Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Energy Meridian Intelligence [Technology]

I say Meridian "technology" .. because of the energy involved...
I had to add the word [Technology] to this concept of [Qi] Meridian Intelligence .. because our spirit is incarnate within physical matter. The spirit is like the ghost in the machine inside physical reality. The base physical human form is a living bio-technology where energy Meridian Intelligence [Technology] has existed for millions of years.

People trapped in lower base reality energy matrix [frequencies] are simply caught on those levels due to inner low resonance energies. Some examples of these retroactive lower level energy experiences are: Obsession .. addictions .. fears .. anger .. self-pity .. sorrow .. jealousy .. hurt .. seeking pleasure .. conflict and violence. It really all revolves around the self and service-to-self.

Even as we destroy ourselves the inner bio-technology energy meridian intelligence continues to silently and compassionately support us without judgement. One example is that your computer or mobile tablet functions no matter how you PERSONALLY use it when surfing the Internet. I hope this makes sense.

In a strange way technology and energy are somewhat neutral. We humans can aggressively use and abuse energy usage and application .. but the energy continues to power our use and our behaviour regardless of our different states of mind and our actions. One example of this is that energy can be used to destroy life in times of wars and conflict. Energy can also be used to heal.

Energy Meridian Intelligence
I was working on the inner psychic energy meridian connections over many weeks [that I created for myself out of my own inner imaginations] .. and suddenly I find myself in a life changing higher consciousness interaction that I did not ask for. The higher consciousness was totally unexpected and uninvited. I would say in general: Do not seek Enlightenment!

I like to work on my own .. I am a technician .. and I do not want anyone interfering in my research. As a small kid I would build things on my own and when adults would appear to help me or show me how to do things I would freak because I already had my own teachers and guidance.

These Energy Intelligence Masters are different than human interactions... They do not give you a choice when they interact with you. The interactions are not like a family interaction or intervention .. the higher forces become part of your inner world where you adapt to the energy interaction taking place.

When you interact with the higher Intelligent Meridian Energies .. it is like having access to a higher consciousness Internet. The only difference is this connection is a deep inner part of you and not outside of you. This is how the inner meridians were designed. We humans are designed to interact with the unknown and we are designed to interact with higher forces.

This is not something I think about and write in a few minutes. The insight may take place in an instant .. but the foundation or ground work takes place over many years or a lifetime. I may take years to build the house .. then suddenly someone turns the light on and the house is filled with energy. This is the basics of the meridians.

You live your life and you do the inner work .. then suddenly the meridian network gets switched on. When intelligence is only in the brain it is like a house without electricity. The whole meridian network has to light up for higher intelligence to interact with the human being.

Inner knowledge and experience of past events was designed as a learning and navigational tool where we learn through experiences. Knowledge and experience are not only encoded in the brain. Experience is also a coded signature in the energy field of the body. We accumulate experience throughout the body [inside the bodies energy pathways].

During the early part of our life energy is focused on survival.

In today's society humans do not go beyond the basic pathways of energy. As we get older we accumulate and accumulate and nothing cleans out those energy pathways. As the Sun rose I fell asleep for maybe half an hour or one hour after being awake all night. After I woke up I could feel that something mysterious had cleaned out the past so completely that I felt as light as a feather.

After what I experienced I know that we can create this natural technology that washes through the meridians and cleans the energy pathways. Part of the reason no one does this is because we are all so attached to our emotions and to past experiences. Not just happiness and pleasure .. because humans most of all are attached to their hurts .. their sorrows and their fears. All of it is selfish ego and self-centered. Attachment to the emotions is inside [not outside].

Fundamentally what I was shown is that thought [the ego] constructs a self-image based on all the emotional garbage we internally collect throughout our lives. The emotions and experiences have little or nothing to do with external reality. These emotions are self-centered attachments to OURSELVES. We become inwardly obsessed about every little thing that happened to us as we accumulate the subjective inner emotional reactions.

All these subjective emotions are also a form of energy. Not only do they run around the nervous and meridian pathways .. but they most often get stuck and create blockages in the natural flow of energy. When a block gets triggered we suffer again. New situations trigger old traumas. We become the victims of our own self-emotional attachments. Emotions have similar effects as drugs.

The senses are simply a highly complex radar system.

Imagine your senses are like a traffic controller radar system where all the planes you advise and guide never disappear from the radar screen. Eventually you cannot see or guide the planes of today [the now] because the radar screen is full of all the other past planes... This is how we live our lives = with a screen full of radar blips no longer relevant but blocking our frequency today.

An intelligent energy meridian flow is something totally different.

We have become so focused on the physical material world that we have lost touch with the higher energy or the higher mind of physical movement. Science focuses on the movement of the muscles and tendons. Science does not consider the essential movement of the bones and the energy meridians. In Qi mind do the muscles and tendons move the bones or do the bones move the muscles and tendons? Does the nervous system move the muscles or do the meridians move the nervous system?

In other words: Do blockages in the meridians create physiological symptoms in the bones .. organs .. glands .. blood .. colon and stomach .. muscles and tendons? Which is the primary force: The physical body or the energy meridians?

The most difficult is to explain the intelligence.