Saturday, November 08, 2014

Forgotten Ancient Technologies

Society was not always about wars...
We should be ashamed at how we live .. but instead we are simply conditioned and programmed to automatically fit into a set World paradigm. The dominant paradigm is like alcohol or a drug where people are intoxicated and affected by the system they live in.

When you unexpectedly meet highly advanced and unusual spiritual technologies the World changes for you. Perhaps you feel afraid or feel threatened .. or perhaps you see and understand something beyond the current human conditioning of mankind. Nothing lasts forever...

The main part of the cycles of conflict in the World is that every society is using the same technologies in the same ways: The technologies of war .. where each society builds its war technologies in the same way for the same reasons.

Some societies want to attack and dominate .. while other societies say they want to defend. The fact is that EVERYONE is developing and using the technologies of war. On a basic technical level it puts everyone in the same boat. Using and developing technologies of war and not of peace or healing. THAT is the HUMAN PROBLEM we all share today!

Recently .. close to the dark waters .. I experienced a life changing event!

Ancient forces [associated with mankind] interact with humans on Earth in highly advanced ways. They do not simply hand us technologies that would clean our Planet of chemical and radioactive contamination. We humans can easily do this ourselves when we have healed our disturbed mind-set.

Basically because .. to clean an environment is many times more powerful technology than chemicals and nuclear technology. When you get to the stage where you can clean a Planet of chemical and nuclear contamination .. you are using a more advanced technology than anything we have or know today. A violent mind cannot adapt to this. To a violent mind peace is more dangerous than war.

The violent warlike Roman Empire expanded across the entire world .. meaning the expansion of a psychological war like state of mind with the desire to dominate and rule societies through violence and technical applications of war. Then came wave upon wave of war technologies to achieve the same goals of World dominance. The problem is: No one is going to dominate the world! All we are going to do [on the war path] is totally destroy ourselves.

Forgotten Ancient Technologies
Not only did I experience a life transforming event .. but I was able to see behind and into the event in multiple ways. Imagine that since you are a baby you interact with and experience a highly advanced contact that is also related to a very ancient advanced technology on Earth. The creators of this technology exist in the past .. present and in the future. Meaning .. they are not going to go away. Humans may destroy themselves .. but these beings will surpass us.

These beneficial deities can transform matter .. they can transform the meridians .. the Life Force Chi and also the psyche. It is the most peaceful living technology you can imagine. We humans are capable = we have the capacity to innovate and create this technology of healing. This healing technology is easier to apply and is more efficient than splitting an atom #_#

Instead of giving humans all over the Earth more powerful weapons to kill each other .. we build fundamental healing technologies that not only heal people .. but that advance and intensify their higher intelligence. By this I am not talking about electronic mind control !!

Out of fear .. every society in the world is investing in war.

Essentially .. the whole World is equally responsible for the states of violence we see no matter if one party is the aggressor and one party is defending their territory. They are all using and developing the same weapons. No one is innovating higher intelligence technologies THAT DO EXIST TO SAVE A PLANET !!

Just go ahead and kill yourselves #_*

Not everyone will be caught and destroyed by the forces of self-destructive violence. Depending on your inner energy signature the spirit travels and has access to other parallel universes and other worlds and dimensions. Not every spirit will disappear in World destructive events.

The key point is this: We humans have abilities to innovate and create the Art of Forgotten Ancient Technologies. These are organic natural interactive technologies that heal and promote inner higher intelligence [enlightenment]. The technology does not produce the advanced awareness. The humans interacting with the organic technologies create the Inner Intelligence Force.

Once you have a small number of higher intelligence humans .. they innovate and create higher intelligence technologies. They do not create war technologies. They find ways to heal mankind and to heal Nature and to heal the Planet. Once you eliminate war this is not difficult to do.

I have a Venta Airwasher that allows me to clean the air .. but imagine I have a crystal technology in my apartment that allows me to be aware of and interact with the beneficial deities and the masters! As a young child all I had was my own inner ability to connect to higher intelligence. My whole life I see people like myself trapped in a no-mans-land. They have the intelligence but it is blocked.

I often see highly advanced spirits looking out at me from a monkey type of blocked human interface. Sometimes it is very hard to deal with. One can feel compassion .. but this is not going to change the overall human condition on Earth. We need COMPASSIONATE TECHNICIANS.

Jiddu Krishnamurti often said: Science and religion have to come together as one. I think many of us did not really understand what he was saying. Maybe I am beginning to understand. So much of our technology is about conflict .. control .. power blocks and money. The yin and the yang are not balanced!

My last psychic experience was of a superior energy altering the bodies energy meridians .. totally wiping out the past [that I have to explain later] .. empowering the entire skeletal joints of the body with orbs of pure psychic energy. The key joints are where the skull meets the spine .. shoulders elbows wrists .. hips knees ankles. Hands and feet are complex micro-joints.

The point is that we humans have the intelligence to create natural technologies that heal the physical body and charge the meridians. We have the ability to enhance [support] human intelligence. Really we are talking about an advanced spiritual technology. If you build homes in a certain way with certain materials those homes will enhance intelligence [awareness].

We are seeing this excessive male yang World system across the entire Planet using and building the same technology and facing each other off. This has been going on for thousands of years. Why is no one developing peaceful advanced intelligence healing technologies? The path to endless wars is a one-way road leading to a dead-end.

This is why I tried to explain in the I Ching: Hong Kong post that EVERYONE involved in the problems are restricted by the SAME ENERGY: Obstruction / Restriction... When in opposition we imagine the superior opposing force is free and maybe more powerful. The I Ching often teaches us that all parties are obstructed by the same force. There is not one party one force and another party another force. When you have two forces opposing each other it is often the case that [like yin and yang] both opposing forces are restricted by the same "hardship" or "conditions".

We can build and develop technologies of war and no one admits we can also build and develop technologies of peace. Of course .. technologies of peace are a totally new form of technology unknown to the human mind today. This does not mean that we cannot innovate and develop these technologies. Naturally .. where we have a mind there is a way.

To make this more clear to those who do not like the word "technology" .. the human form is a living bio-technology. Humans can create computers and technology because they recreate their own form externally within the physical World. The computer and the Internet are external brains. Trees plants and animals are living bio-technical forms.

We humans have the potential to intelligently enhance develop and protect our World .. rather than destroy it. We also have the potential to intelligently enhance develop and protect ourselves .. rather than destroy ourselves.

This is a Spiritual Technology that was somehow lost to Mankind...

In yin yang culture the MOST intelligent and the LEAST intelligent does not exist.

An Intelligent society could co-operate together to utilise all shared skills and different levels of awareness to create Universal Cultural Balance. The man who can create a perfect obsidian blade or who can plant rice .. is no less than the man who can write complex computer codes.

I don't know how else to explain this!