Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Body Temple / 2013 - 2113

They designed a human template based on Universal principles.
- Zen Su
Continuing with the dynamics of the human brain, the mind, observation and awareness... The brain is designed to be aware of multiple levels and frequencies of interactions - feeding to your conscious mind only what is relevant in the moment!

Jiddu Krishnamurti said: There is no unconscious mind... There is no division between the conscious and the unconscious! I now understand what he was saying.

Obviously, the mind is ONE .. and is not divided into conscious and unconscious mind. That is the first and most important factor to understand. Second, the conscious and what western science call the unconscious mind have to communicate .. making theories of unconscious mind ridiculous !!

The Mind Is Always Conscious
When asleep, the brain/mind is aware. When in a coma the brain/mind is aware. On a simplistic level the human brain is the computer interface for the mind.

Just as your computer operating system, data, software and files exist whether you open them or not... So too, the human brain has functions and data operating in the background that the conscious mind does not need to know about in order for them to function.

The natural deeper functions of the mind / brain effortlessly interact with the body .. energy .. psyche in truly fundamental ways. Superior to thought .. analysis .. memory .. ego !! The temple of man is based on Universal dynamics of flow and restriction / containment. Water flows through restricted channels. The hard and the soft are in complete symbiotic relationship.

The brain / the mind are always conscious. Knowledge - as in thought / memory - is not consciousness! Knowledge is not necessary part of brain/mind awareness!

Our physical existence is one small part of a greater whole. The body and brain were designed to allow guidance and discovery of balance - a Universal Template.

2013 - 2113 Transition & Change
The body temple of man is the key to organising human society, trade, exchange, resource allocation, co-operation and creation of a Planetary Community which includes respect for the Earth, nature, animals, plants, trees, water, birds, oceans and sea creatures...

Understanding the seamless and non-authoritarian functions of the brain / mind / nervous-system is key to creating a Planetary Society free of violence and fear.

The temple is in man / the temple is man.

The human body / mind / brain is designed to reveal to its inhabitant (the spirit) infinite signatures of cosmic design. Spirit is inhabiting physical reality using a vehicle or vessel called "the body" to seamlessly interact with the dimension the spirit inhabits at any point in space-time.

How you use that cosmic technology is up to you!