Can You Change The Weather?


This is the core consideration of .. Earth Changes .. across the planet ..

The question in the minds of those who wish to protect planet Earth and protect mankind is also in the minds of those who wish to use the ability as a weapon .. '.)

For advanced students the - destroy your 'enemy' with extreme weather manipulations .. has been known since the wars of ATLANTIS .. and within the boundaries of other lesser wars. Atlantis being better known for the extreme and violently destructive Earth climate changes caused as a result of their energetic manipulations.

If you use technology .. or you use frequency weather manipulations to alter and control the weather .. this will result in future climate kick-backs, as the natural frequency-balance of Earth swings and counters your influence.

People in 'the future' already know this...

The human mind is capable of interacting with [and altering] the weather, interacting with the climate, with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. However, the relationship with mind and events has to come from a higher awareness than physical 3D reality.

Mankind's relationship with Earth and with the weather is part of us learning how to interact with nature, cosmos and universal mind in a harmonic way. It is also part of discovering who we are.

If we take a violent approach, then we inherit violent reactions .. and it is possible that many Earth changes reactions experienced today are a result of the ancient wars of Atlantis!

The way to harmonically link with the weather, with climate or with the Sun-Earth harmonics .. is to understand ones own natural capacity - connectedness - harmonic frequency and ability to listen to the Guidance.

When you enter central brain awareness .. the human mind is part of Universal Mind .. and this is the internal structure of the mind of man .. of cosmic mind .. in balance ..

.. of which we are a part.