Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Voice of An Angel - Susan Boyle

Only the natural born Scots, the Irish and the people of Wales understand the natural (vocal) phenomenon of Susan Boyle. The precious, ancient and magical "gift of music" has always rested in the hearts of the Celtic people.

The rest of the world now know where Scotland is...
A Celtic dream - a long awaiting freedom to live true to their original purpose, closer to humanity - germinates once more on planet earth.

Before London invaded Iraq, long before Roman Londonium created the "British Empire", they invaded and destroyed three small Celtic nations: Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

In Scotland, people could no longer speak their own Gaelic language. It was forbidden. In Scotland, Speaking the Language of the Gaels, was suppressed to destroy their culture: Gaelic. The Highlanders spoke Gaelic (in secret at home), but the lowlanders spoke only English. Wales, Ireland and Scotland have a natural tradition of music, and highly skilled musicians. The gaels always had the voices of angels.

As we approach 2012 and the inner transition to realising who we are as human beings and why we [spirit essence] inhabit planet earth. We have to respect the Native people across the earth... The Tibetan people, the Celtic people, the North American people, the South American people, The African and Asian plateau people and the mysterious roots of the Ancient Ones.

The woman with a golden voice is speaking and singing on Larry King
Larry King interviews Susan Boyle

Beyond 2012 we enter the era of the paranormal. We enter the unknown.

Few people around the world understand the cultural destruction of the Celtic people through the colonisation of Celtic Britain. The unique ability of Susan Boyle is part of thousands of years of Celtic musical prowess. Music is in our hearts and our hearts are made of music... Chieftans

Joni Mitchell - Chieftans - Testimony of Seonaid Nic Neacail - Celtic Music

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Swine Flu Ancestor? U.S. Factory Farms!

The North American Swine flu H3N2 was first identified in North Carolina, in 1998. "A decade which saw the state’s hog production rise from two million to 10 million, even as the number of farms dropped. H3N2 originated in a relatively benign swine flu strain first identified in 1918, but had absorbed new genes from bird and human flu's."

At the genetic level, the years that followed remain a mystery — hog flus are poorly monitored, compared to human influenza. But eventually an H3N2 spawn merged with a strain of Eurasian pig flu, producing the swine flu variant that’s now infecting humans.

At an environmental level, the conditions which shaped H3N2 and H1N2 evolution, and increased the variants’ chances of taking a human-contagious form, are well understood. High-density animal production facilities came to dominate the U.S. pork industry during the late 20th century, and have been adopted around the world. Inside them, pigs are packed so tightly that they cannot turn, and literally stand in their own waste. (Source: Wired.com) 

Swine Flu from Pigs Only - Not Humans or Birds