Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Zen Qi - Movement and Force

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once... I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Bruce Lee

I have always respected my body! The physical human body is Nature. Not only trees .. and birds .. and grass .. and rivers .. and mountains .. and sky are Nature. The human body is an undivided part of Nature. When you respect the body .. you respect the Earth!

In the period of my life when I was experiencing Candida overgrowth - leaky gut - immune system collapse [I was a walking transit container for internal candida fungi and bacteria] .. I found that I could not do the simplest physical task without having circulation / heart and sweat issues.

My body was either putting on weight or my body was losing weight! My physical form was so fragile that my hands were shaking. Every muscle and tendon in my body ached if I attempted any slight physical activity. If I attempted to repot a plant .. my shoulders - back - butt - thighs and arms would internally ache '-) I would think: What do my thigh muscles and tendons have to do with a simple light upper body activity??

When my weight would increase with Candida fungal infection / overgrowth .. I could not do any exercise because my heart rate had taken on a life of its own out of proportion to the activity of my body. It was not exercise that got my body back into shape! It was beneficial probiotics like Threelac and kefir that got me back into shape!

I am aware that a lot of people do not like Threelac .. and also it is expensive. In my personal experience .. Threelac was the key to reversing all my weird symptoms and out of control body behaviours until I began growing my own kefir grains. I am not saying it will work for you! I am saying that it worked for me!

The most important point is that it was not physical exercise that created balance of weight issues in my body! It was the gradual return of beneficial gut and colon probiotic bacterias and related full body detox that returned my weight to its natural healthy state. Rapidly gaining weight and rapidly losing weight were no longer a problem.

When the major organs and the colon cannot remove / detox waste and toxins from the body .. the toxins get stored in the body as fat to neutralize them until a time when they can be effectively removed from the body. What are toxins? Anything the body considers a threat or danger including heavy metals, chemicals and various forms of "medication". Anything that creates acidity or over-acidity is stored / neutralized as fat .. fatty tissue.

The One Punch Form
For me! Physical exercise has always been spirit-body coordination. I have never been interested in mechanical physical training activities. I do not like to work my body to the point where everything hurts and I have to take three or four days to recover...

"Use the amount of weight that you can handle without undue strain." – Bruce Lee

In my recovery state of Candida overgrowth and leaky gut I decided to design my own exercises that also gave me inner resonance and peace of mind - peace of being. I did not want to "exercise" .. I wanted to channel the flow of chi through my muscles .. bones and tendons in a powerful but natural way.

I filled a bathroom washcloth with rice and I hung the bag on the wall at shoulder height. This was to be my exercise punch bag .. Zen style without exertion. I applied the simplest form of Karate-Do Kyohan: Front Punch (Oi-suki) - attack (punch) of the right fist and following attack (punch) of the left fist - with the correct body posture.

I worked my body to punch without hitting or punching the bag. Of course, you can gently punch the bag .. but that is not the focus of the exercise. The focus is gentle movement and relaxed muscles and tendons. Do not try this at home from my description .. because I know what I am doing. I taught myself these disciplines at 15 years old. I never harm my body or stress my body. I was born with this passion for physical-body / gentle movements: The One Punch Form

So, what I discovered is this: It takes my entire body to apply this simple exercise. At first I would do 11 punches [11 right-hand 11 left-hand counting two punches as one]. Then I would do 22 .. 33 .. 44 .. 111 .. 122 .. and so on. Either fast or slow did not matter as long as it was gentle and the muscles and tendons were relaxed.

I was working my whole body!

Fast can be dynamic! But slow and gentle is actually more intensive over the whole body than fast and sharp. I am still experimenting with this and learning every day. The most interesting effect is the way my body feels internally within its physical structure. No effort - deep response!

One Tendon
When you activate one tendon, you activate all tendons of the body. When you activate one muscle, you activate all muscles of the body. One bone .. all bones! Then there is the dynamic relationship between muscles .. tendons and bones. Different forms = one life force.

For me .. the unifying principle is love and compassion for the body.

The body teaches me: Okay! You have to have the love! First we have to feel compassion for the body that we inhabit in this life. Out of that compassion arises an incredible sensitivity. If we do not respect our bodies then we do not respect anything in life.

Everything in our body is elastic (hydrated)! The inner deep-space elasticity is coordinated throughout the entire body. The bones are elastic .. the muscles and tendons are elastic .. the skin and connective tissue are elastic .. the veins and arteries are elastic .. the nerves are elastic. Is the mind elastic?

When you move your arm .. the whole body moves with you! The bones - tissues - heart - veins - nerves - muscles and tendons all move or contract in relation to the movement of your arm or movement of the entire body. Extending or contracting is elasticity [hydration]. Probiotics hydrate and fungi dehydrate.

Zen Qi - Movement and Force
There was one time in my life as a child where I mysteriously experienced three days of strange phenomena. It always manifest at night .. and that is why I often say the light shines brightest in the darkness. The experience was like experiencing the Planet Jupiter totally gigantic in my mind .. and the smallest tiny micro-particle magnified in balance with the largest Planet. The gigantic planets magnified became the smallest particle magnified. They were one and the same. There was complete balance / harmony.

I now see the same principle within the body. The smallest particle .. the largest organ are one. The movement in the tendon in the shoulder does not take place without movement in the tendon in the foot. Even if you are sitting at a computer and you slowly punch your hand towards the computer screen .. you can feel the movement in your whole body including the relaxed tendon in your foot.

Any physical movement in the body is instant same movement of whole body = the heart is involved in each movement .. the bones are involved in each movement .. the tendons and muscles are involved in each movement. We just take it all for granted. Move one finger and you feel the movement reflected in your heart!