousness. The Internet was a bridge between various levels of consciousness. The Internet was an extension of the human mind.

Earth humans are expressing - or are connecting to - their creative energies through the Internet.

However, highly advanced "Open Source" expressions of individual creativity, such as Picnik, are rarely understood. The mass movement of expression is towards a self-expression: Facebook or Google+ .. where people feel safe within a restricted framework. The ARTIST and the unique expression of ones-own-true-self is less understood.

Earth humans do not yet understand the unique beauty of each plant, animal, tree, flower and bird. How can millions of humans express their own beauty and creativity within the field of planet Earth? The evidence is all around us... Each magpie feather is unque, each dolphin is unique, as is the bee, the wasp, the dung beetle and the ant. They seem the same; but each one is different and unique.

Each snowdrop, each daffodil, each cherry blossom is unique...

Inside the dream I was shown that there are forces who protect creativity, as there are forces who misuse creativity. The misuse of creativity is power - the power to destroy - and yet in the dream I saw the true creative force grow, blossom and establish itself like an Oak tree as other forces fell away and disintegrated.

It is up to us to carefully choose out path.
One cannot think "good or bad"
One can only think: Karate-Do / Wing-Chun / Aikido.

From My Picnik Folder:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Forget SOPA! Google Kills Picnik!!

I can't believe what I am seeing here... Yes! Dear people of the Internet .. I am a Picnik Geek! I love Picnik... It is a BRILLIANT online photo editing website. If you don't know Picnik.com - go there and try out the whole range of editing .. soon to be ended by GOOGLE on April 19, 2012.

Bought by Google in 2010 .. Internet Media reports: Google shut down Picnik...

In reality, Google are shutting down not "a service" - but they are shutting down a source of creativity. The editing features of Picnik originally designed by the creators (not Google), were brilliantly conceived, brilliantly designed and fun to use. Picnik was not a "service", it was an artists drawing board .. easy to use and a lot of fun.

By shutting Picnik down Google are not killing a service, they are destroying an "Open Source" creative platform.

Yes! I was a subscriber to Picnik Premium.
Premium Refunds To our primo Picnik Premium members, we’ll begin processing a full refund of your current membership fee within a week of this announcement.
I don't want a REFUND - I want PICNIK !!!

It's like crushing a flower, picking off the petals and sticking them one by one onto various stagnant projects. Sticking them under glass in a Google Museum.

Technologizer reports: Picnik is popular, and it’s good, and the world will be a sadder place place without it–at least for folks who already know and love it.
Why is it going away? That’s not entirely clear. Google’s blog post says it’s so “the Picnik team can continue creating photo-editing magic across Google products.” But when you go to Picnik, you get a message that “Picnik is moving its easy yet powerful photo editing tools to Google+,” which is a slightly different message. In either case, though, it sounds like Google thinks that photo editing is less of a destination, which is what Picnik was, and more of a feature.
...I don't want to use Google+

More than that .. Picnik is not something you can just break apart and add to a "social service" .. Duh!! This is so horrible .. for fun loving creative, innovative geeks .. it is the "end-of-the world". The Maya were right!!

Instead of killing Picnik, why don't Google sell it to someone? Even better - give it away to ??? the people who created it!! Or, even better!! Just leave Picnik online - as it is - just for fun - like a temple of Atlantis [Haha! Funny joke!!]

Just leave Picnik floating there in hyper-space... A strange and elusive settlement of artists and innovators who just meet up on the Picnik platform. Don't kill it .. let it be - what it is - for those who love it.

I don't want a GOOGLE+ account - I want PICNIK !!!

GeekWire "We’re retiring the service on April 19, 2012 so the Picnik team can continue creating photo-editing magic across Google products..."

I don't want to "create magic" across Google products...

But, you know what? I have a GREAT IDEA !!

Salvage what you want from Picnik to be the magic@Google products .. and leave the rest online as it is, rather than cut it all up and dissect this marvelous open creative online "drawing board" that people love to use. '-)

Creations From My Picnik Folder

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What The Earth Knows...

This is so amazing .. just watch nature, plants, birds, trees .. watch the clouds - pay attention - inside physical matter .. reflected like a mirror, are the secrets of the universe. We wont know what 2012 means until we have reached March 2013. The beauty of the fact that we can all communicate across the world is that we can share observations, realisations and our own unique relationship with the unknown.

January 13, 2012
Observe the small and understand the large.

Through December, 2011 to mid-January, 2012 the elder tree, the willow tree and the acacia tree(s) retained some green leaves. These three types of trees have been revered by our early ancestors as representing magic, wisdom, transformation and mystery.

A lot of people are saying nature is responding to a warming of the climate .. but it is not that warm. I have known milder, warmer weather in the months of November, December and January than we have now. I don't think it is warmer weather. The trees are showing us something we are unaware of, something we cannot measure. Maybe it is called "transmutation" .. something to do with Alchemy!!

So, here is the small mystery reflecting (or revealing) the larger mystery. Each day I have been watching the green leaves on the elder trees. Today, I noticed one or two white small elder flower clusters of white flowering flower heads growing near to branches that still have perfectly green leaves. I observed more carefully, and there were one or two small white elder flower heads, with buds, ready to flower. In mid-January!!

