Saturday, January 14, 2012

What The Earth Knows...

This is so amazing .. just watch nature, plants, birds, trees .. watch the clouds - pay attention - inside physical matter .. reflected like a mirror, are the secrets of the universe. We wont know what 2012 means until we have reached March 2013. The beauty of the fact that we can all communicate across the world is that we can share observations, realisations and our own unique relationship with the unknown.

January 13, 2012
Observe the small and understand the large.

Through December, 2011 to mid-January, 2012 the elder tree, the willow tree and the acacia tree(s) retained some green leaves. These three types of trees have been revered by our early ancestors as representing magic, wisdom, transformation and mystery.

A lot of people are saying nature is responding to a warming of the climate .. but it is not that warm. I have known milder, warmer weather in the months of November, December and January than we have now. I don't think it is warmer weather. The trees are showing us something we are unaware of, something we cannot measure. Maybe it is called "transmutation" .. something to do with Alchemy!!

So, here is the small mystery reflecting (or revealing) the larger mystery. Each day I have been watching the green leaves on the elder trees. Today, I noticed one or two white small elder flower clusters of white flowering flower heads growing near to branches that still have perfectly green leaves. I observed more carefully, and there were one or two small white elder flower heads, with buds, ready to flower. In mid-January!!

Hans Christian Anderson wrote a story called: The Elder Tree Mother .. why? Because, Hans Christian Anderson was preserving a number of old tales that otherwise would have been lost.

Don't tell me all this xxx about "climate change" .. this phenomenon is MAGNETIC .. it is a magnetic resonance .. planetary alchemy .. it is part of a natural cycle and it happens over and over again in LONG CYCLES. We are blessed to be part of the crossing of a long cycle. North, South, East and West = the crossing is the transmutation of magnetic principles/frequencies.

Catkins & The Silver Birch
In the first week of January, 2012 the first catkins were appearing on the trees as the silver birches were showing signs of "Spring". So, we have green leaves on the elders, willows and acacias - with one or two elder flowers and the early catkins appearing at the same time.

In the Hans Christian Anderson story, he wrote: "Some people call me Elder Tree Mother, and some call me the Dryad, but my real name is Memory." ... and that is the way it is!

Like the Mayan's and the "Mayan Long Count" .. what does the elder tree remember? These ancient trees remember, The Cycles.

Transmutation of Magnetic Frequencies
What is heat and what is cold? Magnetic frequencies. What is North and what is South? Magnetic frequencies. What turns the planet's atmospheric currents? Magnetic frequency. Birds fly on it. Fish use it for navigation. Trees and plants grow by it. Magnetism - the unifying force!

Temperature changes all over the Earth follow a magnetic principle.

In my view, everywhere we look nature is a mirror to an unseen and mysterious force, out of which mankind was also born. The human mind has the ability to look into that mirror and understand this force. What hold matter together? Science say particles hold matter together. What holds particles together? The magnetic force. What is decay? The dissolution of the magnetic force with regard to that entity, bird, tree, animal, human.

Magnetic Frequency of The Human Mind
The most ancient form of so-called magic warns: Be careful how you use words. Be careful what words you use and how you direct them. Why? Because, words are thought and thought functions as a magnetic frequency within many surrounding magnetic frequencies. This does not mean you get what you want (as a magnetic principle). Wanting is the lowest form of magnetic frequency and it simply holds you down there at the levels of your "desires".

The Tibetans recognised this a long long time ago.

Therefore, we humans are merely a frequency within frequencies, depending on which frequency we inhabit at any given point in time and space - where time is movement. Time is the movement of the Planets, Stars, Galaxies... in which the mystery of the elder, willow and acacia trees reflect horizons .. trees who may have come to Earth from other more ancient roots .. whose origins may be from other Planets and other Star Systems

Everything is connected...