Friday, April 20, 2012

What Kind of World Am I Living In?

It is 20th of April, 2012 .. the time of the pink cherry blossoms. Grey and white clouds form, creating rain. Birds nest and seeds germinate. Most of this Planet is water .. what kind of rain do human beings in this world want?

Clean natural rain or radioactive rain?

I saw today, that India celebrate they can launch deadly nuclear missiles to reach China. That India celebrate their nuclear missile technology which can NOW obliterate Beijing and Shanghai.

I think to myself .. what kind of a world am I living in? I mean .. who would want to threaten and obliterate Beijing and Shanghai with long range nuclear missile detonations ???

I feel sick in my stomach reading the ugly media reports announcing the great leap forward in [India's ??] nuclear technology and destructive capability. I mean .. why China? Why Beijing? Why not that the Indian nuclear missiles can reach cities in America and Europe? Why do the "Western media" happily announce that India can nuke Beijing, China?

What the media do not say is that this great destructive nuclear missile development of "India" would kill many innocent people if they fired those missiles at Beijing and Shanghai. A nuclear missile fired at Beijing from India would kill innocent men, women and children, should it hit these cities... Duh !!

I'm sorry! I really don't see what there is to "celebrate" .. is there something wrong with me ??

What kind of a world am I living in?

What kind of human beings live on this Planet? Do you all want to die? Do you all have a death wish? Who would feel happy knowing that India could destroy endless numbers of innocent people with nuclear missiles aimed at Beijing and Shanghai?

Trees and plants would be destroyed .. animals and birds would die. Water and all surrounding land would be contaminated. The nuclear radiation would be carried around the Planet for generations to come. Affecting you and your children's grandchildren. What is there to celebrate ??

Nuclear fallout from an Indian nuclear attack on China would affect India, Nepal and Tibet .. as well as people living in Europe and all across America ..

Then there would also be retaliation as China hits cities in India ...

What is there to "celebrate" ??? I really don't get it !!

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