Hans Christian Anderson wrote a story called: The Elder Tree Mother .. why? Because, Hans Christian Anderson was preserving a number of old tales that otherwise would have been lost.

Don't tell me all this xxx about "climate change" .. this phenomenon is MAGNETIC .. it is a magnetic resonance .. planetary alchemy .. it is part of a natural cycle and it happens over and over again in LONG CYCLES. We are blessed to be part of the crossing of a long cycle. North, South, East and West = the crossing is the transmutation of magnetic principles/frequencies.

Catkins & The Silver Birch
In the first week of January, 2012 the first catkins were appearing on the trees as the silver birches were showing signs of "Spring". So, we have green leaves on the elders, willows and acacias - with one or two elder flowers and the early catkins appearing at the same time.

In the Hans Christian Anderson story, he wrote: "Some people call me Elder Tree Mother, and some call me the Dryad, but my real name is Memory." ... and that is the way it is!

Like the Mayan's and the "Mayan Long Count" .. what does the elder tree remember? These ancient trees remember, The Cycles.

Transmutation of Magnetic Frequencies
What is heat and what is cold? Magnetic frequencies. What is North and what is South? Magnetic frequencies. What turns the planet's atmospheric currents? Magnetic frequency. Birds fly on it. Fish use it for navigation. Trees and plants grow by it. Magnetism - the unifying force!

Temperature changes all over the Earth follow a magnetic principle.

In my view, everywhere we look nature is a mirror to an unseen and mysterious force, out of which mankind was also born. The human mind has the ability to look into that mirror and understand this force. What hold matter together? Science say particles hold matter together. What holds particles together? The magnetic force. What is decay? The dissolution of the magnetic force with regard to that entity, bird, tree, animal, human.

Magnetic Frequency of The Human Mind
The most ancient form of so-called magic warns: Be careful how you use words. Be careful what words you use and how you direct them. Why? Because, words are thought and thought functions as a magnetic frequency within many surrounding magnetic frequencies. This does not mean you get what you want (as a magnetic principle). Wanting is the lowest form of magnetic frequency and it simply holds you down there at the levels of your "desires".

The Tibetans recognised this a long long time ago.

Therefore, we humans are merely a frequency within frequencies, depending on which frequency we inhabit at any given point in time and space - where time is movement. Time is the movement of the Planets, Stars, Galaxies... in which the mystery of the elder, willow and acacia trees reflect horizons .. trees who may have come to Earth from other more ancient roots .. whose origins may be from other Planets and other Star Systems

Everything is connected...

Thursday, January 05, 2012

2013 - Baktun 1: "The Crossroads"

The Winter Solstice 2012 to the Spring Equinox 2013 signals the beginning of the 1st Bak'tun, of 13 Baktun's (13 Operating Cycles), giving birth to the next era or world creation. For the Maya, this would be the beginning of this world's 5th creation.

For the Aztecs the ending of the 13th Baktun (December 2012) would be the beginning of this world's 5th creation. That is because the Aztecs split the 13 Baktun "second era" into two smaller periods of 7 cycles of 52 years (the second era), and 6 cycles of 52 years (the third era). According to the Aztecs this world is coming to the end of its 4th creation or 4th era.

The Mayan Year of Destiny
Rebirth on December 21, 2012 ... The end of the Mayan Calendar is simply the end of the present World Age ... as it marks the beginning of the next cycle of rebirth & renewal.

The Mayan Calendar is not a linear calendar as understood in today's world. Not only the Maya and the Aztec; but the Olmec had sophisticated ways of observing the passage of time using the origins of time: Cosmos. The beauty of this system of observation is that everything in the natural world - the natural environment - is part of this cycle within cycles.

One can observe the planets, the Sun, comets, the Milky Way, the seasons, weather patterns, plants, trees, animals ... down to the behaviour of fungi and microbes. The Olmec, the Maya and later the Aztecs had this universal system of observation down to a fine art.

Within this system of observation there were clearly natural cycles of disruption that brought about the end of these advanced civilisations. Jiddu Krishnamurt used to say: The beginning and the end are one.

If one was able to observe and understand the Earth's natural cycles over thousands of years, then one would know what happens when erratic climate swings challenge cultures living on the surface of the Earth.

The basic challenges to any culture is the availability of RESOURCES: Not just seeds for planting, as weather conditions, temperatures, precipitation, storms and natural disasters determine the success or failure of crops. The Maya and the Aztecs mapped those long count changes in planetary cycles.

2013 - 1st Baktun of 13 Cycles: "The Crossroads"
Let's say we have reached the end of the fourth world era and we are entering the creation of the fifth world. It's kind of like a nautilus shell. The shell grows in living segments (Fibonacci sequence) until it reaches its final point. The shell starts off very small and spirals around its center until there is a vortex like portal or doorway .. and each world shell may be stacked one on top of the other - all existing together in quantum space.

