Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PicMonkey Escapes With Picnik Basket

Google killed the much loved Picnik (very bad idea) .. RIP the best photo editing application on the Internet .. but some creative monkeys ran away with the Picnik basket = go to ^#^

Slaves To The Empire
Some people like to serve Alpha male Institutions and feel safe being taken care of by these ruling, overbearing Saturnian organisations. What I am saying is that, in general, human beings tend to organize themselves in a ruling father hierarchical system. That is not what the Internet is about !!

The Internet is about freedom, creativity, learning for oneself and not being told what to do. I would say that it is a balance between male and female energies .. the creative and essential.

The big Internet companies - who really do not understand the soul of the Internet and why it is what it is - they go around buying up the most creative sites and then they totally destroy them.

For example, Google bought the highly popular Picnik (photo editing site) and then they claimed there is not much interest in this kind of Picnik and they killed it. If Picnik was not worth it, then why did they buy it? Oh! Sorry! They bought it to move all the unique Picnik applications to Google+ ..

Well, if Picnik was a waste of time then what would you say about Google+ ??

Reverse psychology is that Google just moved a worthless load of Internet junk into Google+ (have fun folks)...

Coders Jump Ship
Two of Picnik's earliest coders, Justin Huff and Brian Terry, packed up their Picnik basket and are working on their own startup: PicMonkey: "If you loved Picnik, PicMonkey is back in town and better than ever. It’s faster, more powerful, and easier to use. It’s the real deal you already know, plus 78% more monkey."

Jonathan Spontano, one of the three founders of Picnik, also left Google .. being the last to leave the ship. "I don’t know if this is the right analogy. But it is a little bit like the captain of a ship not abandoning ship until all of the passengers are off,” said Sposato in explaining the timing of his departure. “There was something that felt right about sticking around to the last day." GeekWire

It's All For Free
Maybe little children are happy to be given everything "for free" .. but there are people in this world who like to be independent and trade. For thousands of years our ancestors traded with each other. The Celts and other civilizations created beautiful and extremely fine metalwork - these people were artists. The Romans came along and said: Give us your wealth and we will feed you for free...

I am happy to (in the future) pay a subscription for PicMonkey where no one can "legally" take my creative work and use it to generate income - or simply just using it in any way.

This is just the way my mind works! If people create virtual realities on the Internet, those creations are "their land". Everyone talks about Copyright .. but I don't mean that .. I mean integrity.

In the early days of the Internet there used to be an unspoken code of honour. That people sharing information would credit the source or creator of that information. Today, people just take...

This is not really the general mass of Internet users. These are highly organised groups and media who trawl the Internet and use what they find to create their articles. It's called "marketplace".

The Romans were not good traders - they were only good at going to war and taking the resources, while destroying everything that stood in their way. Their Empire was built on brute force and destroying other cultures and civilizations.

The Monkey's Picnik Basket
I diverged a little bit back there - but it is all related... We create something real surfing the Internet .. otherwise, the trawling companies could not make money out of our presence. As with reality, there are many multiple layers to our relationships in Cyber Space.

This time the Cyber Monkeys got the basket.

That is exactly what the internet is all about. The space to be creative, if you are an "artist". Look around you at the world we live in! The loss of the ability to create ART .. like cultural Art, that was always part of man's expression in this 3D world.

Cultural Art has become a "tourist industry" .. rather than what it is. People today will worship Van Gogh or a Picasso inside a museum; but what about the artists in India or Nepal, or Native Americans weaving those beautiful rugs by hand ??

In my view, the Internet allows us to re-connect and return to something we had lost over the last two thousand years. Which really is a return to ourselves. It's a creative principle.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Representatives From 2113

They appeared through the portal of time: Three Representatives from 2113.

It was like looking into the era on Earth before Atlantis - only this was our future.

Our human past and our human future were very aware of what was going on in our current time period. By 2012, our world was sitting in a no man's land of disconnectedness. We had no connection to past and future .. we simply floated out of control, through a sea of unconnected events. A handful of straws .. leaving the question: Who would pull the short straw and who would pull the long straw.

Sun Tzu may have said, both short and long straws are burned by fire - no advantage gained .. but instead he said: The supreme art of war is to subdue your enemy without fighting.

Those who do not understand war may ask, which continent did the Representatives of 2113 come from? Assuming that they are the victors of some future war. Did they look Chinese? Russian? Arab or European? Did they look Indian or African in appearance?

