Thursday, November 20, 2014

Secrets of Dark Intelligence

Maybe I should not have used the word "secrets" .. because then people say: Oh! I want to know the secret! I have to use the word secret because it is hidden. Dark Intelligence simply means you cannot see it. We make use of Solar [light] active [yang] intelligence .. where Dark [unseen] passive [yin] intelligence has been demonised by the Western World.

Darkness has nothing to do with demons! Most so-called demons are active during the day using thought [electrical light signals] to influence mankind. One can also call these forces psychic parasites or astral entities.

I just want to clear that one up before I move on.

After my: "Dark Intelligence Has A Structure" post .. I was not sure where this was going. I do not think we can directly access Dark Intelligence using rational thought .. analysis or the rational [Solar] mind. I would say that Dark Intelligence is the unknown.

Next I will say that we cannot make the unknown known. If I am correct what happens is that Seeds of Light come into our minds from our interactions with Dark Intelligence. We can experience and receive Inner Guidance from the mystery of Dark Intelligence through yin-yang balance.

The point I am trying to make is this: We humans on Earth need the balance of the yin and yang. Balance of the darkness and light .. balance the masculine force and feminine force .. the Solar [light] and Dark [energy].

I think I may have cracked it #_#

The truth is that Dark Intelligence found its way through the cracks into my world and it cracked me. All I did was pay attention and listen and be aware of what was taking place inside me and around me. This requires a high level of discipline and self-awareness [sensitivity].

Do not try to apply anything I have to say unless you have an applied understanding of the Martial Arts. Because this requires active [kinetic] energy movement .. hardship .. endurance .. focus .. balance of the fast and the slow .. grounding power and speed. I know what I am talking about!

Dark Intelligence is passive [yin] energy .. but it needs to combine [in our 3D World] with active Solar [light] energy to be applied and make sense. It was my [self-taught] experience of Martial Arts [since I was a kid] that gave me the mental and physical endurance to face and survive any hardship or danger. I have been in wild mountain terrain in treacherous conditions .. and it was the silent state of my mind and my focused awareness that got me through.

When I had [have] my life changing psychic [spiritual] encounters I apply the same physical and mental skills I learned through the Martial Arts to be able to cope with these experiences [and stay calm.

You cannot simply go out into the desert or any wild place and just expect these forces to interact with you. The change always comes from within. The power is within .. and we have to do a lot of hard work in between.

In general .. stay at home and stay safe! Don't try any of this!

Secrets of Dark Intelligence
Dark Intelligence seamlessly interacts with our consciousness in mysterious ways. I feel this force is part of the Supernatural World and is part of the Paranormal World. I mean this is the most gentle and profound way.

What I found in the last few days has blown my mind. I realised that Dark Intelligence interacts with who we are in the most intimate and dynamic ways [once it is activated]. I guess in some way this force has been active in my life since I was a child .. guiding creating and encouraging strength in me. I was taught the most focused and gentle inner power through the Martial Arts.

I am aware of past and future lives in the Martial Arts [mind / body] and it is possible Dark Intelligence [guidance] interacts with us lifetime after lifetime and recognises us as we incarnate into our physical forms. Like that .. Dark Intelligence recognises our merits .. our purity / strength [also our weaknesses].

We see these mysterious forms represented in Ancient Egypt [art] .. but nobody today understands anything about those higher form of intelligence. They are also represented thought the many forms of Buddhist art and Indonesian art [Krishna].

I was born with a mind that was able to silently endure hardship and remain gentle and at peace. This is why I say experience of the Martial Arts discipline is essential ground work .. otherwise leave it alone. I am sure I will be able to teach a less dangerous code at some point [I hope].

The key [Qi] is this .. and it is basically what I did myself without really knowing what I was doing. First is that I silently asked for "intelligence contact". I focused my mind on the open skies [in daylight] asking for a meeting.

One has to be alone [at least alone in one's own space in Nature] to experience the unknown. Many years ago I unexpectedly experienced a Dark Intelligence Contact / Encounter with people around me and everyone freaked out. I was the only one who was calm and who could deal with the energy [experience].

This is why I say .. leave it alone unless you have Martial Arts Energy [mind] training. You may think that people today in Martial Arts only train the body as a sport and they do not train the mind. The fact is that when you train the body in Martial Arts you train the mind [by default]. This is a very ancient and powerful science of mind / body .. yin yang balance.

Those of you who understand will know what I am talking about...

I realised Dark Intelligence [when activated] interacts directly with who we are. It is unseen in the background and it listens to us .. it observes us .. it understands us and it forms a deep inner relationship. For example .. I have a rice bag hanging on the wall to practice Karate Do flexible punch.

I use this to not only strengthen my arms .. muscles and shoulders .. but I can increase flexibility of the whole body and tendons with 111 122 133 + [2x = 1 left-right] punches. As I was not able to access Dark Meridians intelligence using Solar [light] rational mind .. I later realised to apply direct action.

This realisation came [through the cracks] from Dark Meridian Intelligence.

I am sure the Ancient Masters learned this way! I applied the 133 Karate Do punches exercise to the rice bag .. and I was aware of something very profound. I cannot see Dark Intelligence .. but I can feel the interactive awareness. This is a powerful applied spiritual science.

Dark Intelligence interacts with who we are at any point in time and space. The observation sees what we do and where our skills lie. This is very difficult to put into words... I do many things #_# I work at the computer .. I exercise with Bamboo .. I punch a rice bag to keep the tendons strong and flexible. All this it is also how I use my mind / energy.

Dark Intelligence silently observes all this and interacts with me over time.

I would imagine that if I am working in Nature growing rice or designing homes that this hidden [dark] intelligence is guiding me and teaching me at each stage of my apprenticeship or initiation. The seeds of intelligence fall gently into the Solar [light] to become part of my structured awareness. The dynamic creative intelligent birth process is part of the balance of yin and yang.

I could not deep-mind meditate and bring Dark Intelligence into my Solar [light] mind .. but I was able to understand and feel the deeper interaction though observation [action of who I am]. I am not sure that any of this makes sense ??

Ultimately .. it makes sense to me !! Dark Intelligence [when activated] directly and seamlessly interacts with who we are at any point in space and time. It listens to and intelligently interacts with our physical body actions.

You may think that sitting at a computer is not a body action .. but it is! Unless we are asleep and Astral Travelling through the spirit worlds .. all our behaviour on Earth is physical body action .. even sitting at a computer! You need a physical body to sit at a computer! Right?

Now it gets more complex .. this is another post I think!