Friday, February 07, 2014

Radioactive Contamination... Fungi & Probiotic Bacteria

RADIATION - Everything in life radiates [emits energy] ...

Radiation - [15th Century] "act or process of radiating," from Middle French radiationem "a shining, radiation," [radiare "to beam, shine, gleam; make beaming," from radius "beam of light; spoke of a wheel"]. From 1560 - "emitted rays or light-beams".

Jiddu Krishnamurti always said to people: Understand the language you are using .. go to the root .. find out the meaning of the words and understand how words condition the mind.

For example the words: Radioactive Contamination are meaningless and do not help you to understand what is really taking place as a result of Fukushima meltdown. I will show you why that is.

Everything in life RADIATES and every living think is "radioactive".

RADIO-ACTIVE = The word radioactive simply means ACTIVE RADIATIONS!

The term "radioactive" is totally misleading in terms of understanding the true nature of "Radionuclides" .. RADIO NUCLIDES. I have to be honest '-) .. I waken up in the morning or sometimes during the night with this information swimming around in my head.

No .. I do not take anything! No substances! Other than Colon Activ [colon cleanse] and Probiotics .. I am totally natural when it comes to living on this Planet! Much of the information you can find on this Blog floats around my mind as I wake up. It can take me a few days to a few weeks to a few months to bring it all together in ways that make sense.

In the FUTURE .. Remote Seers will help guide mankind back to balance technically and energetically.

Radio is a beam or ray = to transmit. Nuclide is a type of atom specified by its atomic number - atomic mass - and energy state. A radio-nuclide is a type of atom transmitting beams or rays [at a certain frequency]. I think another word for this may be "radiation nucleoids" ?? Another consideration is: Human mitochondrial nucleoids.

There are basic laws of Nature that I will try to touch on here where all matter is connected. Matter is INTERCONNECTED. Ego-self [thought] imagines that matter is individual and separated because physical form appears to hold individual density within overall space-dynamics. In other words you can walk your path within space-time dimension on the surface of the Earth. Your body appears to be separate and existing on its own in relation to everything around you.

The problem is that your: Human mitochondrial nucleoids .. are not experiencing this material separation. This is why man-made RADIO NUCLIDES can totally destroy the life of a human being .. fish .. plant .. animal or bird [to name but a few]. I hope you are still with me !!

We [physical life forms] are all radio-active .. we all send and receive electrical transmissions = base life signatures. Life is communication - transmission - reception!

Our human bodies and our minds are 24/24 .. sending transmissions [radio signals] and are also receiving radio-transmissions. It is not RADIATION(s) that disrupt cellular cohesion of living organisms .. it is the FREQUENCY of those transmissions that disrupts physical cellular bonds.

To understand the problem of radioactive contamination is simple...

You can be contaminated by happiness! You can be contaminated by love! You can be contaminated by laughter! Contamination is equal to contagious = laughter can be contagious .. love can be contagious! Is it harmful? That depends on your state of mind. That depends on your state of frequency! The root of the word contaminate means "to touch" and the root of the word contagious means "to touch"...

In relation to the danger of Nuclear contamination we are not talking about CONTAMINATION .. we are talking about FREQUENCY! This is a totally new future science that emerges out of our world today - even though this knowing existed in the distant past. The fact is that LIFE is a CHALLENGE and an INITIATION. The human race on Earth do not actually get to go nowhere / anywhere further without CHALLENGE and INITIATION.

Fungi & Probiotic Bacteria
The next level is INTERACTION and EFFECT. In other words the danger of radio-nuclides is their EFFECT on interactions with the surrounding environment(s). Each radio-nuclides in itself is not a "danger" .. but how the man-made radioactive nuclides transmit [interact] within the natural surrounding environment is a danger.

For example .. there is the potential [in my mind] for toxic radio-nuclides to expand the growth of fungi and destroy beneficial probiotic bacteria(s). Not only within the human body / colon .. but within the entire environment including the rivers and the oceans of the Earth. Also .. disrupting the beneficial probiotics through the whole food-chain.

To understand this you have to understand that beneficial probiotics are designed to build and promote healthy physical life of material body. Fungus is designed to break down and return matter to its micro-cellular form(s). Fungi expand in radioactive environments inside and outside the body. Beneficial probiotics [when not destroyed by radio-nuclides] protect the body against nuclear radiation.

November 2011 - Probiotics protects intestine from radiation injury ...

May 2007 - Chernobyl Fungus Feeds On Radiation ...

Do not think that beneficial probiotics are GOOD and fungi are BAD !! All of life is yin and yang [balance]. Beneficial probiotics are simply doing what they are intended to do in the balance of life and fungi are simply doing what they are intended to do in the balance of life.

October 2001 - Radiation-Loving Fungi Can Remove Toxic Waste !!

It is important to understand that beneficial probiotic bacteria and fungi work together to create BALANCE and they also do this in relation to man-made radionuclide contamination of our Planet! The whole reason I wrote this post is very simple and powerfully important = to understand life and our own life on this world. EVERYTHING IN NATURE IS INTERRELATED!

Man-made radionuclides [certain radio-frequencies] are simply effecting the surrounding environment including fish - starfish - animals - water - plants and humans... Return those frequencies to a less harmful and naturally balanced state and the problem is solved.

Natural elements on Planet Earth are teaching man and showing man how to clean up their mistakes...

The technology to return out-of-balance nuclides to an in-balance natural state already exists in the natural bio-technologies of the physical Planet we humans inhabit. The water is showing us .. the grass is showing us .. the fungi are showing us and natural probiotics are showing us how to do it.

Everywhere in Nature are natural solutions .. and they DO EXIST !!