Sunday, August 18, 2013

Data Brain - Bottom Trawling The Internet

The human brain is designed to collect data.

It is a natural function of the human brain to collect data. Your brain is designed to collect data and continually assess the world around you. Most of the time 24/24 you are unaware of this extraordinary silent background process!

The human brain collects and assesses extraordinary amounts of data day and night without sleep. You may be sleeping; but your brain is not.

The data collection and instant assessment capacity of the brain/mind is infinitely superior to computerised data collecting systems. The human brain is designed to assess weather and temperatures, while instantly altering the bodies temperature to maintain life and health of the physical organism.

In this post I will not go into the additional and more complex brain/mind function designed to maintain psychic, emotional and energetic survival and health.

As a human being lives their life thinking and focusing on the desires, sorrows, fears and attachments .. the brain is collecting data on the the natural world that surrounds us. Aware of the wind, rain, light, moisture and temperature... The brain is also aware of sound, subtle frequencies, smell .. and the attitudes of people.

The brain collects data on your friends and family, as well as being aware of the energy and thoughts of strangers and passersby. Most of that subtle information is out of your conscious reach, unless you have a good instinct or are sensitive to background field of subtle vibrations.

How we choose to live on this Earth is all about states of mind. There are people who use their instinct to appear superior, to manipulate individuals or situations, to gain an advantage or weaken others in order to achieve the upper hand. Others show compassion.

The real fundamental issue is state of the human brain! Physical life of humans is an expression of the psychological state of mind. Governments are an expression of collective state of the human mind. Our technology is an extension of the state of the psyche - of the user(s).

Bottom Trawling The Internet
Using a factory trawler to catch a shrimp

In the same way the natural function of the human brain is to collect and assess data .. it is natural for humans to go fishing. The brain is designed to allow humans to fish.

The problems arise when humans build and use bottom trawling factory fishing vessels that vacuum dolphins, sharks, small whales and many kinds of fish called a "by-catch". Ocean ecology swept up and killed - only to be throw back into the ocean as waste.

Bottom trawling fishing vessels completely destroy the essential living ocean floor. The ground of the seas that plays an essential role in the life of the Planet. Bottom trawling destruction of the ocean floor could be doing more damage to the Earths climate than any other activity of man.

Bottom trawling destroys the natural balance...

We humans on Planet Earth do not need control .. we need balance. Bottom trawling the Internet to catch a shrimp destroys the natural balance essential to human co-operation.

So, intelligent researchers could learn a lot by studying and understanding the natural and balanced state of the human brain.

For example, the brain does not RULE the body and the functions of the body... The brain is in full seamless co-operation with the body !!

The brain communicates on multiple frequencies, affecting blood, glands, vital organs, temperature, sensitivity, bones, nerves, energy transfer, psyche...

The brain is a synchroniser!