The three Representatives of 2113 seemed to float slightly - although they appeared solid. Opaque disks of blue light hovered below their long robes. An almond shaped light Portal remained open behind them. They were calm and contained, radiating a subtle energy of peace - and yet there was a non-threatening severity to their presence.

They had read my earlier Post, and felt my "distress". Living on a world where humans celebrate destruction with total abandon. There is nothing "superior" about developing the ability to kill.

Wait a minute! What do you mean they read your Post from 2113? Do you mean they have access to a Way Back Machine?

Yes, in real time the future can instantly access and read our current Internet. They can see events of the past evolve and they can see our states of mind. However, they have a filter .. high artificial intelligence system that correlates relevant and irrelevant data.

The Representatives from 2113 were very kind to show me the future .. a future worth living.

In the Planetary transition from nuclear destructive technology to non-destructive nuclear technology, at first Russia, China, Japan, Germany, Scotland and Switzerland agreed a no City atomic nuclear strike treaty. Simply put, atomic nuclear missile detonations on, above or near any city was forbidden.

It was agreed that nuclear destruction of cities, as happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945 .. was forbidden as a crime against humanity. Cities would no longer be military targets. The nuclear destructive capabilities still existed at that time in the future - long after 2012; but the Russians, Germans and Chinese agreed that cities as nuclear targets would be taken off the military table.

Eventually, this agreement became the Foundation for World Peace.

Eventually, no atomic-nuclear strikes on civilian populations was accepted by all Nations on Earth, as warheads were deactivated. It would take time for the world to neutralize these highly unstable forms of atomic-power .. using the advanced technologies required to return unstable atomic nuclear fission into its more stable and non life-threatening forms.

Until the stability conversions were achieved, the powers on Earth agreed that nuclear detonations on or above cities was deemed, as set out in the future Treaty, a crime against humanity.

By mid-April, 2012 - in Geneva Switzerland - a global ban on cluster bombs was agreed. These weapons of war are considered a crime against humanity, because they especially target children, civilians and agricultural land: The world works together to destroy cluster bomb munitions. Members of ground-breaking ban treaty have already eliminated half their stocks of weapon, global meeting reveals.

Remember these words: "Foundation for World Peace & Nuclear Disarmament."

The Portal had closed, the Representatives from 2113 had disappeared. I was deep in thought, typing on the computer keyboard - and so - I had not noticed them leave. Just remember these words: "Foundation For World Peace & Nuclear Disarmament."

Were these Ancient Sages from the future wearing radiant Tibetan robes? Who can say? They never portrayed any sense of divided origins of race, sexuality, color or national status.

Friday, April 20, 2012

What Kind of World Am I Living In?

It is 20th of April, 2012 .. the time of the pink cherry blossoms. Grey and white clouds form, creating rain. Birds nest and seeds germinate. Most of this Planet is water .. what kind of rain do human beings in this world want?

Clean natural rain or radioactive rain?

I saw today, that India celebrate they can launch deadly nuclear missiles to reach China. That India celebrate their nuclear missile technology which can NOW obliterate Beijing and Shanghai.

I think to myself .. what kind of a world am I living in? I mean .. who would want to threaten and obliterate Beijing and Shanghai with long range nuclear missile detonations ???

I feel sick in my stomach reading the ugly media reports announcing the great leap forward in [India's ??] nuclear technology and destructive capability. I mean .. why China? Why Beijing? Why not that the Indian nuclear missiles can reach cities in America and Europe? Why do the "Western media" happily announce that India can nuke Beijing, China?

What the media do not say is that this great destructive nuclear missile development of "India" would kill many innocent people if they fired those missiles at Beijing and Shanghai. A nuclear missile fired at Beijing from India would kill innocent men, women and children, should it hit these cities... Duh !!

I'm sorry! I really don't see what there is to "celebrate" .. is there something wrong with me ??

What kind of a world am I living in?

What kind of human beings live on this Planet? Do you all want to die? Do you all have a death wish? Who would feel happy knowing that India could destroy endless numbers of innocent people with nuclear missiles aimed at Beijing and Shanghai?

Trees and plants would be destroyed .. animals and birds would die. Water and all surrounding land would be contaminated. The nuclear radiation would be carried around the Planet for generations to come. Affecting you and your children's grandchildren. What is there to celebrate ??

Nuclear fallout from an Indian nuclear attack on China would affect India, Nepal and Tibet .. as well as people living in Europe and all across America ..

