Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Morphing Black Sky Object(s)

After writing my .. "Connective Tissue - One Body" post .. I went out to get some food from the local store. The Sun had just set and the sky was a bright cloudless light blue on the horizon with variations of deep blue and purple hues setting higher with one faint star beginning to appear and no Moon.

I always observe Nature and look up at the sky wherever I go .. even when there are clouds or hazy grey skies. I do not just observe the sky above .. but I observe intensely the light .. the colors .. the birds - especially the crows flying and I watch the planes taking off or passing high in the atmosphere above.

On this evening there were no planes in view .. only low flying crows and the varying hues of light to deep dark blue as the Sun set below the horizon. Then out of the blue this dark object appears right in my view looking like high flying heron or a drifting raptor. Only problem was .. the dark shape was morphing .. changing shape .. appearing and disappearing as is slowly crossed the sky above.

I have recently seen these dark (black) smoothly drifting objects before .. also during the day. The totally weird thing is that no one looks up. No one appears to see them. Okay! I admit 99 percent of humans do not look right/left up or down within a 20° field of vision. I did some research and humans apparently have a 120° Binocular field of vision and a 50-55° vertical field of vision [without moving the head].

When you think you do not see! When you see you do not think!

At first I was watching this object that seemed to be a large bird flying very high from West to East. The bird was black against a bright light blue cloudless horizon. But! As the bird moved over my head from West to East and began to enter the deeper shades of evening blue... Not only did the object get larger and darker! But the object began morphing large and small .. changing shape .. changing size .. disappearing and reappearing. Against the evening sky the object was such an intense black!!

The object was not only morphing .. changing angle .. shape and size... The object had a special rhythm similar to birds and yet totally not the rhythm of high flying birds. The object looked like a bird .. but it was not a bird.

This was a wide open space where anyone on the ground could immediately see this object in the sky .. and I was the only one who stopped to look up and observe this unusual and captivating dark / black morphing phenomenon. Who knows? Maybe no one else could see it up there !!

Oh! No! I did not have my camera!

I was going to take my video camera with me to do some early evening shots .. and I decided last minute not to take the camera. As I looked up at this object I thought .. MY CAMERA!!! At the same time watching an object and filming an object are two totally different experiences. As I did not have my video camera with me I had to pay attention and observe [direct observation] .. which is much more intense.

Having the camera would only have distracted me .. and the human eye is much more superior in its direct observation than a camera [other than infra-red]. The black morphing object began to move significantly higher .. totally disappearing .. then reappearing .. shape shifting .. getting larger .. getting blacker .. doing all kinds of things unknown to man.

Then the object did the classic UFO type stuff... Even though the object was deeply black / dark with no lights and no flashing lights. These were organic flight movements and not human artificial static flight characteristics. The morphing dark object pulsed larger and smaller - larger and smaller as it significantly (and smoothly) moved deeper and deeper out into the outer atmosphere.

Then there came this characteristic final moment where it was gone.

There comes a moment where these objects simply switch off and disappear in front of your eyes in a nana-instant. The eye can see them .. see them .. see them and next moment the phenomenon totally disappears faster than the eye can blink. Not only do you see it disappear .. but you FEEL it disappear.

I quietly walk away and I am the only person who saw this !!

This event is not new .. it has happened before since the beginning of 2013. This event was simply the most spectacular and elusive of the many elegant and alluring mysterious dark morphing objects appearing .. and these are NOT human designs! I have even recently seen them during the day .. and no one else appears to be aware of them.

When you go into Nature .. do not only use the wide periphery of your eyes. You know! Seeing with the corners of your eyes rather than staring focused straight ahead of you. But! Also use the vertical axis of your eye-mind vision and observe what is around you outside of your thoughts .. as the human field of vision is not only visual .. it is also within the mind .. the psyche. In fact! The psyche is the most important factor of all.