Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dark Zen: The Mycelium Code

All physical life exists within a sacred mycelium network.

Planetary Mycelium Network
I did this pastel drawing on paper in 2010. I was going out into the woods filming mushrooms [not eating them].

I call the universal mycelium network 'sacred' .. because life began there. The out of balance Solar mind looks out at the cosmos and he sees heat and explosions.

The Solar mind sees radiation and destruction. He finds it difficult to imagine how any other form of life can exist other than himself .. down here on the cool Earth.

We humans are looking at atoms and molecules and we are not seeing the whole picture including how physical reality interacts with electrical fields. The sticky substance that holds physical bodies together is mycelium. You could also call it: The Mycelium Structure.

No one expected [apparently] that fungus or mold would grow on the outside of the International Space Station .. but it does! I am just going to look at it this way through Dark Observation. If the Earth was created out of heat then how did mycelium ever come to exist? The obvious answer is that mycelium can exist in extreme cold temperatures or extreme high temperatures.

In other words an unseen original source form of mycelium exists and grows according to its environment. We may think of the Moon and Mars as being dead .. but life exists there in their appropriate forms. Deep space spores exist on asteroids and meteorite fragments. These spores can survive atmospheric entry and they can become part of a planetary cycle of life.

There are genetic codes that only allow certain bonds to form in physical environments. The Mother mycelium is more universal in its ability to adapt and merge. I am talking building blocks of life out of which base physical matter is created [or is affected]. This is the foundation for electrical fields to interact with physical matter. The mycelium networks in the soil transmit Qi life-force electrical fields used by plants and trees.

The survival of the fittest sperm is a complete illusion!

Spermatozoa are part of a mycelium network where the human fruiting body is created the moment the spore enters the egg. In order to combine there has to be male and female principles operating in both the male and female bodies. The yin and yang forms recognise each other and they merge as one to create a life form.

How can they merge? Because each contain original source codes.

I often see things with the mind of an artist for years before I begin to understand what I am seeing. I can draw and understand with the artistic mind things that are not easily understood with the linear rational mind. Basically .. we humans are going to have to change how we use our minds.

The Mycelium Code
The human brain is designed to interact with the energy level of the incarnate spirit. How we use energy defines our interactions with physical matter and the material worlds. A distraction field was designed for humans in an attempt to keep the planetary consciousness operating at fairly low levels. This does not work is people see through the distractions.

One of the biggest drawbacks to experiencing life on this planetary timeline is feeling LONELY. The fact that we feel so alone puts a big element of pressure on relationships. Even if we turn to 'higher forms' of spiritual relationship in terms of religion .. we still feel isolated lost and lonely. The spiritual relationships are still under pressure from this sense of isolation.

You have the loneliness and the distraction where both play off each other.

The Source Mycelium Network exists on all dimensions and on all timelines. You cannot have a timeline without a mycelium network. This living network effortlessly transmits electrical fields. Our brains are electrical field quantum computers [put simply]. The human mind can connect across multiple dimensional fields. The point being: We are not alone!

All the humans focusing on the external environment [no matter how powerful they appear to be] .. all these humans are losing Qi [mind] Energy. Focus on [distractions] of the external environment wears you out. It is sort of like a World Casino entertainment distraction from reality.

When you are not in touch with your Inner Self you happily play outside in the World Casino.

The Buddhists were teaching thousands of years ago: Do not get caught [distracted] by the outer world... This teaching was not a religion .. it was a real practical application for life on Earth. It does not matter what levels of distraction get created on any dimension .. Buddha mind can overcome all of them using one simple rule!

When you apply this rule it results in various levels of inner energy conservation.

If you do not know how to conserve energy then you burn out lifetime after lifetime. Each incarnation is a puzzle of where you focus your energy in each lifetime. The illusion is that you are born with a new six-pack in the 'next life'. When we get distracted we are not using up LIFE .. we are using up OURSELVES.

The best friends you have are inside the inter-dimensional mycelium network.