Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Strange Dreams of Tibetan Lama

This dream really took place .. only it was not a normal dream .. it was a dream within a dream.

There is state of human mind where "the dream" comes into our physical reality. Usually, we fall asleep and dream while we are sleeping. Uninvited, the dream can visit us as we wake up. We often ask: Why did I waken up just at that moment?

You waken up and you discover something extraordinary, and you wonder: Why did I waken up in that moment ?

When the dreams visits you inside this reality, it would be very rude to lie there sleeping! The fact is there is no choice! You waken up!

Uninvited Tibetan Lama
I am not a Tibetan Buddhist, I don't chant and I don't meditate. I have done those things in other lives; but I don't do them here. I came here in this life to see if it can be done without chanting and meditation. To see if a totally ordinary human, living an ordinary life can come in contact with the unknown.

No! It's actually the other way round! Can the unknown come into contact with an ordinary human living an ordinary life?

Some of you looking at this Blog may say that, I am not exactly your everyday human living an ordinary life '-)

But, oh yes I am...

Look at the flowers, look at the grass, look at the branches of the trees. It's the same thing! Our lives are no more than a blade of grass in a field, or growing at the side of the road. Inside that truth, is great power. What we think we are (thought/ego), is not what we actually are. Here on Earth one comes to the great through the small.

Who is the uninvited Tibetan Lama?

Tibetan Lama OM
The late hours of the darkest point of night was unusually silent. Perhaps the silence woke me up? There had been no dreams. As though dreaming would only clutter up the perfect silence. The night was unusually dark. Why did the Celts say they came out of the darkness?

The sound of OM is so totally natural that we do not hear it... The sound coming out of the Earth, coming out of Cosmos. This OM is reverberating again and again like the beating of a heart. OM never ceases. It seems to repeat, and yet it is one sound. So, filling the darkness of the night was OM.

Perhaps, if you go into the deepest mountains of Tibet, you may be overcome hearing the sound of sounds: OM .. which the Tibetans chant because they were able to hear that sound. Many of them probably can still hear the sound that creates matter.

As I sit here now I cannot hear the sound of OM .. I can imagine how it sounds .. but I cannot hear it as I heard it coming out of the silence. At this moment, I cannot hear my own heart beating - but it is beating. Our existence as sentient beings on Earth is based on the principle of OM. The beating of our heart is that principle.

The Tibetan Lama was not OM.

Try and imagine the sound of OM, inside every molecule, is the heartbeat of Earth .. filling the Galaxy and filling Cosmos. The Lama was not OM .. but the Lama emerged from this sound. I could then hear - and I don't take anything nor do anything to make this happen - I could hear strange harmonic Tibetan singing tones.

The molecules that form physical matter sing in tones of frequency and light. That sound had its own modulation and scale. The Tibetan Lama emerged as the tonal modulations - which were pretty advanced. I surmise this is the Lama out of which all Lamas emerge.

The individual Tibetan Lamas are like the seeds of the Bodhi tree. They emerge from and their essence returns to the tree lifetime after lifetime. The tree is the tree of life and we are its seeds.

In the next moment a car passed on the road below...

The movement and the sound of the car was the sound or tones chanted by Tibetan monks. Tibetan monks taught themselves to chant using tonal frequencies similar to the background sounds that fill the air. They were always considered sacred, because these sounds create matter.

All the sounds of the car were these background tones that we humans either ignore or at a base level do not hear. There was OM and there were molecular chanting harmonic tones singing together on different frequencies perfectly audible to the human ear. Well, not exactly!

Why do we say the human ear? Why don't we say, the human ears?

OM and the Tibetan molecular chants are heard from a center point = it's one ear. The harmonic is balanced right and left from the sensors on either side of the head - but it is one ear right in the center of the head/brain.

The key is: It is not what you hear - but the way that you hear it.

In the same light you could say that out of OM came Buddha or the Lamas. Out of OM emerged the Bodhi tree and from the tree of life came the seeds who fall to Earth. All the individual Lamas are part of the tree. This all goes back before the current history of man.