Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mystery of The Unknown: 2014 Wood Horse!

In a time before time, all was chaos. Out of chaos evolved space and time. Space and time produced vital breath (qi). Vital breath separated; that which was clear and bright arose and first formed heaven, after which the congealing of that which was heavy and muddled formed earth.

Heaven and earth produced yang and yin. Yang and yin produced the four seasons. The four seasons produced the myriad things (i.e. all things on earth).

The hot vital breath of yang gathered to produce fire. The essence of fire became the sun. The cold vital breath of yin gathered to produce water. The essence of water became the moon. The remainder of the essences of sun and moon produced the stars. Heaven received the sun, moon, stars, and planets. Earth received rain, floods, dust, and dirt.

Thomas Aylward
The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology:
The Only Authentic Translation from the Original Chinese

It is rare for me to be awake at night beyond 10 PM or 11 PM .. because I love my sleep .. and this is a post I do not want to make !! If you type "fire" into the Kindle search for: The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology .. you get 100 connections (references) to fire.

In: 2014 - The Year of The Body I wrote ...
As the Chinese Horse is associated with Fire and the Horse is the strongest Fire animal in the Chinese Zodiac .. wood helps Fire to burn. This may call for caution .. as we build houses with wood and we use fire within the house to heat and cook. In my view the horse signature represents physical structures - physical strength and down-to-earth physical reality.

I have no idea where that came from as I am not an Astrologer and I have not studied Chinese Astrology .. and so I know nothing! Other than .. perhaps .. some ancient inner soul connection teaches me or shows me things that I do not know or understand.

The Chinese - 2013 Snake / 2014 Horse Transition
In the early hours of the morning in Yunnan Province, China .. a fire destroyed most of the ancient Tibetan town of Dukezong in "Shangri La". The blaze destroyed hundreds of buildings in the ancient 1,300-year-old settlement of traditional wooden homes. Dukezong is an ancient Tibetan neighborhood of two to three story wooden buildings of narrow, cobble-stoned streets - with 5,000 permanent residents.

Some people may think: The 2014 Year of The Chinese Wood / Fire Horse only begins on the New Moon - January 31, 2014. So, for those of you who study the ancient Geomantic EARTH SCIENCES of the ancients .. pay attention and consider this: The transition of the Fire Snake to the Fire Horse is a volatile (and dangerous time) building strange Qi (Earth) Energy...

As the Snake energies exchange and transition into the Geomantic Horse energies there is (or there can be) highly volatile exchange of force like two magnets squeezing together! This exchange may depend on the nature of the transition between the five elements [wood - fire - earth - metal - water].

You essentially have Snake (2013) .. where the snake is a fire element .. meeting the Chinese Horse [also a fire element] .. and a powerful exchange of energy as the 2013 Chinese Snake transitions into the 2014 Chinese Horse Year. The wind was the element carrying the fire through all the wooden house structures of this 1,300 year old architecture high in the mountains.

I always observe Nature .. as well as observing EVENTS.

There is an ancient saying in Celtic wisdom known as - The Sorrow of The Seer. This translates as seeing events you do not want to see .. but they come to you anyway .. regardless. The seer has to internally balance the SEEING with yin / yang balance of awareness that Jiddu Krishnamurti called "what is". Life is what it is .. flowing like water.

In an enlightened society human beings would be guided or taught to be aware of "what is" and effortlessly move with the flow. Be aware of the flow. Adapt to the flow and be part of the flow. This is what the Invisible Beings always taught me since I was a child.

At the same time one has compassion for people and worlds in TRANSITION.

Mystery of The Unknown: 2014 Wood Horse!
I have to admit .. this is not a good sign! At the same time we humans live on a Planet that has seen tens of thousands and millions of years of change and transformation(s). So .. rather than dwell on the not so good nature of this Earth energy Geomantic sign .. I will move ahead to the more subtle nature of this fire = transforming energy.

Potentially .. we have come to the end of an era and are entering a long period of transforming energies on Earth. Out of the fire the Phoenix is born = ending and re-birth .. the beginning of something new.

