Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Another Unwelcome Adventure

When Bilbo Baggins ran out of his front door in Tolkien's The Hobbit to join the dwarves .. he did not want to go on an adventure. He was happy with his peaceful and contented life .. and he saw adventures as nasty horrible things that he could live without [thank you very much].

The point is that Gandalf and other mysterious forces had other ideas and so Bilbo really did not have a choice and he did not have a clue what he was getting himself into. It changed him forever.

No more adventures! Thank you !! - ZenSu

I have never in my entire life looked for an adventure. They come to me uninvited and usually in an uncivilized way. I don't ask for them and when I start to see them coming .. I do everything in my power to avoid them. Adventures [Initiations] are usually hard relentless unpleasant uncompromising and enlightening.

OH! ENLIGHTENMENT! You WANT that .. don't you !! [NO #_#]

Enlightenment is hard work .. you do not get a day off to bum around and serve yourself. Enlightenment does not happen to YOU .. but you are the servant. You become the servant of enlightenment. The Masters of Enlightenment get all the BLISS and you [on Earth] get all the hard work. You cannot just go and meet friends without having AN ADVENTURE .. and most of it is unwelcome and uninvited .. but that is the way the Masters like it to be.

The Masters do not want happy volunteers who pay to go on Initiations .. or even those who go out of their way to SEEK INITIATION. Few people want to do the on the ground dirty work. People generally want to go up to the illuminated heights and avoid the more uncomfortable lower floors.

If the deities appeared and gave you a choice: What do you want to be? A Zen Master or work from the ground floor? Which would YOU choose #_# I know! I know! I should have said: I want to be a Zen Master! Because the moment you say .. I will work for the ground floor .. the deities are OVERJOYED!

You will NEVER have a day of peace after that decision. You don't ever get to just go visit people and have some FUN .. RELAX .. TAKE TIME OUT! Strange things happen and it always puts YOU in the focal point. Wait a minute you guys! I said NO MORE ADVENTURES .. just let me blend in #_*

When you see me writing about the paranormal you may mistakenly think [because of the way I write] that this person knows a LOT OF STUFF. The truth is that I know nothing. It comes to me .. I get shown things .. I see things and I search my heart to find ways to share this in the most simplest way. Right now I am 24 hours tired [exhausted] .. I want to go to bed and sleep another 24 hours and I am sitting here writing this Blog.

For the last five or six weeks I KNEW something strange was going to happen. I saw it .. I foresaw it happening and I decided I am going to use my super sharp awareness to avoid anything unusual happening. I don't need strange life changing adventures [I am already changed]. I thought I was doing a very good job as the bad feeling drifted away and the warnings stopped. One always gets "warnings".

The moment I let down my guard .. it happened !!

Another Unwelcome Adventure
I don't go out of my way to end up in the wilds .. in uncomfortable situations where everything is taken away and all you are left with is yourself [as you are]. I like safety and order and peaceful transformation and enlightenment. By the way: Enlightenment is not AN END .. it is a PATH or a RIVER. The Self is never enlightened .. the self was not designed for enlightenment. The PATH stretches ahead of you or the RIVER carries you. It's a phenomenon.

These mysterious forces will generally take you outside your nice comfortable life and will directly interact with you on various levels from the most basic to the most mind blowing interactions. For example .. everything that makes your life comfortable is GONE and you are stripped down to the basics of life. With me this is usually: No food .. no water [to drink] .. no warm sleeping bag and cold with rain plus large bodies of water. La Tene was a large body of water [Lac Neuchatel] and this recent one was a smaller body of water.

Like a cat .. I love my sleep. Sleep to me is Nirvana! But .. this energy does not let you sleep. I say: Okay! You got me again this time .. just let me sleep through it. Instead .. you experience all layers of reality pulled together as ONE. The bodies breathing changes in profound ways. You can be freezing cold [wet] or just uncomfortable on physical material levels. But the mind / consciousness is effortlessly set on the highest levels.

Just don't even try to do this .. because this is not an entertainment.

The real reason I am writing this post is because of the Dark Water connections. Bodies of water like Lac Neuchatel just blow the natural mind. They are wild untamed mysterious powerful and dangerous. Little bodies of water in populated areas usually do not seem as attractive or dangerous. They appear tamed by man and the noise of pollution. The waters are ONE!

There it was: The same powerful intelligent force I experienced at La Tene was covering the small town lake. Again there was this Deep Dark Water Mirror. I should say: Living Dark Water. It was as if the Stars and Galaxies were touching the Earth. I had not eaten in 24 hours after the changes and they said: Let us feed you. They mean feed us with dark energy of compassion.

As bad as things may get we are never alone!

After the Dark Water encounter the same energy followed me into town .. and that presence was pretty amazing. The presence of compassion filled every atom. It filled the air. I was seeing all this take place .. but human beings were outside of it and unaware. People were so isolated and alone. Everyone has mobile devices connected to their friends and family .. but no one was connected to this deeper force of LIFE.

The Dark Water presence was as strong within the town as it had been all through the long long night. When you fall asleep and you wake up it feels like 10 hours have gone in a minute .. even when you fall asleep for ten or fifteen minutes. In ten minutes of sleep you can lose all sense of time. While being awake all night makes each passing minute feel like an hour.

When you observe the energy [mind] the effect is similar to the effects of deep sleep = timeless. No amount of training can help you to stay calm in unpleasant situations... It really has to come from within. One thing I can tell you as a clue to what I am talking about! Keep practicing every day to stay calm and balanced in all the small human situations you face.

A little match can light a big fire #_*

Who cares about staying calm in little situations? Right! You want to be able to stay calm in BIG situations! Well .. in a past life when I was a student of a Zen Master .. we had to apply calm mind to all the small irritating petty things in our day to day lives. Like that ordinary people would insult us and [even worse] insult the Zen Master and we had to stay calm and balanced [not react].

Every now and then we would come face to face with what we called THE BIG SITUATIONS. Every now and then [to test us] the Zen Master would silently and unexpectedly jump out of the shadows and smack us hard on the head with a LARGE bamboo pole. That was his favorite bamboo pole. The bamboo never broke but it broke our heads #_'

Then he would say to us:
Can your head [mind] be as resilient and flexible as the bamboo pole!

I have been very lucky... Because that Master I have not met in this life! I hope he is not observing from another dimension! I can apply his teachings .. but I don't get the smacks on the head. I love bamboo. The bamboo taught us .. the Teacher only smacked us [that is very ZEN]. Now you know I am tired .. because I am starting to wander off into other worlds. Those are the worlds I visit when I sleep.

No matter what .. you always have to have a sense of humor! In this life I though I would trick them... Which would you choose? ENLIGHTENMENT or you work from the ground floor? OH! I am HAPPY to work from the GROUND FLOOR [HaHaHa] .. sweep up the leaves and chop the vegetables [and leave the heavy work to others]. Guess what? The ground floor levels are the HEAVY WORK.