Wednesday, April 11, 2012

8.8 Sumatera With 8.2 Aftershock

An 8.8 quake hit Sumatera on 11.04.2012 with reports of an 8.2 afterquake - with no tsunami...

Earthquake Report offer an excellent resource of information!!

These were two massive underwater earthquakes. An after shock of 8.2 is pretty unusual... [Seismic Monitor are reporting an 8.6 off the coast of Sumatera with an 8.2 aftershock!]

From a Remote Viewer point of view - you have this FRAGILE rift of Islands, that (over time) have been worn away by powerful forces of the Earth. We live on an unstable Planet . . . whether we like it or not !! Planet Earth goes through extreme changes over short periods.

I used to read FSR (Flying Saucer Review) - and it may have been in FSR that I read a "Contact" account .. but it may also have been somewhere else ?? Where there was an extra-terrestrial / human contact, where the ETs said: The Earth is unstable and is continually destroying civilizations over short periods of time.

I don't care what you think about UFOs and ET contact .. but the fact is the Earth is "unstable".

For researchers: Immanuel Velikovsky Archives

There are these "tectonic backbones" of Planet Earth. Of course, these are the "Gardens of Edens" of this planet, the Qi energy backbones of extraordinary life on Earth. This quality of energy is extraordinary. These tectonic backbones, are locations where the ancients would go and create civilizations beyond imagination.

For us humans, the problem is, that these energetic Earth backbones also take the strain in times of transformation and change.

Running down the coast of Japan and running down the edge of the Andaman Sea are fractured stress lines, whose energy creates beauty and catastrophic destruction. That is also part of the mystery of life: Transformation & Destruction! In these places of high-energy we have the higher forces and the lower, pleasure and pain, creation and destruction.

You may aks: Why would anyone want to live on or experience such inexplicable variations in energy (existence)? Because creation and destruction are one and the same on a Cosmic level. You eat the leaves of the plant and the plant is destroyed as you receive nourishment. You drink water from a mountain stream and the water changes to adapt to your bodies cellular structure.

It is the same with earthquakes .. only difference is that quakes are bigger than us !! Stronger !! More powerful !!

When a fish dies and you eat the fish, what do you care?

Well! Earthquakes and tsunamis consume humans, their agriculture and their homes. We humans are not immune to the laws of nature. Catastrophic destruction of mankind has happened in the past and it will happen in the future. So, what's the point?

The point is your spirit - or your soul - the eternal creation of Universal mind. The spirit that never dies. The inner soul that is past, present and future now!

Thought (ego) seeks safety and runs away from disaster. Thought seeks pleasure and runs away from pain. But, an enlightened mind (spirit) understands that pleasure and pain are one. The enlightened spirit does not seek pleasure and runs away from pain. Such is the AIKIDO nature of "catastrophic change".

No human on Earth can escape "pain", the transformational energy-key is how we deal with pain, sorrow and fear...

Ten people can be hit by the same disaster and each of them will probably deal with the disaster in different ways. I have been fortunate, in that "disasters" have always enlightened me to the greater good of mankind. BUT !! Be aware that the greater mass of mankind does not necessarily want the "greater good".

An 8.2 aftershock is not your everyday event !! There was no "monster tsunami" .. but pay close attention to the actual events. The area of Sumatra seems to cope with immense tectonic stress rather well.

Day-in day-out your spinal column deals with stress and change on a moment-by-moment basis. Physical stuff your logical rational mind will never be aware of .. but your body deals with it. Well! Your body is part of the Earth. Yin and yang, balance, positive and negative, male and female.

It is my view, that the people of the ancient world received many "warnings" before a widespread catastrophe occurred.