Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aikido Mind & Inner Balance

This 2013 Snake karmic year is quite the challenge! But, if it does not kill you - it makes you stronger! But... what is "strength"? One overlooked aspect is the ability to ADAPT.

Situations arise, events arise .. and how does one deal with them? Well, always INTERNALLY .. and this is very important to understand.

We all live on Earth, inside an "external reality" .. the Planet's Operating System - all that you see and feel around you.

However, we are less aware that we live INTERNALLY within a living Earth Operating System. This means we experience the external reality internally.

At the same time the external and internal are seamlessly ONE. This little understood reality is part of the Aikido Mind .. mostly the teachings from the East .. where body and mind are one.

How does this effect you?

The whole operating system synchronises with you internal reality and life is an ongoing discourse / communication between your inner reality and the reality surrounding you.

Aikido Mind & Inner Reality
Reality is balance .. even when it seems not in balance.

We judge balance and loss of balance as positive and negative. When in balance we are positive and when not in balance we are negative...

The Aikido mind understands that all is balance .. the guiding principle is the individual degree of balance from weak to strng .. from agile to blocked (fearful). The agile mind understands fear as a teacher, while the frozen mind understands fear as the "enemy".

Difficulties, fears and sorrows are to be "overcome". Show no inner compassion to your fears! Defeat them! Right?

Transform inner fear through inner compassion.

Imagine that you are an internally charged life form inside a larger external reality (living operating system). Where do you learn the basics? In Aikido - you learn first internally!

Where do you apply what you have learned? You apply it to the world around you... The same Planetary rules apply to all life form on Earth.

So, human beings are no greater or less than any other life form on Planet Earth! We all share and experience the same principles of Universal Mind.

Inner Adaptation Guided by Compassion
Guided by compassion = intelligence! We live in a world devoid of understanding and compassion. This is a world especially suited to your own / ones own development and inner transformation!

Do not look outside - do not be distracted!

Look within .. be aware .. internally overcome events with inner love and compassion .. and then apply this to the external world.

Inner Aikido mind first transforms the inner and then the outer reality. This truth applies throughout the Universe!