Monday, November 24, 2014

Dark Zen: Magnetic Resonance

I recently read reports about a new scientific deep-space ability to measure the magnetic fields of Exo-planets. Tech Times stated: Scientists Devise Method to Estimate Magnetic Field of Distant Exo-planet... In regard to the Planetary Magnetic Fields the new scientific craze is along the lines of: Researchers Reveal Method for Magnetic Field Calculation of Exo-planets.

I am now going to share with you Dark Zen [Dark Intelligence] observations of universal magnetic fields. This is my own research and my own insights into the origins of matter.
Why do I call this Dark Zen? Because we see in the dark #_*
Dark Zen: Magnetic Resonance
From a Dark Zen [Dark Intelligence] perspective all magnetic fields are ONE .. and all magnetic fields are a unified part of the entire Universe. This is applied Zentelligence. From the largest planetary object to the smallest... From the Largest Sun to the smallest [particle]... From the largest Black Hole [that do not exist] to the smallest... Everything interconnects.

Universe is a web of interconnecting and interrelating magnetic fields.

To make this clear .. your body has a magnetic field. Your own magnetic field perfectly relates to the the magnetic field of the Planet you inhabit and live on. Your blood and you bones also have unique magnetic fields. The cells in your body have their own unique magnetic fields.

The magnetic fields of your blood and your cell structure effortlessly interact with the unified magnetic field of your physical body .. and your physical body effortlessly interacts with the magnetic field of the Planet you inhabit.

The Planet's magnetic field is more complex than your physical body.

The Planet you inhabit is able to maintain EVERYTHING in balance and in harmony. You have physical matter .. fire .. water .. ice .. vapor .. minerals .. weather systems .. heat and cold .. ice and volcanoes .. and all of this has magnetic signatures or unique magnetic resonance.

What I am trying to say is that from the largest magnetic field [resonance] to the smallest micro-magnetic field [resonance] .. the large and the small interrelate and interact. The magnetic field of the Universe is seamlessly in harmony with the magnetic resonance of Galaxies and Planets.

The magnetic resonance of the Galaxies is in perfect harmony with the Suns. The magnetic fields of the Suns are in perfect harmony with the Planets. They are also in perfect harmony with deep space [dark matter]. The magnetic harmony of Planets is in perfect harmony with inhabitants of the Planets.

Crystals are in perfect harmony with the inhabitants of the Planets.

I use this as an example to show that calculating magnetic fields is secondary to UNDERSTANDING magnetic fields [phenomenon]. The out-of-balance yang male Solar [light] Intelligence can calculate magnetic fields until the end of life and this process will not reveal anything to the observer. All you see is your own one-sided reflection in the mirror of life.

I will go into this more deeply in other posts...

For the tiny number of people who are interested in Dark Matter and Dark Intelligence! Simply be aware of the micro-magnetic fields around you and inside you. Be aware of the dynamic inter-relationship between matter and energy [magnetic fields] around you.

You do not have to be a scientist to be aware!

It is most obvious that the magnetic field of the Sun inter-relates to the magnetic fields of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. This also seamlessly relates to the magnetic fields of the Planets. This also relates to the magnetic fields of water .. plants and animals .. cells .. fungi .. bacteria .. and so on.

You do not have a magnetic field that is not related.

Flies and wasps can be so annoying [in Summer] .. but they are using the same magnetic field that you use. Plants .. trees grass and weeds are using the same magnetic field [resonance] that you use to exist and survive. You are using the same magnetic field [resonance] the Planet uses to orbit the Sun.

Obviously humans can use Solar [light] yang Intelligence to measure physical 3D reality in a variety of ways .. but a whole big piece of the picture is missing from this so-called "science". It is like looking at yourself in a mirror and thinking that what you see is all of reality.

Try looking into a mirror when it is dark!