I could be wrong .. but the way I see it we have these two incompatible forces: The OLD world and the NEW co-existing in a way that is without harmony. The streets of the old town in Yunnan were too narrow to get the firefighting trucks in to the fire. There was not enough water locally to extinguish the fire once it raged out of control. The town had only one water tank of 800 tons of water.

The sign that is not so good for those of us who value culture is that "the new" destroyed "the old" in the sense that the area was catering to tourists and not to a general traditional insulated life. They were using gas - creating a number of explosions as the fire raged out of control. Gas tanks were removed from restaurants to prevent further explosions once the fire was under control.

Here you have the incompatibility between the old and the new. These ancient buildings were not built to accommodate the way we power our world today. In terms of the down-to-earth physical horse energy the town will have to be re-built. I would also say we have reached the end of something. The end of a world that partially lasted until today and is now disappearing. Not only the end of a way of life .. but the end of a mind-set a particular way of using the mind that is also incompatible with this rapidly changing world.

Key events (that affect us physically) have a signature. Certain events have a written code .. a code written in energy. People could once read those signatures and understand. I do not think that the signature is showing only that the modern way of living does not fit into the more ancient structures. The signature is also showing us that the modern world is replacing the old world completely.

The world you see around you today will be radically different within the next 500 to 1,000 years from now. Not only in the sense that progress replaces the old world .. but that progress effectively destroys the old world as we change and adapt.

There is one other clear sign in this event .. the most essential sign and the key to understanding the mystery of the unknown. No one was hurt in the fire. The one thing that was left is the people. The physical world around us changes and the people remain to continue their journey into the new .. into the unknown!

In a way it really does not matter that the old world dies or that the structures of the old world are destroyed .. because the important factor is: PEOPLE .. human beings .. mankind .. the human spirit and the reason for this physical journey on Earth. There you have the real signature of change and transformation.

The most important factor of life on Earth is what is inside us .. who we are .. what we think .. how we apply ourselves and how we meet the challenges facing us and adapt. Humans cling to old rigid structures that limits them and limits their scope and potential. If my ancestors were living today the way they lived 1,000 years ago .. I would not be sitting here writing on a computer!

It is not the event in itself .. but what we humans make of the event(s).

The Snake [karmic] & Horse [physical]
The way I read this is that in January 2014 you have the energies of the Chinese Snake [karmic] mixing with the energies of the Chinese Horse [physical / material] where powerful events signal a change in our world. This will effect the whole world and especially the West. The West took everything from Tibet in terms of religion .. secret codes .. encoded art and meaning. The umbilical cord stretches from Tibet out into the western world.

THAT transformation and ending is going to effect everything connected with that influence. The connection to Tibet and the secret meaning(s) and use of power through secrets [secretions] was not a modern influence. The ancient Celtic world (cultures) across Europe before the Romans had connections (origins) from Tibet. Going back further .. it could be said that mysterious Atlantis gave birth to or influenced Tibet and Tibet affected the rest of the world.

Some people may not like what I am going to write next! For the new to begin (germinate) and take root .. the old has to end. This transition has been going on for tens of thousands of years in human cultures and societies. It is not human beings who decide something has to end .. because human beings cling desperately to the past and to what they KNOW [even if they do not understand that KNOWLEDGE].

For example, the political systems around the world are all based on the distant past and a system that no longer functions in a rapidly changing world. The world around us is changing faster than we can keep up with those changes. By that I also mean volcanoes, eruptions, earthquakes, Sun Flares... The physical Earth we live on is not "stable". The Planet's geological history is more challenging than we have experienced over the last 300 years.

As the old dies .. humans are left to find the "solutions" .. adapt and create a new world.

Now! Truly advanced thinkers or visionaries can already apply their skills and power to adapt to these changing energies that are not coming from us .. but are coming towards us over the next 500 years and challenging mankind physically as well as inwardly. This is the fundamental primordial Qi that knows nothing of TIME and PROGRESSION. The physical tradition does not matter .. it is what lies inside the human being that matters.

In a way you could call this Time Travelling Zen.

The Time Traveller adjust to the energy of the times using primordial force beyond space and time. It is not the physical tradition that embodies Zen .. it is Zen that embodies Zen lifetime after lifetime and beyond. The one key signature that I see as we approach the energies of the Horse is that the HUMAN BEING is the KEY! I think that is very important!