Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dark Zen: Yin Yang

Yin yang are universal principles [not physical].
There are so many things cooking in my head I can hardly keep up with all of them. In this sense you would have to have been a street food cook in a past life to understand timing and compatible ingredients.

The first ingredient is always love .. and love is a refined energy. I seriously mean a practical applied energy that not only is available to the body .. but can also be applied to architecture [resonance] and more uber-refined electrical and communications systems.

I wanted to write about refined love energy .. but yin yang comes first.

Dark Zen: Yin Yang
We all know the New Age theories and the "rise of the feminine". No one really understands what this means in our current technological age. I am probably going to have to put all of this into a book .. and so the Blog is my Notebook for now. I don't want to freak people out.

From my Dark Intelligence experience I was shown basically that yin and yang have little to do with base physical human male and female forms. In past lives I worked with Meridians [acupuncture]. I know that the base physical body of male and female have certain unique Meridian Structures [connections] .. energy flows.

Don't any of you media stalkers out there try to steal my secret #_#

I am writing this now to allow people to understand what I am discovering and do their own research. One could also say: Inner Research. At the same time my own unique work is part of my own unique understanding [experiences] and cannot be cut apart and sold like a Blue Tuna.

This is kind of complex .. I try to make it simple! You have yang Solar Intelligence [light] as dynamic universal principle and you have yin Dark Intelligence as dynamic universal principle. Then you have the relationship between the two. They combine to create one form.

The transition from excessive male energy has nothing to do with physical male and physical female principles. This transition is a move towards balance of the East and balance of yin with yang. How does this balance work?

You cannot say the physical male is only yang and female is only yin.

In our excessive out-of-balance male yang World most of women have made opportunistic moves to be excessive yang [in nature] to compete and fit into the World. The image of the female has been conditioned in all its forms [around the Planet] by the excessive yang dominant male psyche.

Feminine [and masculine] ideals around the Planet have been created by an excessive male [yang] dominant psyche. Created in his own image... I hope it is clear that I am not talking about a purely physical phenomenon! I am talking about state of mind and inner psyche or balance of energy.

Dark Intelligence Zen
In past lives [of course] I knew about basic Solar Meridian structures [pathway signatures] in physical male and female bodies. There is another hidden structure: The Dark Meridians. In a way we could be talking about the incarnate psyche?

In basic terms it is this simple... The yin and yang balance is different in every human being. Yin yang balance in males and females vary. Some women may be more yang and some men may be more yin. These variations are natural and have nothing to do with dominant MALE and FEMALE principles.

I think this knowledge may have been lost? I don't know!

Before the time [the age] of the dominant Solar Meridians .. a long time ago .. we would treat people with acupuncture based on another type of pulse. Inside both the man and the woman are complex balances of yin and yang .. and that "Dark Pulse" is what we would navigate through when treating people.

This is why I say the balance of the yin has nothing to do with physical woman [as such] .. because males can have a more powerful yin balance than women. It has nothing to do with the physical body. It has to do with the incarnating spirit.

The same rules apply to plants and animals .. crystals and rocks .. fish and birds!

Maybe I have written enough for you to understand that yin and yang are always in balance. At least .. they always work to attain balance in each human being. If you have excess yang the yin will counter and if you have excess yin the yang will counter [when out of balance force is extreme].

The Dark Meridians are even more subtle in nature.

Dark Meridians are signatures of a more refined energy probably related to the spirit incarnating into physical form. In ancient times we could feel the pulse of the spirit within the body. Can you imagine how powerful that is? In terms of healing it is incredibly powerful!

This is why I say: I will not realise my work in this lifetime.

No one should fall into despair or lose their own unique vision. We think too short term. We are conditioned to think only this life. We are conditioned to imagine only this life. We are not taught to broaden our minds to think who was I .. who am I now and where am I going? [The Path]

The Solar Mind [out of balance] says: You will not last forever!

We have to move beyond this totally one-sided Solar view of reality to begin to understand yin [Dark Intelligence] .. the soft .. the enduring .. the compassionate .. harmony. I kind of got off track there #_# ...

Most important is to understand that yin/yang has nothing to do with physical male/female on the ground existence. Solar Intelligence [light] totally ignores the hidden psyche. How does out-of-balance Solar Intelligence deal with the psyche?

The PSYCHE is a MAJOR PROBLEM! [Jung / Freud]

Everything in Nature has unique variations in yin / yang balance within different trees .. crystals .. animals .. plants .. variations in landmass. The key is BALANCE. The key is INNER BALANCE. There is a Natural state of balance [in all its varieties]. Difficult to describe!