Thursday, January 05, 2012

2013 - Baktun 1: "The Crossroads"

The Winter Solstice 2012 to the Spring Equinox 2013 signals the beginning of the 1st Bak'tun, of 13 Baktun's (13 Operating Cycles), giving birth to the next era or world creation. For the Maya, this would be the beginning of this world's 5th creation.

For the Aztecs the ending of the 13th Baktun (December 2012) would be the beginning of this world's 5th creation. That is because the Aztecs split the 13 Baktun "second era" into two smaller periods of 7 cycles of 52 years (the second era), and 6 cycles of 52 years (the third era). According to the Aztecs this world is coming to the end of its 4th creation or 4th era.

The Mayan Year of Destiny
Rebirth on December 21, 2012 ... The end of the Mayan Calendar is simply the end of the present World Age ... as it marks the beginning of the next cycle of rebirth & renewal.

The Mayan Calendar is not a linear calendar as understood in today's world. Not only the Maya and the Aztec; but the Olmec had sophisticated ways of observing the passage of time using the origins of time: Cosmos. The beauty of this system of observation is that everything in the natural world - the natural environment - is part of this cycle within cycles.

One can observe the planets, the Sun, comets, the Milky Way, the seasons, weather patterns, plants, trees, animals ... down to the behaviour of fungi and microbes. The Olmec, the Maya and later the Aztecs had this universal system of observation down to a fine art.

Within this system of observation there were clearly natural cycles of disruption that brought about the end of these advanced civilisations. Jiddu Krishnamurt used to say: The beginning and the end are one.

If one was able to observe and understand the Earth's natural cycles over thousands of years, then one would know what happens when erratic climate swings challenge cultures living on the surface of the Earth.

The basic challenges to any culture is the availability of RESOURCES: Not just seeds for planting, as weather conditions, temperatures, precipitation, storms and natural disasters determine the success or failure of crops. The Maya and the Aztecs mapped those long count changes in planetary cycles.

2013 - 1st Baktun of 13 Cycles: "The Crossroads"
Let's say we have reached the end of the fourth world era and we are entering the creation of the fifth world. It's kind of like a nautilus shell. The shell grows in living segments (Fibonacci sequence) until it reaches its final point. The shell starts off very small and spirals around its center until there is a vortex like portal or doorway .. and each world shell may be stacked one on top of the other - all existing together in quantum space.

What I see outside my window is certainly "the crossroads" .. it's amazing .. I never saw weather like this, with these kinds of frequencies. I would say it is totally new. You know that when nothing works anymore you press the reset button on the computer and restart. That is kind of how it looks.

January 5, 2012 - it is technically winter; but some elder trees still have a few bright green leaves on a few branches and some willow trees still have yellow-green leaves from last year. We have 10°C with a low moving hurricane, with thunder and lightning; but the sound of the thunder is like nothing I have heard before.

The thing about the storm is - it is wierd! There are so many changes, rapid changes, one frequency change after the next. The low pressure winds come, then rain, then silence, then thunder and lightning, then rain .. but the whole point is, the fluctuations in pressure and frequency almost make you feel seasick. It is like being on the high seas in a storm; but really you are on land and only the energy around you is moving.

These dynamic shifts in energy could (most probably) continue over the next 60 to 100 years. To adapt, humans are going to have to develop totally different ways of growing food. Three generations from now, the way human beings live on the planet will be in stark contrast to how we live now. There is going to be a revolution (there will have to be a revolution) in how we used the environment.

Earth's New Operating System
Imagine 2012 is like the last days of using the old Windows 0.1 Operating System, installed on the Earth's hard drive. Each cycle would be like installing a new operating system where the functions, the folders and the development are all new.

The operating Systems all work on basic principles of information exchange. In terms of the Earth System, winds are winds, rain is rain .. but a lot of those dynamics can change. Rivers can dry up, rivers can change course, dry areas can receive stronger precipitation as wetlands dry up.

I think really what lies behind the mapping of the ages, is the "soul". The incarnate spirit can navigate using the body in physical reality; but the soul is the unseen participant behind the Operating System. What may seem like a life journey on the surface of planet Earth, is to the soul a 36,000 year journey through Cosmic Operating Systems.