What I see outside my window is certainly "the crossroads" .. it's amazing .. I never saw weather like this, with these kinds of frequencies. I would say it is totally new. You know that when nothing works anymore you press the reset button on the computer and restart. That is kind of how it looks.

January 5, 2012 - it is technically winter; but some elder trees still have a few bright green leaves on a few branches and some willow trees still have yellow-green leaves from last year. We have 10°C with a low moving hurricane, with thunder and lightning; but the sound of the thunder is like nothing I have heard before.

The thing about the storm is - it is wierd! There are so many changes, rapid changes, one frequency change after the next. The low pressure winds come, then rain, then silence, then thunder and lightning, then rain .. but the whole point is, the fluctuations in pressure and frequency almost make you feel seasick. It is like being on the high seas in a storm; but really you are on land and only the energy around you is moving.

These dynamic shifts in energy could (most probably) continue over the next 60 to 100 years. To adapt, humans are going to have to develop totally different ways of growing food. Three generations from now, the way human beings live on the planet will be in stark contrast to how we live now. There is going to be a revolution (there will have to be a revolution) in how we used the environment.

Earth's New Operating System
Imagine 2012 is like the last days of using the old Windows 0.1 Operating System, installed on the Earth's hard drive. Each cycle would be like installing a new operating system where the functions, the folders and the development are all new.

The operating Systems all work on basic principles of information exchange. In terms of the Earth System, winds are winds, rain is rain .. but a lot of those dynamics can change. Rivers can dry up, rivers can change course, dry areas can receive stronger precipitation as wetlands dry up.

I think really what lies behind the mapping of the ages, is the "soul". The incarnate spirit can navigate using the body in physical reality; but the soul is the unseen participant behind the Operating System. What may seem like a life journey on the surface of planet Earth, is to the soul a 36,000 year journey through Cosmic Operating Systems.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

In 2012: The Weather Is King

Traditionally, the ancient Celts observed the nature of events from the Winter Solstice into the December/January transition. The observation is almost like a Tarot reading. Life lays a number of cards (events), and it is up to the seer to read and understand the path ahead. Seeing is an art, as well as a way of life.

Nature Provides Everything We Need To Survive
People on this planet are very dense. They think of nothing but themselves and care little for the natural world around them. Take the birds and the animals on New Years Eve... Who cares that the noise levels of fireworks have increased dramatically over the last two years? This may be the "Asian influence" ?? but the wild birds in Europe do not like it.

Birds and animals have acute sense of hearing .. they need it to survive .. and so extreme noise stress is the last thing they need as they endure the "happy hour" of celebrating humans. Apart from the fact that the stinking smog from the fireworks (a mixture of poisonous chemicals and heavy metals) has to be carcinogenic .. what falls back to the ground ends up being washed into the drains and the groundwater. Human insanity at its best!!

The year 2012 is not the end of the world .. but it could be the end of humans "ruling the world". Human dominance over all things on the Earth is about to end.

We don't care about our environment; but our environment cares about us... We clothe ourselves in the skins of our plant brothers and sisters. We clothe ourselves in the skins of our animal brothers and sisters. Nature provides everything we need to build a shelter and whatever we need to stay warm. Trees provide the wood, the earth provides stone, rock and metals. Everything that makes our world secure comes from nature = the environment.

The Weather Is King In 2012
The weather, the environment, the climate is all part of the consciousness of the Earth. You could say that we humans have the intelligence we have, because our minds have access to [have a connection to] files inside the Earth's operating system that allow us to be who we are on the tree of life.

In that respect, the Earth's weather systems can have a "system clean" function or they can have an "anti-virus" function. What determines virus or Trojan activity inside an operating system? Behaviour .. the behaviour of the program determines its nature. It is the same for humans and human societies on the Earth. Does our behaviour support the Earth's operating system or destroy it?

Between the Winter Solstice 2011 and the December/January gateway 2012, weather fluctuations were so variable that it could set the tone for the rest of 2012 into January 2013...

On the last day, low-lying cold wet December clouds sent Autumn like stormy wind and rain across Europe. However, inside those cold blustery winds were micro warm-winds. All of a sudden you were surrounded by a micro vortex of warm air. Its nature is sudden, changeable, unexpected, unusual, challenging and full of surprises.

The weather is king, because it is going to challenge humans and change humans all over the Earth. One aspect of this is our ability to adapt to change. We have to adapt to meet the challenge that lies ahead. The shifts in weather are going to challenge the belief that man is the dominant ruler of all the animals and that we can do what we want with no thought of the consequences.

As a result of these changes it may be that 2012 is the beginning of growing food in towns and cities. There are many benefits to growing food and fruit in towns and cities. Why do we not plant fruit tees in towns? Well, maybe now is a good time to get started.

Another area of sustenance are the abundant field flowers that support bees, butterflies and insects .. why do we not grow these easy to sow field flower seeds in towns and cities? Well, maybe now is a good time to get started.

Human beings are intelligent enough to be able to grow food, fruit and wild field flowers in the towns and cities to benefit our shared social way of life. So, perhaps the weather will challenge us to get started and encourage us to open a few creative folders on the operating system of Mother Earth.

What benefits the Earth, benefits us.