Thursday, September 12, 2013

Airport Security !! ?? Amitabha ...

We are one

Please forgive my Scots / Irish sense of humor :-)

Don't read this if you oppose others without compassion

For a long time (like years) the cat servants were saying to me .. you have to come here !!! NoWAY ... FORGET IT .. I am sensitive to GROPING :-)

To make it clear .. humans do not just go touch a cat or a dog .. unless the animal allows it! Right! Same with me... I would rather walk :-)

I am a physically small woman, slender... However, inside me are many powerful spirit incarnations (as in all humans). Like a wild animal .. I would always avoid crowded areas .. only from instinct!

One day I had to pass through a big city via the train station. I find that small town people leave me alone, but city people can be a bit funny in the head. Some people hide in the shadows of big cities...

I was pulling my train ticket from the ticket machine when some guy comes out-of-the-blue behind me .. and :-) I wont say it ... Faster than the speed of light I turn and grab him by the jacket. I lift him off the ground and physically smash him against the ticket machine, without thought. The whole station goes silent.

What that I am telling you, is related to Airport Security groping :-)

This guy was well dressed, well built and muscular .. he was not some bozo. The jacket my hands took hold of to lift him off the ground was a VERY EXPENSIVE jacket!! In that moment I was very fast .. like a cat .. meow !!

Our Spirit Incarnations
My explanation for this powerful feminine / paranormal / super-human strength is what I know to be true... Ancient inner forces (incarnations) and knowledge that exists to protect us lifetime after lifetime .. across the illusion of space-time.

In a Catholic world women do not overpower men!

My inner ancient force acted without thought to protect me based on eternal principles of right behavior. It is the same with animals .. based on universal principles.

Unfortunately, planet Earth is ruled by Shammat!
The fact is, thousands of years ago the male aspect began to fight the feminine .. and so the female began to lay aside her powers .. so as not to destroy the planet.

My problem is that I have an equal balance between male and female aspects inside me .. which makes for an interesting alchemical mix of power!

I realised that women have a kinetic energy equal to or greater than a man's physical power/strength. They used .. or had access to this unusual ability all the way up until the destruction of the Amazons.

The Earth was more balanced then in terms of male/female cultures and societies .. with women also being powerful warriors. In a way, much more dangerous, due to the kinetic energy.

Of course, people today would not believe that this is possible, but I know it is possible .. and that kinetic force is superior and much faster than physical force.

Compassion Is Supreme
Teach yourself compassion...

Apart from the fact that it is not a good idea for gentle women to pick up Airport Sexcurity Worker$ (hahaha) .. we have to learn and apply compassion .. otherwise we become like them.

Also, these people are ourselves caught in lower forms!!

Now Comes The Funny Part ...
I decided (for security) to fly slender .. with the least amount of clothing. Like jeans that clearly show there is nothing there other than my legs .. hahaha .. and a thin sleeveless top that was more like underwear. I was as naked as I could be ...

So they wave through passenger after passenger wearing thick heavy jackets (sweating in + 30°C) .. but I have to stand aside. Why? They go for me like a magnet !!

I swear there was no doubt as to my harmless thin body/skin underwear .. almost naked .. not to be mistaken beauty .. if you know what I mean. But we genuinely have to feel compassion for those brothers and sisters who are lost!

I get all the waving signals .. go-there go-there .. and I look straight at this guy and walk towards him. Why not? The guy was more feminine/sensitive than the female waving me around.

The more feminine man runs away .. and the more masculine woman shouts: No! No! Waving .. here .. here (and they call this security hahaha). Do you want me to take off my trousers, top and bra ?? :-)

I had a pre-flight talk with my powerful inner incarnations. I said to them: Look this world is no longer the time of the kinetic masters .. and lets all use a bit of compassion.

You see, when you have power .. you don't use it!

All humans are born naked! Under our clothes we are all naked! We may as well strip down to our underwear .. than be groped through our illusionary layer of clothes... I hope you all understand what I am saying.

Never be afraid or ashamed of your physical body.

If all air travellers would take off their clothes down to their underwear and beyond .. they would be arrested for "exposure"... But what is the difference between physical search and nakedness ?? The difference is physical touch :-)

The fact is .. naked visual is more accurate .. hahaha!!

The intelligence of your body protects you! This is where compassion creates an invisible and powerful kinetic shield. And to those of you who have alien implants in your thighs... Don't say: Oh! That's the abduction implants setting off your beeper ... Otherwise, you might miss your flight .. ha ha ha ha ha

Your body is the best friend you have!