Then there would also be retaliation as China hits cities in India ...

What is there to "celebrate" ??? I really don't get it !!

Researchers: Ancient Atomic Warfare

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Death Fear & Initiation

Human beings are often afraid of death, without knowing it. Death is like the ghost in the house no one sees; but everyone knows the ghost is there. Sometimes you feel death's presence .. or sometimes you see it on the road.

No one stopped to pick up the pigeon on the road.

At first, the pigeon looked like it was dead; lying on the asphalt of a busy town square. People were walking by, pretending not to see the bird or feel it's distress. No one saw the bird! At least, no one looked down - and yet - everyone managed not to step on the birds body.

Okay! The pigeon is dead! So, what's the point of stopping?

Since I was a small kid, I always take dead birds off the road and put them on the grass out of respect. Why should this pigeon be any different? No one appeared to see the pigeon lying on the asphalt; but they all watched me slow down and then stop.

I could see that the pigeon was still alive; but close to death. I stopped and carefully picked up the bird, then I looked around for a way down to the old castle moat, now filled with grass and tall trees. In the eighth Century this area was established as a Frankish settlement, part of the Frankish kingdom both during Merovingian and during Carolingian times.

It was an extended moment of frozen silence.

Everyone was watching me carrying the bird, as I walked extra slow and carefully not to cause unnecessary movement. The pigeon knew the love was there as it held the skin of my hands with its prehistoric feet. People tried to be discreet and not look straight at me; but they all watched me carry the pigeon down through the moat to the grass.

Then I looked around for a place to put the pigeon. I tried to help the spirit of the bird to let-go. But death is strange and inconvenient. Like Saturn (severe and disciplined) with Pluto (transformational and uncompromising) .. the bird would not let go. Its physical body destroyed and broken, eyes closed that would never open .. the bird kept breathing with an intent hard to understand.

The spirit guides told me to leave the bird alone with the giant three hundred year old tree. This bird was not afraid of death, it had a spirit as strong as I have rarely encountered, with powerful intent. The birds, in Spring, are building and repairing nests .. forming bonds and alliances .. the pigeon was holding on for reasons other than its own welfare.

How can people living on this Planet not stop and care for a hurt animal or bird? That's what I was thinking as I carried the dying pigeon down to the ancient roots and grass of the giant tree. It is our fear of death .. where we humans try to politely avoid death and therefore avoid transformation and initiation.

The growing forming form of a foetus (animal or human) dies unto itself as it makes its journey to physical reality. The tiny chick inside an egg transforms from the being within the fragile egg to the small being entering this physical world. Birth and death are one process leading to the mystery of transformation.

To inwardly, psychologically hide from this deeply moving force of inner transformation .. creates brutality. Fear of death creates insensitivity. To deny death is to deny the inner mysterious force that gives birth to life, where death is itself a form of re-birth.

The dying bird soon became a dance of life, death and transformation between human and bird as I carefully picked up the dying pigeon. People were in a state of shock, they were standing around frozen in time, wanting to reach out, wanting to help, inwardly wanting to do something .. but no one dared to show their inner compassion - their inner vulnerability.

This strange Plutonic transformational event came to me from the energy of the Planets: Sun. Moon, Mercury and Uranus in Aries .. Venus in Gemini .. Mars in Virgo .. Jupiter Taurus / Saturn Libra .. Neptune Pisces / Pluto Capricorn. Pluto square Neptune, Mercury and Moon. I say this because we humans are in relationship with ourselves, the Planet Earth, animals and birds, plants and trees .. as well as the Moon and the Sun, our Solar System and the surrounding harmony of the Planets.

Death, Fear & Initiation
Death touches us in many ways! Love is a form of death! Compassion is a form of death! When you feel compassion there is a mysterious bond between you and the Universe. You as a personality ego die [come to an end] as you awaken to your own spirit being presence.

Compassion is not my or your compassion...

All the people watching me froze as I knelt down beside the dying pigeon and then picked it up. These people watching me were relieved and they felt my compassion. They all felt the love. The love and compassion spread from this human interaction to enter the hearts of the people frozen in time .. the people unable to act or do anything.

It is not that we do not feel the love; but we are afraid to enter compassion and to enter initiation...

Death touches us and it is natural to feel fear! Never be afraid of fear...

