Monday, December 30, 2013

The Zen Qi Particle

Before the lotus blossom emerges from the water,
the roots enter the soil.

- ZenSu

Dark Light: Who are you before you are born?
"It took us until 2019 to fully develop the technology required to detect and observe dark light without distorting its presence.

We discovered that dark light likes to hide its presence within light when being observed... To further complicate our discoveries The Teachers insisted dark light is the key, they called: The center without a center."
- Crystal Tor

I use this Zen related aspect to highlight the often bizarre and seamless relationship between Qi (energy) - spirit and physical matter. Zen Qi life-force cannot be detected by physical sciences or physical technologies. The sciences of the physical world are based on detecting movement - impulses - reactions (waves) or bursts of energy. This is why I use the concept of dark-light to understand the background world physicists mistakenly label: Anti-matter!

A number of times in my life I have experienced my body being instantly (physically) moved .. almost like picked up and put down into safety - by an unknown force - faster than any measurement of time. I felt no physical pressure and no physical movement. Just before the point of my life being in danger I was "there" and in the same instant I was "over there" and out of harms way.

You have no sensation of being lifted .. there is no sensation of touch .. for a moment there is NOTHING and suddenly you are back in physical reality knowing what happened and yet not knowing what happened. There is no explanation for what just took place. The only thing that could effortlessly influence the physical light-based world is dark energy or dark light.

The Zen Qi Particle
I was never really interested in the physical sciences .. because they always seemed so primitive and stone-aged. I always wanted to find out things for myself and understand what makes life work. When I experienced Candida overgrowth and leaky gut I became aware - what makes life work and what does not make life work.

Life on a cellular level is an intricate puzzle of interconnecting pieces. Cells fit the nerves .. fit the bones .. veins blood .. muscles .. tendons .. glands .. electrical impulses .. immune system .. meridians or energy channels - where the intricate puzzle of connecting pieces and layers operate as a single unified organism.

Just take one factor: You fall asleep - you waken up! If you think about it that is pretty amazing and is also part of the interconnected puzzle. Then you can dream. Totally amazing .. and we generally take it for granted. When I had leaky gut and could not sleep .. I never took sleep for granted after that experience.

The way I discovered that beneficial probiotic bacteria are absolutely ESSENTIAL to the health of the whole body .. was by losing the healthy probiotic bacteria. The effect was so DRAMATIC .. that I had to get to the source! It was the best challenge that could have happened to me - as it brought me to a discovery and much closer relationship to my body.

Before my total body health crashed through my leaky gut '-) .. I could basically heal anything using Qi / Pranic life force / energy. I used garlic as a natural antibiotic or fresh ginger and turmeric to heal the gut .. both ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory. However .. it was always the high-level of my energy and training of the mind that did 80 percent of the healing.

The first thing I noticed with Candida overgrowth and leaky gut was that I could no longer heal these problems with energy and with my mind. THAT ALONE started to get me focused and also curious. I was a physical basket case and yet I was observing everything with total curiosity and a desire to understand and learn.

I now begin to understand what I call the Zen Qi particle [it could also be called the Zen Qi Principle]. This is an unknown phenomenon that seamlessly interacts with Qi (life force) and physical dimension (cells / cellular structures). I do not need to discover whether the Zen Qi particle exists or not .. I know it exists. I feel that this is the phenomenon behind Chinese knowledge of meridians and acupuncture.

The Zen Qi particle is like a bridge or a circuit breaker alternating between Qi energy life-force and physical matter. We can observe electrical charge / energy within matter and within the cells .. but we cannot measure nor detect Zen Qi using physical sciences / technologies.

The next important thing to understand is that the brain /the mind can detect and interact directly with Zen Qi. The brain is much more sensitive and much more advanced than we humans currently understand or appreciate. Part of that interaction includes understanding of the meridians and acupuncture. The human mind intelligence can work with Zen Qi without form or measurement.

Kefir Grains
I would say that the many forms of probiotic bacteria are gateways between Zen Qi and living cells .. physical cellular structures. I will try to explain this in a way that makes sense! For example, I use concept of "Zen Qi" .. because I like to paint beautiful pictures with words that the mind can instantly understand.

