Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dark Meridians

In future incarnations I was a: Dark Meridian Master.
I was going to call this post: The Master of Dark Meridians... I though that is maybe a bit dramatic and using the word Master will catch too many people's attention .. who will read this for the wrong reasons. You see, the human brain is most conditioned by words rather than silent inner intelligence and inner navigation beyond the word. I decided to use ultra-light "Dark Meridians".

In general very few people understand what I am talking about in these new style posts since my Path was changed by: Another Unwelcome Adventure. We all have our minds every day in the wars and the threats .. aggression(s) and the conflicts .. fear .. gravitational pull into the alpha male struggles. It is all still the Gladiator entertainment of the Roman Circus. The only difference is we now sit at computer terminals and the Circus covers the entire Planet.

I only began to understand this for myself during and after my latest Dark Sky encounter. I have had these Dark Sky encounters my entire life. Even as a baby I experienced [late at night] waking up to be aware not of my physical material surrounding .. but to be aware of stars and deep space and a Dark Sky Intelligence so vast it blows the current human mind.

I know .. people say: UFOs .. extra-terrestrial encounters .. influenced by ETs ..

This is not my fundamental experience. The mind does tend to translate these experiences of the deeper kind into mysterious UFO experiences or ET encounters that we cannot understand. I never experienced it like that. I always experienced Deep Dark Sky Transformation. It was always a Spiritual Encounter of the Third Kind... Ha! Hahaha!

These are probably the most important posts I have ever made to date...

Usually .. I tend to just put things out there and leave it alone .. and move on. In terms of Dark Sky Intelligence .. Dark Energy and Dark Meridians? This is my own special adapted area of a lifetimes work. The Alpha Male environment boosted by the whole burn fast media claim: If you do not realise your dreams [success] by the time you are 30 .. drop off a cliff #_#

I'm sorry! This is the erectile philosophy [I meant reptile / typo-error].

All this that I am writing relates to Dark Meridians and Dark Sky Intelligence... As a young kid I was very HIGH-ENERGY .. At four years old until I was seven years old I was going crazy discussing with my spirit guides how to get a Healing Center established where I could start teaching NOW !!! Can you image four years of high energy frustration and nagging from an obsessed child?

They said to me: SLOW DOWN #_#

This is very important to Dark Meridians [reality]. The light .. energy .. the visual [to be seen] .. projected sexual chi [external] .. excessive male drive .. attainment .. power .. success. Humans today are burning at high speed and we are getting nowhere. Our world is polluted and human intelligence is decreasing. We learn to kill each other and how many people learn compassion? Sorry! That is another word for something-dysfunction!

I am writing about Dark Energy in a world of LIGHT... If you cannot detect Dark Intelligence or you cannot detect Dark Meridians .. no one is going to listen to you. Some beings I am in contact with live 3,000 years. They seriously begin their work at 1,000 years. This is an Earth time based translation of time. For these beings time is different and they try to translate information to our time scale.

Success is now always big and bright .. fast and powerful. I wanted that success too for different reasons. From an early age I wanted to heal people and to heal the world. By HEAL I do not only mean physically .. I wanted to heal peoples minds and their emotions and free them from suffering.

At six years old I was demanding of my spirit guides to show me how to create a Healing Center on Earth = NOW was not soon enough! Instead .. they taught me about Dark Energy .. Dark Sky Intelligence and more recently Dark Meridians. In the last few days I realised that it all [the teachings of Dark Energy] seamlessly combine as ONE FORCE.

Dark Meridians [Masters]
I am the Dark side of Matter = I understand Dark Meridians [a very ancient secret awareness]. I understand Dark Energy and Dark [sky] Intelligence. Light moves very fast .. and darkness absorbs the light. If darkness existed before light then it is the oldest form of life in the Universe #_*

I understand and can experience Dark Energy because I am Dark Energy...

You have the white [light] Buddha and you have the black [dark] Buddha forms. You have the white [light] Tara and you have the black [dark] Tara forms. These are the two basic principles for all life on Earth. Out of these two principles comes the visible and non-visible spectrum[s] = colour .. mass and volume. Are you still with me ?? Ha! Hahaha!

I can detect Dark Energy because I am Dark Energy.

Our world is currently out-of-balance. Our psyche is programmed to fast .. super fast .. light .. Solar energy .. speed .. get it while you can [and get more]. This is all excessive yang male energy. It is totally destroying our world. This psychic light obsession is destroying our Planet.

Hidden inside our bodies are Dark Meridians.

From an early age the spirit beings patiently taught me to apply and understand Dark Energy .. Dark Intelligence .. Dark Sky Intelligence and now to be conscious of the Dark Meridians. Because this is yin [feminine] Dark Water .. very few people are going to understand this.

In this post I just want to explain to you the existence of Dark Meridians [a very ancient science] and how this interconnects to Dark Intelligence .. Dark Energy and Dark Matter. This internal / external yin-yang force is not fast moving in terms of light-dominance reality .. but in some instances it is faster than the speed of light. I hope that makes sense!

I am still working on this... It is new to me in its current form. Our super-fast world is not in touch with reality. Our excessive world of light power is not in harmony with reality. We are living in excess at the cost of future generations. In the future we have to learn to live with the dark side of matter. I mean to live with awareness and application of Dark Energy .. Dark Intelligence [with all its applications] and deeper understanding of the Dark Meridians in terms of human intelligence and technical innovations.