Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PicMonkey Escapes With Picnik Basket

Google killed the much loved Picnik (very bad idea) .. RIP the best photo editing application on the Internet .. but some creative monkeys ran away with the Picnik basket = go to ^#^

Slaves To The Empire
Some people like to serve Alpha male Institutions and feel safe being taken care of by these ruling, overbearing Saturnian organisations. What I am saying is that, in general, human beings tend to organize themselves in a ruling father hierarchical system. That is not what the Internet is about !!

The Internet is about freedom, creativity, learning for oneself and not being told what to do. I would say that it is a balance between male and female energies .. the creative and essential.

The big Internet companies - who really do not understand the soul of the Internet and why it is what it is - they go around buying up the most creative sites and then they totally destroy them.

For example, Google bought the highly popular Picnik (photo editing site) and then they claimed there is not much interest in this kind of Picnik and they killed it. If Picnik was not worth it, then why did they buy it? Oh! Sorry! They bought it to move all the unique Picnik applications to Google+ ..

Well, if Picnik was a waste of time then what would you say about Google+ ??

Reverse psychology is that Google just moved a worthless load of Internet junk into Google+ (have fun folks)...

Coders Jump Ship
Two of Picnik's earliest coders, Justin Huff and Brian Terry, packed up their Picnik basket and are working on their own startup: PicMonkey: "If you loved Picnik, PicMonkey is back in town and better than ever. It’s faster, more powerful, and easier to use. It’s the real deal you already know, plus 78% more monkey."

Jonathan Spontano, one of the three founders of Picnik, also left Google .. being the last to leave the ship. "I don’t know if this is the right analogy. But it is a little bit like the captain of a ship not abandoning ship until all of the passengers are off,” said Sposato in explaining the timing of his departure. “There was something that felt right about sticking around to the last day." GeekWire

It's All For Free
Maybe little children are happy to be given everything "for free" .. but there are people in this world who like to be independent and trade. For thousands of years our ancestors traded with each other. The Celts and other civilizations created beautiful and extremely fine metalwork - these people were artists. The Romans came along and said: Give us your wealth and we will feed you for free...

I am happy to (in the future) pay a subscription for PicMonkey where no one can "legally" take my creative work and use it to generate income - or simply just using it in any way.

This is just the way my mind works! If people create virtual realities on the Internet, those creations are "their land". Everyone talks about Copyright .. but I don't mean that .. I mean integrity.

In the early days of the Internet there used to be an unspoken code of honour. That people sharing information would credit the source or creator of that information. Today, people just take...

This is not really the general mass of Internet users. These are highly organised groups and media who trawl the Internet and use what they find to create their articles. It's called "marketplace".

The Romans were not good traders - they were only good at going to war and taking the resources, while destroying everything that stood in their way. Their Empire was built on brute force and destroying other cultures and civilizations.

The Monkey's Picnik Basket
I diverged a little bit back there - but it is all related... We create something real surfing the Internet .. otherwise, the trawling companies could not make money out of our presence. As with reality, there are many multiple layers to our relationships in Cyber Space.

This time the Cyber Monkeys got the basket.

That is exactly what the internet is all about. The space to be creative, if you are an "artist". Look around you at the world we live in! The loss of the ability to create ART .. like cultural Art, that was always part of man's expression in this 3D world.

Cultural Art has become a "tourist industry" .. rather than what it is. People today will worship Van Gogh or a Picasso inside a museum; but what about the artists in India or Nepal, or Native Americans weaving those beautiful rugs by hand ??

In my view, the Internet allows us to re-connect and return to something we had lost over the last two thousand years. Which really is a return to ourselves. It's a creative principle.