Monday, December 08, 2014

Dark Zen: Electric Blood

If you want to climb a mountain .. begin at the top. - Zen Saying
As I was researching Dark Intelligence and Dark Meridians I became aware of the key element we call blood. In plants blood is green and in humans blood is red. In humans bone marrow creates healthy blood cells. The bones creating healthy blood cells are designed to contain and compress a harmonic frequency.

On one level bones are harmonic frequency resonator chambers essential to life. I want to go into the electrical nature of red blood cells. The way I came to this is by using Dark Intelligence to observe and understand my own blood cells.

When you observe reality through Dark Intelligence you do not see what is in the same way as using Solar [light] Intelligence. This is why I say the yin yang balance has been lost to an out-of-balance excessive male yang Solar mind-set. Seeing in the dark is also a possibility!

I was questioning how is it that my blood knows where to go?

The purely physical sciences try to explain the nature of blood in purely physiological dimensions. But this was not enough for me as physiological dimensions do not properly describe the nature and behaviour pathways of blood.

I wanted to know: How does blood know where it wants to go?

The answer I observed is that blood cells are electric in nature. The way blood floats throughout the physical body and even more so .. the way blood knows were to go in the body is based on their electrical nature. Blood cells do not float through the veins like logs in a river! Blood cells move around the body like mysterious UFOs!

The movement of blood is currently a mystery!

To challenge the current physical-biological theories about blood all one has to do is to question for oneself and imagine: How do blood cells do what they do and carry out all functions. You are led to believe science knows .. but science does not know the answer!

Dark Zen: Electric Blood
Electric blood is connected to and is guided by a whole-body electrical inner intelligence WIFI system. This electrical system does not only run through the nerves .. the spine and through the nervous system. This electrical system runs through the glandular system .. through the organs .. it exists in all body fluids and it exists inside the cells of the body independent of the nerves.

What I am trying to say is that the electrical nature of blood is key to its functions and its behaviour. I am connecting Chi [Qi energy] with water [fluid] .. with heat and cooling energy [not physical matter]. I am connecting the nature and behaviour of blood cells with a fundamental electrical field.

The electrical field of blood interacts with the electrical field of the body.

Physical matter within the body is operating on a complete and unified internal electrical [life-force] WIFI system of which all cells and physical processes combine to maintain physical life of the organism. In other words: Blood cells know where to go and what to do based on their essential electrical nature.

How can any cell or blood cell in the body know where to go and what to do?

It is simple! They all communicate using electrical current and electrical fields. In other words: The whole body is in communication with itself 24 hours a day .. day and night .. non-stop as long as the physical body is alive.

This is really difficult to describe in words. All I can say to you is that using meditation one can observe the true nature of the blood cells within the body and realise the unknown. No one has to be afraid .. because the blood cells are there 24/24 inside the body whether we are aware of this process or not.

Blood is [in a way] the hidden unseen Dark Intelligence of the physical body.

When you observe [and question] the nature of blood and question how is it that blood cells know exactly where to go in perfect balance throughout the entire body? Well .. strange things can happen #_*

The most exciting part of this is when you become aware of the true nature of blood cells and the circulatory system = Electric nature of blood. When you become aware of this? Then you can feel it. There is the current of a deep flowing river and there is the current of deep flowing blood. By current I mean a natural electrical current and not a physical one.