Sunday, January 01, 2012

In 2012: The Weather Is King

Traditionally, the ancient Celts observed the nature of events from the Winter Solstice into the December/January transition. The observation is almost like a Tarot reading. Life lays a number of cards (events), and it is up to the seer to read and understand the path ahead. Seeing is an art, as well as a way of life.

Nature Provides Everything We Need To Survive
People on this planet are very dense. They think of nothing but themselves and care little for the natural world around them. Take the birds and the animals on New Years Eve... Who cares that the noise levels of fireworks have increased dramatically over the last two years? This may be the "Asian influence" ?? but the wild birds in Europe do not like it.

Birds and animals have acute sense of hearing .. they need it to survive .. and so extreme noise stress is the last thing they need as they endure the "happy hour" of celebrating humans. Apart from the fact that the stinking smog from the fireworks (a mixture of poisonous chemicals and heavy metals) has to be carcinogenic .. what falls back to the ground ends up being washed into the drains and the groundwater. Human insanity at its best!!

The year 2012 is not the end of the world .. but it could be the end of humans "ruling the world". Human dominance over all things on the Earth is about to end.

We don't care about our environment; but our environment cares about us... We clothe ourselves in the skins of our plant brothers and sisters. We clothe ourselves in the skins of our animal brothers and sisters. Nature provides everything we need to build a shelter and whatever we need to stay warm. Trees provide the wood, the earth provides stone, rock and metals. Everything that makes our world secure comes from nature = the environment.

The Weather Is King In 2012
The weather, the environment, the climate is all part of the consciousness of the Earth. You could say that we humans have the intelligence we have, because our minds have access to [have a connection to] files inside the Earth's operating system that allow us to be who we are on the tree of life.

In that respect, the Earth's weather systems can have a "system clean" function or they can have an "anti-virus" function. What determines virus or Trojan activity inside an operating system? Behaviour .. the behaviour of the program determines its nature. It is the same for humans and human societies on the Earth. Does our behaviour support the Earth's operating system or destroy it?

Between the Winter Solstice 2011 and the December/January gateway 2012, weather fluctuations were so variable that it could set the tone for the rest of 2012 into January 2013...

On the last day, low-lying cold wet December clouds sent Autumn like stormy wind and rain across Europe. However, inside those cold blustery winds were micro warm-winds. All of a sudden you were surrounded by a micro vortex of warm air. Its nature is sudden, changeable, unexpected, unusual, challenging and full of surprises.

The weather is king, because it is going to challenge humans and change humans all over the Earth. One aspect of this is our ability to adapt to change. We have to adapt to meet the challenge that lies ahead. The shifts in weather are going to challenge the belief that man is the dominant ruler of all the animals and that we can do what we want with no thought of the consequences.

As a result of these changes it may be that 2012 is the beginning of growing food in towns and cities. There are many benefits to growing food and fruit in towns and cities. Why do we not plant fruit tees in towns? Well, maybe now is a good time to get started.

Another area of sustenance are the abundant field flowers that support bees, butterflies and insects .. why do we not grow these easy to sow field flower seeds in towns and cities? Well, maybe now is a good time to get started.

Human beings are intelligent enough to be able to grow food, fruit and wild field flowers in the towns and cities to benefit our shared social way of life. So, perhaps the weather will challenge us to get started and encourage us to open a few creative folders on the operating system of Mother Earth.

What benefits the Earth, benefits us.