Thursday, November 13, 2014

Deep Universe Inner Emotions

My signature is: Small is big .. and big is small.
This signature emerges from an early child experience where I woke up out of a dream experience where I was shown the Universe in all its simplicity. Planets the size of Jupiter were also part of the smallest micro [nano] particle.

I was show the largest most gigantic [mind-blowing] forms of physical matter together with the most tiny small micro-particles in one complete unified whole. This is real .. more real than anything we know today.

You may ask then why am I not an astrophysicist or an astronomer?

In the Celtic Culture the knowledge was shared to the benefit of all people in the community. I am aware that many theorists try to claim that Celtic [Druid] culture was the beginning of the secret behaviour of the modern secret societies .. but this is not the case. Knowledge was shared .. hard to explain how this worked in ancient times.

I was born into this world with ancient world awareness .. and the first thing that bugged me were the technical restrictions on observing the night sky and observing the Universe. Everywhere were libraries of BOOKS .. but nowhere were there public sky [telescope] observation centers.

Most of the time public money pays for deep sky observatories...

It bothered me from an early age that we humans on Earth have no public sky observatories! Why not? But surely the deep sky .. stars and Universe over our heads is just as relevant and important as reading a book !! The sky is a different deeply mysterious interactive language more powerful than words.

I was taught always to observe and be aware. I notice that less people read this Blog since I present life changing phenomenon. I am happy for this. I want to write something new and I do not want to write "old brain". Always stay true to who you are. When you are true to yourself .. those close to you are worth more than xxx superficial friends.

Deep Universe Inner Emotions
The idea for this post began with a deep awareness of how human beings accumulate [and are blocked] by years of emotional experience [and psychological attachments]. I wanted to call this post: Emotional Ghost Radar. Where we collect and become attached to emotional echo [patterns] life time after life time.

Also .. consider why: Deep Universe Inner Emotions?

Jiddu Krishnamurti never taught people how to overcome emotions and thought... Why? If the Masters overcome ego-self and the emotions and thought .. why do they not teach ordinary humans how to overcome these blocks and emotions? Humans pursue desire .. pleasure .. love and they suffer .. get hurt .. experience fear and self-pity [loneliness]. These are complex emotions.

Well .. there are no methods to overcome these Inner Initiations.

If the human race does not go to the next level of consciousness? In a way biological matter is an indicator to the pathways of psychic phenomenon. Future science has to study and understand the frequencies of life .. growth .. energy and decay. I saw recently scientists saying that they can discover the key to life in a comet. Yeh! Subjective analysis. Not life...

Our minds [psyche] are covered with a screen of DEBRIS by the time we arrive at our life destined position on Planet Earth. Everyone talks about DESTINY .. it was meant to be! But .. few of us consider the state of our own minds when we reach or attain the Destiny Point.

Each of us may be destined to reach a certain point in our lives .. but no one considers the state of our minds when we reach that point. The majority of people today may have difficulty understanding this .. but in the future they have no difficulty understanding this.

Are you from the future?

If you want to understand Deep Universe Inner Emotions go out in a safe place in a safe environment day or night and observe the skies. Do not look for anything in particular .. simply observe. Then observe yourself observing the skies. You may find that deep universe reflects inner emotions #_#

No one can teach you this .. you can only teach yourself.

There is no interactive human process capable of defining or regulating ones own direct contact with the Inner Psyche and with the Universe. In a way I am talking about the Inner Telescope as well as the Outer Telescope. I was shown that the inner and the outer are ONE.

If people attack you? So what!

Universal Inner Emotions are more powerful than individual issues and problems. Equally deeper micro-particle emotions are also more powerful than individual emotional issues and problems. I am trying to convey the yin and yang of psychic energy and psychic balance.

The larger deeper Universe uses the same principle as the smallest tiny micro particle within matter. So .. when dealing with emotions one has to apply the energy of the deeper Universe with the depth of the inner psyche. Because .. there is no depth of Psyche without depth of Universe.