Sunday, September 08, 2013

Beautiful Flight Home

I should have called this "Rainbows Below".

The plane landed around four in the evening, after a one hour flight. We descended through giant grey and white storm clouds. It was a bit bumpy above the clouds, and the plane shook a little making its way down.

A big thanks to Vueling Airlines!

They are a young Company, with very helpful and friendly staff! I like the atmosphere on the plane. They may sometimes have small hiccups; but their professional and genuinely friendly approach is like a breath of fresh air in a tired industry.

Usually, I never eat food in-flight, especially being vegan / vegetarian. However .. the vegi sandwich was so good that I will fly again!

An Unexpected Journey
I should stay safe inside my apartment and write my blog :-)

Whenever I travel, an adventure happens... It will take me a thousand years to make sense of this! First, I have to sleep, as adventures sometimes make sleep impossible.

Right now, I am watching one of my favorite films while typing this blog into my Asus Fonepad. I have to do a review .. I love this Tablet!

Until I get all my photos and videos configured let me shorthand the long adventure... Are you reading this cat servents Ha! Ha! Ha! They cannot cut off my WiFi, now that I am home.

My thousand year future post preview:
The compulsive flip-flopper (flip-flop / flip-flop) .. @ two in the morning .. we know who you are! Flip-flops echo loud at night in silent tiny rural villages :-)

Gothic mysteries / hidden in the light / revealed in the dark. Crazy ninja cats! You know who you are !! And I filmed you... Secrets in the clouds (return flight).

Draught Guinness, fish & chips, the Scots rainmaker .. co-starring the Irish American and the Swiss (with casting support from three thousand year old recipe for anchovies).

No! I don't eat anchovies nor sardines :-) and lets move to the next restaurant!

Why don't you order the green salad?

Why don't you eat fast so we can leave? Ha! Ha! Ha ...

Rainbows below the clouds.. chemtrails across the sky .. orgone blue oceans .. lights in the water .. masons of eternity .. while you are here can you film the video interview?
How to move energy without moving.
Energy, bones & airport security :-)

Elven Cool Cat