In a positive way fear is natural .. but what is not natural is to FREEZE .. to stop the natural flow of Qi [life force energy] .. perhaps we feel fear and in that moment where time does not exist .. the door of Initiation opens before us and inside us.

The inner and outer door of Initiation is yourself.

Lifetime after lifetime the spirit [your spirit] swims through oceans of cosmos. Spirit is free. Spirit is eternal. Spirit has no fear. The fear enters when physical reality is threatened. Transformation is when a spirit being suddenly moves beyond the psychological restrictions of time and space to act as one.

We have to love the trees, we have to love the plants, we have to love the earth, we have to love the animals and fish, the birds and insects. We have to love ourselves...

The pigeon born-of-love left this physical planetary sphere .. of which we humans are one part of one whole !! The inner Initiation is the energy-to-act .. the energy to initiate .. to move with the flow .. to naturally be part of the flow-of-life.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

8.8 Sumatera With 8.2 Aftershock

An 8.8 quake hit Sumatera on 11.04.2012 with reports of an 8.2 afterquake - with no tsunami...

Earthquake Report offer an excellent resource of information!!

These were two massive underwater earthquakes. An after shock of 8.2 is pretty unusual... [Seismic Monitor are reporting an 8.6 off the coast of Sumatera with an 8.2 aftershock!]

From a Remote Viewer point of view - you have this FRAGILE rift of Islands, that (over time) have been worn away by powerful forces of the Earth. We live on an unstable Planet . . . whether we like it or not !! Planet Earth goes through extreme changes over short periods.

I used to read FSR (Flying Saucer Review) - and it may have been in FSR that I read a "Contact" account .. but it may also have been somewhere else ?? Where there was an extra-terrestrial / human contact, where the ETs said: The Earth is unstable and is continually destroying civilizations over short periods of time.

I don't care what you think about UFOs and ET contact .. but the fact is the Earth is "unstable".

For researchers: Immanuel Velikovsky Archives

There are these "tectonic backbones" of Planet Earth. Of course, these are the "Gardens of Edens" of this planet, the Qi energy backbones of extraordinary life on Earth. This quality of energy is extraordinary. These tectonic backbones, are locations where the ancients would go and create civilizations beyond imagination.

For us humans, the problem is, that these energetic Earth backbones also take the strain in times of transformation and change.

Running down the coast of Japan and running down the edge of the Andaman Sea are fractured stress lines, whose energy creates beauty and catastrophic destruction. That is also part of the mystery of life: Transformation & Destruction! In these places of high-energy we have the higher forces and the lower, pleasure and pain, creation and destruction.

You may aks: Why would anyone want to live on or experience such inexplicable variations in energy (existence)? Because creation and destruction are one and the same on a Cosmic level. You eat the leaves of the plant and the plant is destroyed as you receive nourishment. You drink water from a mountain stream and the water changes to adapt to your bodies cellular structure.

It is the same with earthquakes .. only difference is that quakes are bigger than us !! Stronger !! More powerful !!

When a fish dies and you eat the fish, what do you care?

Well! Earthquakes and tsunamis consume humans, their agriculture and their homes. We humans are not immune to the laws of nature. Catastrophic destruction of mankind has happened in the past and it will happen in the future. So, what's the point?

The point is your spirit - or your soul - the eternal creation of Universal mind. The spirit that never dies. The inner soul that is past, present and future now!

Thought (ego) seeks safety and runs away from disaster. Thought seeks pleasure and runs away from pain. But, an enlightened mind (spirit) understands that pleasure and pain are one. The enlightened spirit does not seek pleasure and runs away from pain. Such is the AIKIDO nature of "catastrophic change".

No human on Earth can escape "pain", the transformational energy-key is how we deal with pain, sorrow and fear...

Ten people can be hit by the same disaster and each of them will probably deal with the disaster in different ways. I have been fortunate, in that "disasters" have always enlightened me to the greater good of mankind. BUT !! Be aware that the greater mass of mankind does not necessarily want the "greater good".

An 8.2 aftershock is not your everyday event !! There was no "monster tsunami" .. but pay close attention to the actual events. The area of Sumatra seems to cope with immense tectonic stress rather well.

Day-in day-out your spinal column deals with stress and change on a moment-by-moment basis. Physical stuff your logical rational mind will never be aware of .. but your body deals with it. Well! Your body is part of the Earth. Yin and yang, balance, positive and negative, male and female.

It is my view, that the people of the ancient world received many "warnings" before a widespread catastrophe occurred.