Saturday, January 03, 2015

2015 Standing Without Moving [Transformation]

Torii [Japan] meaning "bird abode" is a traditional Japanese gate built of wood or stone at the entrance of or within Shinto shrines and some Japanese Buddhist temples. The large Torii gateways mark the entrance to sacred space.
From December 31 until today it has taken me three days to begin to understand the signs that reveal the signature energy of 2015. The way these signs come is through unusual events that happen outside of the normal everyday flow of events. Also can appear as strange or powerful visions that do not fade .. but seem present and real.

As a seer I like to stay away from crowds of people that distract from the unusual energy signatures that appear on the last day of December. This energy is directly related to the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun. This is a celestial phenomenon that you do not get at any other time of the year.

I briefly described the event on December 31st .. and these events usually catch your attention because they come into being like that fate puts together a series of coincidences that add up to make sense or cause you to think.

As we approach the Lunar New Year on February 19 [2015] and enter the Chinese Year of the Wood Goat [Wood Sheep] .. that is a whole other story in itself. But related to this is standing still [patience] and pushing [resistance]. I could be wrong in saying that Blocking [standstill] and Pushing [resistance] are the key energies of 2015 to pay attention to and be aware of.

On December 31st I was quietly and patiently moving along between two opposing forces. The guy in front of me was super slow and just in his own world blocking all flow of movement of people behind him. The woman behind me was aggressive and pushing. I was in the middle of these two incompatible forces. The person in the middle of these two incompatible forces "gets crushed".

On the same day those incompatible forces manifest themselves at the waterfront in Shanghai [China]. Why Shanghai? Because it is a Gateway .. and I will go into that later. Movement slowed down or came to a stop blocking the people behind .. at the same time a larger pushing force came from the back.

In Shanghai it was the people caught in the middle of these two incompatible forces who got crushed. Typically two-thirds of those who got crushed were women .. because women do not have the physical strength to block or stand against that kind of movement pushing against them.

Now 2015 will gradually manifest in 3D physical reality as the experiencing of events. These events are similar to driving on a road as you journey each to your destinations. The destinations may be different .. but all share the journey.

When you drive on a road you pay attention to the conditions around you.

I know warnings when I see them. As soon as something strange begins to happen on a road I see it. I feel the changes sometimes before the flow in events change. Sometimes I see [sense] things seconds before it happens.

I am giving you two examples of a sudden change in events to say that all you have to do is pay attention and really pay attention to situations and the ambient energy flow. In 2015 it may take place that there are sudden surges and blocks. The way I see it .. those surges and blocks are incompatible.

The surges [impatience / force] are going to hit resistance [standstill / blocks].

There is one other part to this that is also very important: How people deal with the sudden shift that creates two clashing forces that cannot pass each other. In my own case I was able to mediate and transfer the volatile clash of those two forces .. one in front of me and one behind me.

I do not know all the details of the event in Shanghai. But as tragic as the event is .. it could have been a lot worse if many of the people who took action had not worked together to pretty much stop others getting hurt = they altered the flow. Many people in the crowd worked together shouting and this cause the pushing force to back off and stop the pressure.

The mediator is probably the most important force in this situation.

If what I am sharing with you is accurate for 2015? Which force are you? Are you the blocking force [standstill]? Are you the pushing force [impatience]?. Are you the mediating force [balance]? If people around you are pushing will you join them and start to push? Do you have the inner strength to change the flow of events?

Who you are and where you stand is not really so relevant other than you yourself knowing what kind of energy you are. Life is a mirror and you have to pay attention and look in the mirror to see what is reflected inside that energy.

Now I reach The Gateway / The Japanese Torii .. sacred door or entrance.

I could not sleep until the early hours of the morning when I saw [with closed eyes] a truly giant Sacred Gate structure towering above me. The scene was dark .. everything was dark .. but I could clearly see the ancient Japanese Gateway.

My perspective was like a tiny energy orb on the ground looking up at this gigantic traditional doorway that leads nowhere. There was darkness all around and there was darkness inside [on the other side of] the space within the gate. I could not move nor change perspective.

Standing Without Moving [Transformation]
I fell asleep .. woke up and I could still see the truly giant Japanese style Gateway with my eyes closed. Still I was not able to pass to the other side as is usually assumed behaviour when faced with an open door or passage. I naturally want to see what is on the other side...

This is similar to the ancient doorways carved into a large piece of stone or rock face. It is a doorway you cannot pass through .. and yet the masons have carved the stone to look like a door or gateway [entrance]. This is relevant to 2015.

You have to consider hidden dynamics of the ancient spiritual gate - door - entrance. The Japanese Torii stands there and does not move. It does not go anywhere. We humans may pass to and fro through the gateway .. but the structure itself does not move.

In the vision I became aware that the space around the gate is irrelevant.

All space is equal.

The gate is the gate and there is not this side / that side. When you are facing the gate from either side you are facing the same gate .. dynamics and structure. The hidden meaning is no movement. These gateways are silently communicating stillness .. non-movement .. silence.

Out of this stillness [balance] comes transformation!

In another post I want to share my own understanding of the elements of Chinese Goat / Sheep and their relationship to this challenge of stillness. In ancient times people observed the world around them. People paid attention to the elements and meditated upon their meaning.

I was born knowing this and I want to share that anyone can successfully do this with no training and no effort. In fact .. the best teacher you have is yourself. The ancient scribes used a tool to write with and the ancient inner tool is awareness.

About Shanghai and the gateway phenomenon. This phenomenon is not only because of the large bodies of water surrounding Shanghai or the flow of trade [center of trade and movement]. I live inland on the edge of a large [gateway] body of water .. one of the largest underground aquifers holding an estimated 450,000 km3 / 110,000 cubic miles of fresh water.

Not all large bodies of water are GATEWAYS.

Water is reflective and takes on the character [energy] of the surrounding area. Even though water flows around the world .. returning to the skies and falling again as rain .. still the essence of water reflects the environment in which it manifests. Water + energy = manifest phenomenon.