Saturday, April 21, 2012

Representatives From 2113

They appeared through the portal of time: Three Representatives from 2113.

It was like looking into the era on Earth before Atlantis - only this was our future.

Our human past and our human future were very aware of what was going on in our current time period. By 2012, our world was sitting in a no man's land of disconnectedness. We had no connection to past and future .. we simply floated out of control, through a sea of unconnected events. A handful of straws .. leaving the question: Who would pull the short straw and who would pull the long straw.

Sun Tzu may have said, both short and long straws are burned by fire - no advantage gained .. but instead he said: The supreme art of war is to subdue your enemy without fighting.

Those who do not understand war may ask, which continent did the Representatives of 2113 come from? Assuming that they are the victors of some future war. Did they look Chinese? Russian? Arab or European? Did they look Indian or African in appearance?

The three Representatives of 2113 seemed to float slightly - although they appeared solid. Opaque disks of blue light hovered below their long robes. An almond shaped light Portal remained open behind them. They were calm and contained, radiating a subtle energy of peace - and yet there was a non-threatening severity to their presence.

They had read my earlier Post, and felt my "distress". Living on a world where humans celebrate destruction with total abandon. There is nothing "superior" about developing the ability to kill.

Wait a minute! What do you mean they read your Post from 2113? Do you mean they have access to a Way Back Machine?

Yes, in real time the future can instantly access and read our current Internet. They can see events of the past evolve and they can see our states of mind. However, they have a filter .. high artificial intelligence system that correlates relevant and irrelevant data.

The Representatives from 2113 were very kind to show me the future .. a future worth living.

In the Planetary transition from nuclear destructive technology to non-destructive nuclear technology, at first Russia, China, Japan, Germany, Scotland and Switzerland agreed a no City atomic nuclear strike treaty. Simply put, atomic nuclear missile detonations on, above or near any city was forbidden.

It was agreed that nuclear destruction of cities, as happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945 .. was forbidden as a crime against humanity. Cities would no longer be military targets. The nuclear destructive capabilities still existed at that time in the future - long after 2012; but the Russians, Germans and Chinese agreed that cities as nuclear targets would be taken off the military table.

Eventually, this agreement became the Foundation for World Peace.

Eventually, no atomic-nuclear strikes on civilian populations was accepted by all Nations on Earth, as warheads were deactivated. It would take time for the world to neutralize these highly unstable forms of atomic-power .. using the advanced technologies required to return unstable atomic nuclear fission into its more stable and non life-threatening forms.

Until the stability conversions were achieved, the powers on Earth agreed that nuclear detonations on or above cities was deemed, as set out in the future Treaty, a crime against humanity.

By mid-April, 2012 - in Geneva Switzerland - a global ban on cluster bombs was agreed. These weapons of war are considered a crime against humanity, because they especially target children, civilians and agricultural land: The world works together to destroy cluster bomb munitions. Members of ground-breaking ban treaty have already eliminated half their stocks of weapon, global meeting reveals.

Remember these words: "Foundation for World Peace & Nuclear Disarmament."

The Portal had closed, the Representatives from 2113 had disappeared. I was deep in thought, typing on the computer keyboard - and so - I had not noticed them leave. Just remember these words: "Foundation For World Peace & Nuclear Disarmament."

Were these Ancient Sages from the future wearing radiant Tibetan robes? Who can say? They never portrayed any sense of divided origins of race, sexuality, color or national status.