I grew these live kefir grains in milk (although I never drink milk - because I am lactose intolerant) .. and then I either drink the live probiotic kefir milk or the live kefir grains. The kefir grains are slightly lemony in taste and are easy to grow.

The beneficial probiotic bacteria not only reversed and healed the Candida overgrowth leaky gut within the colon! They also reversed the multi-symptom damage to the rest of my body. It took time .. but in the first three months I noticed significant improvements in my health - as well as a symptom-by-symptom elimination process '-)

I had also noticed - with Candida fungus overgrowth - there was increasing stiffness (and inflammation) between my tendons .. joints and connective tissue. The natural elasticity of my body had been replaced by connective tissue dehydration / acidity .. joint pain and inflamed tissues. Then within 6 months .. a year .. a year and a half .. I was experiencing total gentle reversal of joint stiffness and pain .. stiff tendons .. swelling of joints in my hands and a return to elasticity of my muscles.

The severe food allergies were gone! I can now eat any food I want and I do not have any kind of even mild allergy reaction. The pollen allergies are gone. Joint swelling has gone. The fatigue has gone. My heart is calm. I began to understand that there is a unseen living connector between matter and energy.

As I grow the kefir grains I also study them and try to understand them .. the process .. the dynamics .. the fundamental principle that the physical sciences cannot measure or detect. At first you receive not even twenty tiny kefir grains to start your culture - and in no time the kefir grains are growing faster than you could ever imagine.

The kefir grains slowly repopulated my gut and colon with beneficial probiotic bacteria. Not only within the gut and colon! Probiotic bacteria are essential to body and tissue health. These mysterious bacteria interact with blood - bones - glands - the nervous system - organs - lungs and heart!

This is what I mean by Zen Qi .. a primordial life force that is both Qi and physical matter. A life force that effortlessly inhabits both worlds and bridges the path between Qi (energy) and matter (cells).

Life Essential Probiotics
We humans are so complex that we often overlook the smallest and most powerful aspects of health and well-being. We do not understand how the smallest particles can easily effect or alter the functions of the largest organs. In today's world we think the large can affect the small and we do not consider how the small can affect the large.

Not only science but the modern human psyche is obsessed with SIZE!! If you are interested in the Solar System and Galaxies .. you go research on websites and they are showing you HOW BIG the Sun is in relation to the Earth and HOW BIG the Galaxy is in relation to the Solar System!

If a small comet hits the Earth it would have a BIG EFFECT .. right!!

I have a technician's mind where I can take apart and repair electrical components since I was a child... The same technical mind is able to look into and understand the inner workings of the body. Basically, everything we build technologically is based on the electrical and physical principles of the human body. As above, so below! As within, so without! We exist in a one-dynamic Universe!

Zen Qi has three principles when applied to the understanding of energy .. cells and physical matter:
1. Zen - immeasurable force
2. Qi - life force (compassion) the bridge / the connector
3. Energy and matter interaction is the base of the triangle (pyramid)

The natural body intelligence is part of an intricate energetic system that maintains life within matter until the point where the physical organism dies and comes to an end. Whoever or whatever designed this living system is beyond intelligence and beyond comprehension. It is just beyond brilliant!

I feel that the whole complex living system is based on the smallest particle or the smallest principle. In other words .. the health of the largest organs in the body depend on the smallest elements. I don't know how to explain this! We have to go into and study the areas of probiotics and fermentation to even begin to understand this phenomenon...

The world of man developed and became obsessed with everything ALCHEMICAL = the way of chemistry. To the point where human obsession in chemistry has lead to a world of chemical imbalance. Humans make use of chemistry AS A RESOURCE! I have a funny thought in the world of yin/yang balance: Perhaps Candida overgrowth and leaky gut exist in order to teach us and bring us humans back into balance!

Humans have been fermenting and eating probiotic foods for thousands of years! Only recently .. in the entire history of mankind has something change!! It is called PASTEURIZATION!! I call it: Past-ur-eyes! The yoghurt .. the kefir .. the sauerkraut and fermented vegetables bought at the store have all been heated = pasteurized = the living probiotic "enzymes" and cultures have been destroyed.